Digoxin and preload

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Avatar n tn MV leaflets thickened (but can't be serious as mr mild) is usually caused by calcification and aortic sclerosis (mild tr) is also due to calcification and hardening of the valve. With age almost everyone has some calcification. The condition, depending on severity, will cause the heart to work harder with a faster heartrate and can result in chest pain. Low blood pressure can cause dizziness. Mild mr and mild tr indicates insignificant leaking with the mitral valve and the aortic valve (tr..
233616 tn?1312790796 Best to you in upcoming tx. you are doing lots of things right, please preload with an antidepressant to save grief, and please don't wait too much longer, 47 mil is a great concern and one would think you would be anxious to treat at that number. Have you considered preloading Alinia? It may be far less expensive in Mexico, being it is an antiparacytical it is in wider use in warmer climes.
Avatar n tn To increase the heart's ejection fraction may depend on the underlying cause. If there is heart muscle necrosis (dead heart cells) the ability of the heart wall to contract may be irreversible. If the contractility is associated with an enlarged heart, sometimes the EF can be improved by reducing the left ventricals size. Regardless, the EF also depends on the "load" on the heart.
Avatar f tn There’s a third class of drugs which help by improving the contractility of the heart and that is digoxin. You should consult another cardiologist and maybe another echo will help in settling the matters. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.