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Avatar m tn My neurologist just informed me that Osteoporosis and shrinkage of the Cerebellum are very serious side effects for long term users of Dilantin. Does anyone know more about this? I've been taking 500mg of Dilantin for over 30 years since I was a teenager, and now I'm terribly worried. Not one of the neurologists had mentioned anything about this over the years, and now at 46, I've learned that I may have severe osteoporosis.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, probably due to my drugs I need to take for my Kidney Transplant or is a side effect of this disease, I am on Dilantin, one tablet twice a day, I have recently started Gym work and running, my pain is higher at night when I lay down in bed but recently it has escalated and it seem to be moving up my leg but only at night, during the day it is OK if I wear well cushioned shoes, it seems the closer to the surface you tread then the more I feel it.
Avatar f tn This is what I'm facing now, Having my gums 'shaved' due to hyperplasia, I have peripheral neuropathy and the friendly tremor, vitilgo, Strange rash/broken skin on cheeks [Dr's auto thought alcohol abuse! ] My eyesight not good - Nystagmus (horizontal, vertical), mild ataxia, raised MCV levels , macrocytic anaemia.
Avatar n tn It depends on the cause of the peripheral neuropathy Peripheral neuropathy can cause denervation of joints, which over a long period of time can lead to joint destruction from repeated trauma (charcot joint), this process is usually painless though The same disease process could also cause muscle pain, or painful involvement of nerves higher up in the leg or arm, for example in the setting of diabetes or alcohol excess.
Avatar n tn I was placed on Klonapin )1/2mg am and 1/2 mg pm) to treat burning sensory neuropathy. The Klonapin is causing me to wake up with head tremors and feelings like an extreme hangover, had the same thing occur on Ativan. I have only been on the Klonapin 2 weeks but wonder given this side effect if I need to be weaned off. Have already tried Doxepam, Zonalone Creme, Elavil,Dilantin, Tegretol, Tylenol/Codeine, Neurontin, Ultram,Percoset,Darvoset, etc, with really bad side effects and zero relief.
Avatar n tn tegretol, neurontin, gabatril,topamax, dilantin, depakote, trileptal have been successful in some people. Elavil and prednisone (lots of side effects) are other possibilities. Biofeedback. Now this may sound a little crazy, but it's cheap, has no side effects, and one of our patients with post herpetic neuralgia (a very painful condition associated with shingles) is actually pain free with this.
Avatar n tn Re: Re: Dilantin VS Lamictal [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ The Neurology Forum ] [ FAQ ] Posted by CCF neurology MD on July 11, 1997 at 11:46:33: In Reply to: Re: Dilantin VS Lamictal posted by CCF Neurology MD on July 11, 1997 at 11:33:38: : : Hello: I am diagnosed as having seizures (complex partial that secondarily generalize).
Avatar n tn Posted By CCF Neurology MD on July 11, 1997 at 11:33:38: In Reply to: Dilantin VS Lamictal posted by Warren on June 28, 1997 at 20:39:25: : Hello: I am diagnosed as having seizures (complex partial that secondarily generalize). An EEG I had done related the following: "The EEG is mildly abnormal, demonstrating scattered sharp activity in the frontal regions and brief bursts of spike, sharp and slow sharp activity".
Avatar f tn My husband was diagnosed with "idiopathic neuropathy" about 4 years ago. He's been to 3 different neurologists, he's had the MRI's, CAT scans, nerve biopsies done, but still no one can pinpoint the exact cause of this. I know that's why it's called the idiopathic, but my question is what kinds of meds are out there that can help control the pain. He's a truck driver and he has no intetions of quitting his job.
Avatar n tn Re: Idiopathic Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy of Small Fibers [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ The Neurology Forum ] [ FAQ ] Posted by CCF NEURO MD on May 15, 1997 at 15:21:43: In Reply to: Idiopathic Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy of Small Fibers posted by Cathy Sharp on May 09, 1997 at 00:09:44: : Is there a standard course of treatment for this? My Doctor wanted me to try IVIG, but my HMO says too expensive. What is the usual treatment.
Avatar n tn All my blood tests were normal, including my blood sugar and my EMG showed slight neuropathy. I work as a medical transcriptionist and my foot is always on a pedal, so I was thinking maybe the repetitive movement may be the cause. I am also an epileptic and have been taking Dilantin for over 15 years. I am trying to find the cause, can anyone please help.
Avatar n tn I have had complex partial secondary generalized epilepsy for 30 years (since I was 18) Have been on Dilantin 600 mgs/day. I have had a kind of neuropathy in my feet progressing over years. My Neuro took me off Dilantin and tried Tegretol. Tegretol gave me hyponatremia and bad nausea. I'm back on Dilantin. I have had muscle twitches that started in my feet and gradually went up and now are all over my body. Neuro gave me Klonopin for them because they drive me crazy.
Avatar n tn All my blood tests were normal, including my blood sugar and my EMG showed slight neuropathy. I work as a medical transcriptionist and my foot is always on a pedal, so I was thinking maybe the repetitive movement may be the cause. I am also an epileptic and have been taking Dilantin for over 15 years. I am trying to find the cause, can anyone please help.
Avatar n tn cat=health Neuropathy, also known as peripheral neuropathy, is an inflammation, injury, or degeneration of any nerve outside of the central nervous system. These nerves, known as the peripheral nerves, help the muscles to contract (motor nerves) and allow a range of sensations to be felt (sensory nerves). Peripheral nerves also help control some of the involuntary functions of the autonomic nerves, which regulate the sweat glands, blood pressure, and internal organs.
