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Avatar f tn I had to get my medical records from our local hospital, and they show that at that time the dilantin level was only 2, was on 230mg a day. 9 years later, I was finishing my PhD, and felt as though might have another stroke, visual and other problems. Local doctors or hospital did not check dilantin levels- thought I had mental problems. Took them 20months after many more drugs to discontinue the dilantin.
Avatar f tn I have had Epilepsy for 41 years and was on Mysoline and DIlantin for about 20 years and then went to 300mg at night for the last 22. Recently, I started having itching and burning on my skin and this started on 9/2/09 and has continued since. I have seen a dermatologist he has said it is dermographisim however, I am not responging to treatment. I have been tested ro Lympoma, lupus of the blood and skin as well as C-3 and C-4 blood tests. All CBC's came back excellent.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, I'm new to this community. My neurologist just informed me that Osteoporosis and shrinkage of the Cerebellum are very serious side effects for long term users of Dilantin. Does anyone know more about this? I've been taking 500mg of Dilantin for over 30 years since I was a teenager, and now I'm terribly worried. Not one of the neurologists had mentioned anything about this over the years, and now at 46, I've learned that I may have severe osteoporosis.
Avatar f tn Nystagmus (horizontal, vertical) Ophthalmoplegia Diplopia Miosis or mydriasis Hypersensitivity reactions (usually 1-4 wk after exposure) Fever, rash, and lymphadenopathy, commonly observed together Hepatitis Myocarditis Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) Polyarteritis Polymyositis Eosinophilia Megaloblastic anemia Pseudolymphoma Lymphadenopathy Cardiovascularproblems include: Hypotension, bradycardia[4] , myocardial depression, ventricular fibrillation, asystole, and tissue necrosis[5] all have
Avatar f tn Took them 20months after many more drugs to discontinue the dilantin. Then so many symptoms began for 3 years now- lupus, sjogrens etc so on Plaquenil for this year , and seeing connective tissue, dermatologist, renal specialists, nerve conduction, and vascular physician next month- none of these in our city, have to fly away.
Avatar n tn We have ruled out Lyme, Lupus etc. So this is where we are at - another MRI in more detail and another longer EEG to try to find the source of the seizure which is really the only symptoms he's had of anything. Dr. says if the MRI doesn't show additional lesions we do not need to continue down the MS path with a spinal tap. If it does then we will. This makes sense to me. Anyone have another thought? do people with epilepsy (or anyone else for that matter) just have lesions sometimes?
Avatar n tn I have the dry mouth and the occasional tingling in the hands but if you drink water the tingling goes away. Some of my hair is getting thinner but that is also a symptom of the Lupus and the thyroid. All in all dry mouth, tingling once in a while and a little thinner hair so far is worth it and absolutely no more migraines not even so much as a hint of a headache.
Avatar n tn This seems to calm the sensation of ocular excitation and/or overload, and dizziness. I have had numerous tests and seen many doctors, but still have no answer as to why my symptoms persist. When the dizziness fist began in May of 1998, I also had a sensation of fullness in my right ear. Initially, I saw my PCP and he ordered an EEG, MRI and various blood tests including B12, anticardiolipin antibodies and ANA. All tests were normal.
Avatar n tn because i heard that EMG detects ALS better than an MRI, ALS is the only worry, because MS can be treated and lupus etc are not fatal, but ALS is a death sentence and much worse than HIV because people with HIV today live with it, like one lives with DIabetes with the help of meds obivously, but ALS there is no treatment that could slow the progress of the desease, but some people tell me that ALS is inherited and it's there from when you are born, or from the childhood, and later it will be ac
Avatar f tn Hi Folks: I am praying and hoping that someone in this Forum (or another - I will post my "case study" in a few places with the hope of getting an answer or some suggestions) can help me figure out what is wrong with me. To date I have seen at least 13 (THIRTEEN) doctors and none of them can give me a solid diagnosis - and meanwhile, I am still symptomatic of SOMETHING, and don't know what to do. So here's the facts. Current Medical Status: 1.
Avatar n tn ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I do not see tegretol and lupus listed in the PDR other than to state tegretol may aggravate disseminated lupus. Dilantin has been associated. You can contact CIBAGeneva 1 800 742-2422 for information. This information is provided for general medical education purposes only. Consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options of your specific medical condition.
Avatar f tn Are there other autoimmune diseases that fit these symptoms? (I have been tested for and i am negative for hashimotos, and reumatoid arthritis, lupus has been questioned several times but test have been inconclusive). After Steven Johnson's syndrome, i had sludge in my gall bladder and within two years i had my appendix removed which was chronically inflamed with scar tissue attached to my intestines and abdominal wall and by gall bladder with biliary dyskinesia.
Avatar m tn She is a nurse and she told him no that unless she had another seizure that she didn't want any anti seizure medication. She has since been diagnosed with Lupus and fibromyagia. She just had another seizure about a month ago when she was in the hospital due to a migrane. The neurologist said that he thought that was due to all of her medications that she is on. He put her on Depacot for seizures, we go back to the doctor in a week. He is only going to put her on the medication short term.
