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Avatar n tn hey I never had the S thingy but the brown discharge during early pregnancy is normal it scared the poop out of me and my mom told me it was normal. so maybe thats all it is.
652407 tn?1300740799 Yes, totally normal! (at least I've had the same thing with both pregnancies). I think it's the progesterone.
Avatar f tn Hi grace. I recently had to terminate a pregnancy for medical reasons and I have had recurring yeast infections during and since. They heal with monistat and come back. I don't have insurance so I can't see my doctor for a month for my yearly. My boyfriend and I have been tested for herpes and both tested negative but we broke up and he was with one other person though he doesn't believe she had anything. Now my question. My first period post abortion ended Sunday.
Avatar n tn On day 23rd after my conception (5th week of pregnancy)I started bleeding, It started with brown discharge. My doctor prescribed progesterone suppositories, Cyclogest 400mg twice daily until 12 weeks of my pregnancy and after using the Cyclogest my bleeding is stopped. I have taken ultrasound scan on 6 weeks 4 days and My Doctor told me that feutal Heartbeat is seen and is fine. One more scan is scheduled at 12 weeks. I am extremely worried whether my pregnancy is going to be continued to term.
Avatar n tn Having a period means you are shedding the lining of your uterus. So I would say, it's not normal nor possible. Some bleeding can be considered within normal limits and so can some types of cramps. If you feel like this is a REAL period, and the bleeding and cramping are plentiful, I would suggest contacting your OB for a check. How far along are you?
949288 tn?1263742233 are you sure it couldnt just be sperm falling out from last nights sex? sometimes it can get clumped up in there and then come out later...thats happened to me before. i know this is gonna sound super gross but did u smell it? u can usually tell the difference in smell. But since you have been stressed out and have had a high risk preg in the past i would call the doc to be sure...better safe then sorry.
Avatar n tn I want to deliver a natural (vaginal, no drugs) birth if I can, and feel good about using a midwife to do so, but if I decide to use this clinic I will not see a doctor at any point during my pregnancy unless there is a problem. The midwife will deliver the baby in a hospital that has a great reputation. Have any of you seen only midwives when you were pregnant, or would you suggest that I see a doctor at some point as well? Any advice would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn therefore pregnancy should become more difficult. i would just prepare a list of questions to ask the dr at your appointment. it should help ease your mind. when you go for the u/s if your levels are over 1000, something in the uterus should be visible. i never heard of c-sections causing an increase chance of ectopic pregnancies. hope all goes well at your visit. keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Then over Christmas, twice, I forgot to take a tablet in the evening then resumed the regular dosage. During this time, I also took a home pregnancy test and it was positive! Two days later, 1-1-02, I had pink spotting again. It has continued for 6 days, turning brown when my doctor suggested taking one tab, then turning pink again when doctor suggested taking two again. I also had sharp shooting pains in my lower abdomen but have diminished to almost none now, 1-6-02.
Avatar f tn During the initial prenatal visit the physical examination will include a complete head to toe assessment of the woman. The purpose of a comprehensive examination is to gather baseline data about the woman’s health status as well as to identify any non-pregnancy related, pre-existing condition. A pelvic examination and collection of cultures and lab test will also be completed. At subsequent visits the physical examination is limited to an assessment of the growing pregnancy.
Avatar n tn i did research last night and found that the creamy discharge could be a definite pregnancy sign...says it starts early pregnancy and increases throughout. however, i took a test early this am and it was negative. i wanted to hold off a little longer but was losing sleep over it. if my period doesn't come in a few days, i will try again. the test says that it's only 51% accurate this early. guess i'll go to target for more tests.
1345697 tn?1430622621 I only noticed because I was looking so closely. But I've never seen any discoloration during my pregnancy and am wondering if I should be concerned. I'll call my nurse in the morning but thought I'd ask on here to see if I could get some feedback from anyone with experience. No pain. No cramping. Just color I didn't like seeing.
Avatar n tn fluid loss from vagina, pregnancy This information is provided for education purposes only nad is not a medical consultation. If you have specific questions , please contact your physician.
Avatar n tn That's that mean she might have high risk HPV and cancer?? Here is some history. I will post as questions which I need answered. A) She had an abnormal pap last October before we meet, which no further test were done. B) Could she of had HPV before we meet?? C) Could I have given it to her? seeing that after we started dating I went overseas and meet A girl at a bar and after lots of drinks had protected sex until the condom broke. I got tested for all STD and all came back negative.
