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Avatar f tn Any mommy ever take diflucan 150 mg its a one time pill for a yeast infection
Avatar m tn I take celexa 40 mg once daily and was wondering if the single 150 mg dose of diflucan is ok to take with celexa as I have read do interactions but am not sure if that is just with continual use of both drugs together. I do suffer from occasional bouts of benign SVT....cardiologist has checked it out and is not concerned. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed two tablets of Diflucan..each 200 mg. I took one yesterday morning...and the other one this morning. The burning went away, but I am still feeling very itchy. How long does it take for Diflucan to work?
Avatar f tn was found during my annual) and my dr (who is new and i do not normally see) prescribed me diflucan for 12 weeks, one pill, once a week. I have never heard of this or treated a yeast infection with diflucan like this before and am starting to think this doctor I saw was a quack/slave to drug company kind of doctor. Has anyone ever been prescribed diflucan this way?
Avatar n tn hx of ulcerative colitis, taking canasa suppositories every day, no issues with that. Had a yeast infection on Sunday, took one dose,150 mg of Diflucan- infection feels better today ( Tuesday) , but since about Monday, I've had intermittent rt upper quadrant pain. It comes and goes during the day, never terrible, just dull achy, but bothersome, and painful at times. Sometimes, it radiates to the exact same spot in my back,, but mostly it's rt.upper quadrant, rt below my rt rib.
Avatar f tn d for thinking i had an infection, she told me to get some) and use it on days when I am itchy. She gave me a prescription for one tablet of Diflucan, when I was picking up my prescription, the pharmacy techs said its not recommended during pregnancy, mainly first trimester, but they gave me the pill and I haven't taken it yet. I was wanting to know your thoughts or if any of you have used this ?? Sorry it's so long!
Avatar m tn What is the usual dosage for treatment of toenail fungus with Diflucan? My doctor prescribed it to me and it just seems to be different than normal. He said to take 100 mg/daily for the first 10 days of each month until it's gone. Is that a normal regimen?
Avatar f tn Background info: I was given 3, 150 mg Fluconazole tabs to take, every other day. I started this Tuesday, I have taken 2 pills and will take my last one Saturday. My question is, before I started the medicine, my symptoms were pretty consistent with that of a mild Yeast infection: minor swelling, and my cervix was covered in thick, clumpy white discharge. No pronounced itching or burning, but some slight redness.
Avatar n tn Okay my mom called my doctor yesterday and today because we think i have a yeast infection he called me in Fluconazole 150 mg one tablet its generic for Diflucan he isnt in the office no more and now i am scared to take it. i am in my first trimester of my pregnancy and its my first i have no clue what to do?? Anyone have any advice?
Avatar f tn Hi All- I didn't know I was pregnant when I took 2x150 mg of fluconazole in a span of week during my 4th and 5th weeks. After I came to know about my pregnancy, I am now scared, that I might have harmed my baby. Please help me out here. Has anyone taken it during first trimester ? Is the baby doing well? Help me out here.
Avatar f tn here is the information on diflucan (fluconazole) What should I discuss with my healthcare provider before taking Diflucan? Do not use this medication if you are allergic to Diflucan, or similar drugs such as clotrimazole (Lotrimin), econazole (Spectazole), ketoconazole (Nizoral), miconazole (Monistat), sertaconazole (Ertaczo), sulconazole (Exelderm), terconazole (Terazol), tioconazole (Vagistat-1), or voriconazole (Vfend).
Avatar f tn I took Diflucan around the time I ovulated and again a few days before I found out I was pregnant. The second time I took 2 pills (3days apart not at the same time). I took 150 mg each time. I didn't think I was pregnant because the doctor told me my lining wasn't good this month on the clomid I had taken. Has anyone else taken Diflucan very early in pregnancy. I am very worried about this. I should add that I am also on 2 other category C meds that I have no choice about.
Avatar f tn is there a website where i can get a good deal on diflucan. i prefer that over anything like monostat. I get reoccurent yeast and i can tell i'm getting them but i dont want to see a doc every time for diflucan and i dont want to monostat. i've search online for some websites but they are pretty pricey esp for 150 mg.
Avatar m tn I got a total of 500 mg of diflucan from my doctor. 200 mg for first day and then 100 mg once a week after that. So I was wondering if this would be enough and do I need to diet while on this medication or not?
610456 tn?1221707348 I have taken these over time......still have burning sensation. I am very nervous about this. Diflucan.......150 mg 3 times daily doxycycline........twice a day clindamyacin.....two pills twice a day Nystatin creme......once a day........ Terazol 7 day cream Clindese cream I don't know what else to do.........been on everything. I even put Genetian Violet down there too. i have used yogurt as a ****** also.