1252074 tn?1271545309 45 am) I asked about the 6mm high signal in my MRI and he said it could be related to smoking, the dilantin, as well as the other suggestions implied by the radiologist, he's going to look over my MRI scan more closely, so that when I return for my next visit, we can go over in detail his impressions.
233622 tn?1279338505 My sister said don't take Dilantin because it made her sick and sleepy. I didn't need that because I have several young children and had to be awake! I managed TN with Vicoden and got through it. Doctor not real happy I didn't start medication because it would have given a yes or no on the TN question. Now I am thinking opps............. 2006 - started numbness in my neck and lower scalp. Along with fatigue again and odd sensations here and there.
Avatar n tn Menstrual cycles can affect the seizures themselves through hormone fluctuations. In pregnancy and other fluid retention states, dilantin levels can be decreased also leaving you prone to mores seizures. 5.Not sure about the weather changes, but I have had patients tell me that joints hurt worse with them and migraines/headaches can also be affected by them.
591808 tn?1218931854 I'm just sick and tired of being sick and and tired. I started having seizures in June and have been yanked off my immunosupressants and sleep aids too, so I'm barely sleeping, drinking ensure because the pain is so intense I can't stand the thought of food in my mouth and I'm being shuffled through all these NSAID's that give me killer headaches and heartburn and stomache aches etc. that aren't doing anything to help my joints.
Avatar n tn In the hospital they put her on Dilantin as a precaution to prevent seizures, but she hasn't had a seizure and is no longer taking Dilantin. The doctor who replied to my post brought up an interesting test, that I plan on asking her hematologist if that was one of the tests he had done. The doctor recommended her being tested for homocystine. Researching the internet, I have found information that if homocystine is elevated that can be a risk factor for clotting.
1539908 tn?1292907201 I have Sjogren's, Raynaud's and either Lupus or Fibro..Last Feb I was diagnosed with Sjogren's after a high titer. Recently I was suppose to be tested for Scleroderma through a ANA IFA and SCL-70. The NP I see is my medical care giver, ordered the ANA Direct and it came up negative. I know this can be common in this test.
Avatar f tn (this is a form of Levthyroxine) birth control pills and other hormones; seizure medicines (Dilantin and others); and diet pills, or medicines to treat asthma, colds or allergies. _________________________________________________________________________ I do not know what the solution would be for you but I would call you doctor an discuss this. Also you should do a little searching on your individual condition before you call and speak to your physician about that too.
349147 tn?1202437546 In the last couple of months I started having pins and needles, tingling in my hands and feet. It's been bothersome but tolerable. This last week, my legs, feet and lower back began aching as if I'd ran a marathon. My bones hurt/burned, and my muscles ached to the point where I had to bring in a cane that my husband was given as a joke for his 50th birthday last year. It hurt to get up off a couch, out of bed, to stand up, etc. This has never happened.
1252074 tn?1271545309 3 mg/dl should be between 10-20 mg/dl, stayed in hospital again for 3 days this time and got my level back, with a dosage change, to make this part a bit shorter all in all I had 3 seizures 1 status epilepeticus, 1 tonic grand mal, and 1 partial, then I had an episode of dilantin toxicity and again seen and treated in ER.
Avatar f tn I took Keppra for almost three years and slowly weaned off it. I've been off it almot three years and now I've recently had several episodes. I don't want to go back on the medication unless I have to. I would love to know what this is and what causes it. I've heard this could be TIA's, Absence Seizuzres or Mini Stroke. Has anyone have a similar experience? Thank You! This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I can't begin to tell you how many tests were done to rule out every other illness. They took a very long look at Lupus and Lyme. It mimicks MS so much and I know people who are very ill from Lyme. We went as far as to get the DNA test done for Lyme and sent off to some lab in California.
Avatar f tn Thae meds that thay would give me would thay interfear with my meds i take dilantin Trileptal Lamnictal. how long do you think i would be in pain and with all my simtoms how long will it take to heal and stop hurting and how long do you think i would be out of work. i had 76days of thurapy dident do a thing for me. So workmans comp is going to let me have the surgery earlier. I am asking for all thease qwestions because workman comp doctors will not take the time to answer them.
Avatar f tn Seems like I remember concerning all this infection and lymph stuff, that certain drugs, like dilantin, some antibiotics, and some hypertension drugs, can cause some of your symptoms. If you two compare notes on your medications, might help, too.
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention that I have been tested for Lupus and various other Autoimmune deseases and the results have not come back yet. The ANA blood test which tests for all of these things, takes longer.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the replies and concern. I had a full rhuematalogical workup and was negative for Lupus, Lyme, B12 and all the other basic bloodwork stuff. It just seems obvious to me that I had a virus that triggered the MS response. I also have autonomic disfunction symptoms, such as profuse sweating and fluctuating body temp and blood pressure. I've also had constant diarrhea for over two years.
17568 tn?1424977159 Did you say you had the ANA test done? This would check for Lupus and other systematic diseases. As raynauds tends to be one of the first symptoms, yet if your only having that problem and nothing else, just let it go, put it out of your mind unless your in alot of pain. Worrying only makes problems worse. I am the only blue footed person I know. They called mine Cyonsis, lack of oxegen in the blood, but then what causes that? Good question. Anyhow hang in there! oh p.s.