Avatar f tn I have liver issues along with my pheripheal neuropathy and do not need the tylenol. Thank you, aheart This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/384651'>Feet Burning and Tingling</a>.
356518 tn?1322267242 Active Ingredient (Trade) or Product Class Potential Signal of Serious Risk/New Safety Information Arginine Hydrochloride Injection (R-Gene 10) Pediatric overdose due to labeling / packaging confusion Desflurane (Suprane) Cardiac arrest Duloxetine (Cymbalta) Urinary retention Etravirine (Intelence) Hemarthrosis Fluorouracil Cream (Carac) and Ketoconazole Cream (Kuric) Adverse events due to name confusion Heparin Anaphylactic-type reactions Icodextrin (Extraneal) Hypoglycemia Insulin U-
Avatar m tn there are medications that work well Dilantin + Neurontin ( Gabapntin ) these work at the Neural; Level and Opiates wWILL NOT WORK but they may Be the third drug in the mixture to kick start the neurontin so many say OH is doesnt workl but add a T 3 to it and it is wonderfull .
Avatar f tn Have you considered the diagnosis of Multifocal Motor Neuropathy? That normally responds well to IVIg - sometimes with the result you are describing... CIDP is not normally responsive to IVIG from what I have read...
Avatar m tn I would suggest your friend go back to the free clinic and ask for a 2nd opinion. Dilantin is one of the primary medications given to people with seizures. I cannot diagnose nor can I say that giving this medication is the right or wrong medication to give her. I would only review the information I have provided, and keep going back until they can figure out why this happened. I have provided some package information regarding Dilantin for you to review. Best of luck. Jennifer R RPh www.
506273 tn?1260142381 I went to the neurologist on Friday. It was a nightmare!! I wanted to know what kind of seizures I had (April 1, I had 2 seizures while shopping and in the CTscan had a 2nd), I wanted to know the best way to treat them ect. Well all this dr. wanted to talk about was how many miles to the gallon he gets in his Hybrid Honda!! He went on to chit chat with my husband and I.
Avatar n tn A stroke was suspected but ruled out. MRI found this thing. Saw Neurosurgeon 5/4/05. Was placed on dilantin 300 mg and the dreaded decadron to be taken for 3 days prior to surgery. Weaned off steroid before release from hospital 5/16. Dilantin raised to 400 mg because level discovered to be at 8. Pathology found tumor benign, post-op MRI showed tumor a goner. Am very grateful for both these bits of good news. Discovered after surgery , profound weakness in my left arm.
Avatar m tn Hello, My question today is that i have had seizures for 3 years now and they are getting worse. EEG was normal, MRI and CT both normal. My nuerologist has me on 300MG Dilantin 2x Daily and 750MG Valproic Acid 2x Daily. The seizures continue. I do get warnings when they are going to happen. I get a migrain as well as one side of my body feels cold and the other hot. They has classified my seizures as Grand Mal. I violently thrash around and often end up with some damage to my head and limbs.
Avatar m tn There is nothing there, however due to the nature of the events my neurologist has out me on Dilantin (300 Mlg at bedtime) as a precaution. The latest investigation that they will be looking into in a problem with m carotid body. Any thoughts.....anyone out there with similar symptoms? PLEASE HELP!!!!
Avatar n tn My grandfather was diagnosed with "Polyperipheral Neuropathy" a few years ago. He is in his late 60's / early 70's and is in otherwise good health. His regular practicioner and neuro-specialist both concurred that this disorder was due to a history of abusing alcohol (he does not have diabetes). This disorder affects his arms and legs (leg pain is more severe), also loss of balance, and poor motor abilities. The pain he has can be described as "mild'.
Avatar n tn The paresthesias might be alot of things, for an allergic reaction to something in the soap used to wash your sheets to a small fiber neuropathy. It might be from the vicoden. I would suggest that you see your neurologist. But first, see if this same thing occurs when you lie down at other times, and even try to use your own bed, lets say on a weekend afternoon. The second thing is to stop your vicoden and see if it is correlated.
Avatar n tn Since all of the blood work showed nothing amiss except high enzymes and a higr white count in the liver which is normal for Dilantin,there seems to be a belief that this might be the problem.I am 46 yearrs old and seziure free for 16 yrs. on 500 mg. of dilantin per day with no desire to become a human guiney pig again.Help! Please tell me the dilantin could not cause the NAOIA. I did have major head trauma in 1982 and the brain was pushed forward.
Avatar n tn during the pregnancy and the impact of what might have happened at delivery. A neuropathy can happen during the delivery process if it is traumatic (my guess is that this happened to you). Since I do not know what was going on in the 6 years till the repair surgery, I can't tell you what damage had occurred over the 6 years previous to your surgery and the possible damage from your surgery.
Avatar n tn The syndrome arises in childhood or adult life either in association with an peripheral neuropathy or an inherited coordination problem that may respond to acetazolamide, or remit spontaneously. Treatment with dilantin or tegretol may abolisth continuous muscle activity. Plasma exchange may help if intractible. If you are interested in getting an evaluation at CCF, call 1-800-CCF-CARE. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn Actually, neurontin seems to be the best of the anti-seizure medications to help with neuropathic pain, of the new medications. Some of the old medications seem to also work, tegratol and dilantin (especially with spasticity with the latter). Of the newer medications such as gabatril, topramax, lamictal, or vigabatrin, I haven't heard of anyone using these for pain. How often are you taking the neurontin? We have found that with taking too much at once, limits its absorption.