Digoxin warfarin interaction

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Avatar n tn When taking Prilosec OTC it is important that your doctor be advised if you are taking drugs such as Warfarin (blood-thining drug), Diazepam (for anxiety) or Digoxin (for heart). The side effects include constipation upset stomach, vomiting, stomach pain, cough, cold symptoms, dizziness.
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1397648 tn?1288146526 My husband just called the office to find out why they prescribled me digoxin and sotalol both...by different dr's. She said she'd get back with us. I seem to be doing fine in the mornings with no activity...then as the day goes on I get the shortness of breath, higher pulse rate and arrhythmia. Hope this all subsides soon.
233616 tn?1312790796 It much more demanding of patient interaction than HCV management, and may be nearly as devastating to our health in the long run as viral hepatitis. My father and maternal uncle both have it; my uncle is blind and missing toes and parts of his feet from the disease. This leaves me motivated, but apparently not enough; grrrr!!!
Avatar n tn They had put me on Warfarin as well as a heart rhythm ...the SR stuff. I had a cardioversion done a month later and right away I could tell the difference between in and out of sinus and the calmness when in as well as how much easier it was to breath. I was in for around a week and one night I could feel it coming, and I was out. I was switched to Taxtia XT 300mg per day and had another cardioversion done, and that lasted maybe 2 weeks, and then back out again.