Diovan and kidney failure

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Avatar m tn I am 45 male. Generally healthy. BP 120/80 no diabetes. Recently did a body check up and urine showed traces of blood and microalbumin at 92.2 mg/L. Creatinine levels is fine at 10.15 mmol/L. The ACR if 9.1mgAlb/mmolCr. My renal functions all showed normal returns with nothing over the accepted range. However the the presence of microalbumin I am worried when I read that this is a sign of early kidney damage. Went to see a kidney doctor to have further checks.
Avatar m tn The urologist said I did not have cancer and should have further tests in a year. I have two questions A Could the Co-Diovan be worsening my kidney problems and should I stop taking the pills? B Should I seek a second opinion as one year seems a long time and everything I have read suggests that, while rare, calcified angiomyolipoma is normally cancerous?
Avatar m tn When the knee gave way the kidney pain was almost completely gonw, as it is now. Is it possible there is no tear and a stone moved into my knee? No kidney pain and knee pain dooown to about a 2.
Avatar f tn Also on chemo (abraxane and avastin)and have had kidney issues (nephritis)from Avastin. Recently after exercising my pressure dropped to 90/60 (normally 117/80)and my pulse rate increased to 88 (normally 66-70). Was this due to the exercise ( which I do regularly) or the meds. or possibly something else?
Avatar f tn I would also say that 25mg. of Metoprolol is a very low dose. I believe one of the primary uses of Diovan is for congestive heart failure. Do you know if you have this condition? Perhaps it's that, or the Diovan that's making you feel fatigued. Metoprolol is now a second line drug for controlling blood pressure. There arenow newer drugs available that will do the job without the unwanted side effects.
422425 tn?1307992990 Also kidney problems like renal tubular acidosis and kidney failure, magnesium deficiency, leukemia, alkalosis (?), and the use of steroids and insulin. Does any of these apply to your situation. I found this on web MD.
Avatar f tn He has an occasional beer, maybe once a week is a non smoker and could stand to loose about 20 -30pounds. He is on medication, Diovan which I believe the doctor doubled on his visit today.
Avatar n tn I am a 50 years old female and I have been prescribed Diovan 80mgx1/day for high blood pressure. I have a heart murmur and gall bladder problems too. As I know Diovan is not a good option for persons with gall bladder problems. I am considering taking Heart Savior in order to lower my cholesterol which is 220. I have just received it and have I read the precautions that say you should not take it if you take any statins. Is Diovan a statin?
Avatar f tn In my opinion, experience and search Coreg is the best and main medication (with other pills) if you have low EF. Up until the EF improves like a year or more good to be on Coreg. If your doctor says not for you, ask him to explain why?
Dog I just found out the other day that I am in stage 3 kidney disease and I am only 46 years old. I have had Type 1 for almost 40 years and try very hard to take care of myself. My GFR is 44 and it dropped 10 points in 3 months. Stress causes my blood sugar to be out of whack a lot of the time. I am on diovan for this problem and have been for years. Is there anything else I can do, besides getting closer control of my bs, to slow down the GFR? I am very scared about all of this. Thank you.
Avatar n tn increase in parathyroid due to poor vitamin D conversion in the kidney that must be failing. PTH levels in these cases are often well above 100 and will fluctuate from test to test. The calcitriol will help decrease the PTH and help prevent bone disease.
Avatar f tn (:( and then transplant at the end. Currently he's been taking Diovan 80mg once a day for 7 month already and his blood pressure is gone.please tell me if there is a chance he can live all his life without needing the transplant or dialysis or is his condition necessarily gonna be worse by the time ?? thanks .
Avatar n tn The two things that pop into my head when an older animal starts to drink excessively and urinate in the house are kidney failure and diabetes, although there can be other reasons. A trip to the vet is definitely in order ASAP. If you catch it early, kidney failure is something that an animal can live comfortable with for quite a few years, so don't panic.
Avatar m tn I m glad we been put on these medication as they controlled our BP well and the same time Dr told us they give much better protection on heart , kidney, and all CV events vs other older classes of antihyperthensives. I used to pay too much on these medications now that I found a great way to buy online. Try out this site is real cheap on high blood pressure medications. Guys go http://www.medicationtoyou.
Avatar f tn I would like to know what BP meds have the least side effects - I seem to be prone to having debilitating problems with side effect of my current medication (Bystolic and Benicar) as well as previous BP meds (Diovan and Cardizem) even though, I had been on the latter for over 3 years for HBP. I also understand that CHF (Diastolic Dysfunction) may be reversible is the hypertension is properly treaded; could you confirm? I'm feeling very defeated and lost. Thank you.
Avatar f tn My Nephrologist wants me to take the Clonidine in the mornings also, but I cannot function - I am too dizzy and weak. I have had a stent placed in the artery leading to my left kidney and my pressure has gotten higher. I was on Bisoprolol 5 mg, but my doctor stopped that because he said my heart rate was too low (it ranged from 44 to 57) My heart rate has increased since coming off the Bisoprolol. It is running from 62 up to 83. He also took me off HCTZ 25mg.
82861 tn?1333453911 If there is no infection than your dog has kidney damage or kidney failure, and you will have to treat agressively to save the kidneys by using Sub Q fluid therapy, phosphate binders if the phosphate is also elevated, kidney saving herbs such as Rehmannia 8 and more. Please write back once you have additional test results. Thanks.
Avatar n tn What was the acute kidney failure from? And, if it's acute and not chronic kidney failure, then the meds will be fine. You really don't have much of a choice, you can't let a bacterial infection go-especially a bladder infection-if untreated that goes to the kidneys and I know you don't want that. I understand your concerns completely, though. You're worried about stressing the kidneys out w/meds after he's recovering.
Avatar m tn Will I eventuly have kidney failure if i continue to have chronic UTI and kidney infections? My Urologist (who i have not seen in about 9 months) gave me 2 options, 1) surgery or 2) lifetime of medication, flomax and antibiotics and im only 31. Im uncomfortable with both options but i do not want to have kidney failure or kidney disease.