361034 tn?1200706144 NO! im not even sure if I have it, but my doc said thats most likely what it is becasue I had an abnormal pap, I dont have warts inside or out, but I have only been with one partner since my last pap before i got pregnant, and I was fine, and I know for a fact he is a faithful man..I dont know how i would have gotten it!
Avatar f tn "I had a real bad period about a month ago and for 2 days I passed a grey tissue type substance then for another 3 days I had a lot of blood clots" Does your OBGYN know about this? This is something significant that they need to know about. I agree with you in that some of your symptoms are not really "normal" during pregnancy (green discharge, and your pain levels).
Avatar n tn at the end of july i didnt get my period instead i experienced a light brown discharge for a few days,2 weeks later i started havin brown mucus discharge again, i then didnt get my period at all in august, its now september and im due...im 2 days late and am now experiencing very light pink & brown discharge as well as many signs of pregnancy bloatin, nausea, headaches, sorebreats, light crampin...but when i took a test in august i think it came out neg...could i be pregnant..PLEASE HELP!!!!
Avatar n tn We always use condoms, but there is always the worry of pregnancy. More worry now than ever. I recently noticed a brown discharge one day after having sex. It was very light not heavy, but not like water either. It went away until the next morning, which would have been 2 days after sex. It did not show up on my panties, it only showed up when I wiped. My abdomen has not really hurt, just sort of a sore feeling. I think due to the worry and stress of possibly being pregnant.
Avatar n tn I have recurrent cold symptoms during my period. I have noticed the symptoms for about a year but for the last six months they have happened every month around the third day of my period. Symptoms include aching joints, blocked nose and headaches as well as generally feeling awful. Periods are heavy and painful with clotting for about seven-nine days. Cold Symptoms usually last 5-7days.
Avatar n tn It is such a pain to deal with and has caused some issues between my husband and I. I generally produce too much discharge during sex and it has been a problem for both of us. I also seem to leak a lot when I'm working out. My OBGYN said it was normal and is a side effect, but I'm not sure it's worth it. I'm thinking I may go have it removed and go back on the pill.
Avatar n tn i cant remember when i didnt have it. during the day (when im at school) i wear pantyliners to try and keep the discharge from getting through my undies and onto my pants... its happened before. my discharge smells and it doesnt smell like bread or yeast. it itches sometimes and when i itch it i usually draw blood. after that it hurts/burns to pee. im young and have never been sexually active so i know its not an STD. but it is so embarrassing to smell like this all the time!
Avatar f tn 1.is sex okay during pregnancy A)Unless your doctor tells you otherwise it is perfectly okay. 2. It hurts to have sex A)Don't have sex 3.when can you know the sex A)As early as 16 weeks but it might not be ss accurate as your 20 week ultrasound 4.how many ultrasounds do you get A)it depends on your insurance and doctor, if baby is fine usually you will get two, three tops.. some people need more for medical reason, you can also schedule your own but you will have to pay for it. 5.
Avatar f tn Its not uncommon to have some light spotting during early pregnancy, or brownish/pinkish mucus discharge. Its always best to run questions by your doctor, though, since he/she knows your medical history. You can also mention the headaches. (these can be common with pregnancy too...but again, always best to ask your doctor). Congrats on the pregnancy!
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, I recently had a full STD test and came back negative for everything except for HPV, the high-risk type. I had an ultrasound, nothing unusual. During my pelvic exams, nothing unusual on the skin or anything. Doctor thinks my symptoms are from something else but seems to have no desire to help me find out what.
Avatar n tn please help me for years off and on ive had this really smelly discharge from my belly button i went to the doc a few years back he didnt seem worried but now its back i dont wanna go back to my doctor as have been back and forth for weight probs and periods etc and am getting fed up with it all has anyone here experienced this problem or know what it could be i have my belly button peirced but had this problem before that and its horrible pllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee help me!!!
Avatar m tn In addition to anything I have mentioned, please keep in mind, that while I or others may have extensive knowledge in many areas, you should always seek professional medical advice from your own physician, as it pertains to medical conditions or concerns. Good luck, and if you have any other questions that I can help you with, please feel free to message me directly.
7702223 tn?1394322654 I see a lot of post about discharge during pregnancy . Discharge is normal during pregnancy .If it yellow or brown go to the doctors something is most likely wrong . Sex is fine to have during ur whole pregnancy unless your doctor says other wise . Hot an spicey foods will not hurt your baby .It may give you heartburn . If there is some reason you are not sure who your baby daddy is have a DNA test done .We can't tell you who your baby's father is its just best to have test done.