Avatar m tn My GI gave me a one week prescription of diflucan basically because he didn't know what else to do. After taking 100 mg for 3 days, I noticed less bloating, could eat more normal foods without discomfort, and more energy/less brain fog. 2 days after stopping this, boom, symptoms come back along with blood in my urine after jogging. My doc is reluctant to put me on diflucan long term, but each time I end a short prescription, I ALWAYS have blood in my urine again, and the same stomach issues.
Avatar n tn So I have taken that already, but not diflucan yet. And yes I have been on diflucan before but not in a while. I havn't had a yeast infection in a year. But I have vaginitis from time to time. Also, is it common to have a brown discharge after taking the antibiotics?
Avatar n tn In 2000, I used 200 mg Diflucan one per da. for six months, which cleared up the problem very effectively. I now use one 200 mg Diflucan tablet once each week to assure no return of the problem. I have been rash free for four years now.
Avatar n tn As per his prescription I also took one tablet of Diflucan 150 mg once and now I am on ten day course of Doxycycline tab and Nigazole tab (each 500 mg twice a day). After applying the cream my itching and burning sensation is gone. I had some white tiny boils(seeds on penis) which are also gone but now i am having red spots on that place. Is it a healing indication??? whether I am having any STD or other infection????? Its only 8 days before when I had sex.
Avatar n tn I took 3 diflucan 100 mg. then urgent care Dr prescribed nystatin. took it for a week. Then went to my primary care dr she prescibed nystatin again for a week because at that point I just had sore burning feeling on the tip of my tongue. since then a follow up with my primary care dr. she put me on diflucan 100 mg for 3 weeks. I have 5 pills let and still a sore tongue. I went to my dentist, got xrays cleaned teeth. he looked at my mouth and tongue didn't see anything.
Avatar n tn Only had it once before, 2 years ago when I was pregnant, but I remember it well! MD gave my Diflucan ( I think one dose) and gynazol-1 cream. It worked well, but I don't remember how long it took. This time, I tried Monistat3 before calling the MD and it burned really badly...so I called her and she prescribed the Diflucan and the gynazole cream. This time she gave my a 150 mg pill to take on Sunday, Wed, and again on Saturday.
Avatar f tn So, I have this raging yeast infection.
Avatar f tn On May 2nd, I was treated for gonnorhea with a shot of rociphine and 1,000 mg azithromycin. About a week later, I went back to my doctor having burning, itching, and irritation. I was given Diflucan to take one pill every other day for 6 days. After finishing that, I still didn't feel better. Called my doctor this time and they told me to buy Monistat 7 and try that to see if symptoms cleared up. After those 7 days, I still wasn't feeling better.
Avatar n tn My last post can be viewed under Cheilitis Continued. My dermatology p.a. finally agreed to give me Diflucan for my lips. He gave me 200 mg the first day and then I'm supposed to take 100 mg for the next two weeks. I'm on my fourth day of the medication and I don't see any improvement. If anything I'm getting a few little red pinpricks here and there that I didn't have before. He told me today that a bacterial culture he did on Tuesday has come back with a negative.
Avatar n tn It continued getting worse. I called my doctor's office and he phoned in a prescription for two diflucan (150 mg) one for right away and one for one week later. It stopped getting worse for the first four days and then started getting worse again. I took the second diflucan and the next day I went to see my doctor. Because of the area it covered (it extended three inches onto my thighs and onto the lower part of my belly) he prescribed 200 Mg Nizoral for 14 days.
Avatar f tn The symptoms subsided after weaning off of the Prozac but have returned with resuming the Zoloft.Mentally I feel much better. Today I increased my Zoloft from 12.5 mg to 25 mg. If these side effects continue are there other meds for anxiety that are not addictive and with fewer side effects. I spoke with my psychaitrist yesterday and he said to stop the Zolft and use the Xanax until my appointment next week. I have addictive behavior in my family.
Avatar m tn Following meds taken: Metronidazole (250 mg tid for 7 days), Vermox (100 mg bid for 3 days), Tetracycline (500 mg qid for 14 days...stopped on 6th day due to diahhrea and worsening of dizziness) Paromomycin (250 mg 2 caps bid for 10 days), Yodoxin (650 mg tid for 20 days) and Vermox (200mg bid for 14 days). August/Sept/OCt 09: Normal/Negative: Blood work, CT scan pelvis/abdomen, endoscopy, colonoscopy, chest x-rays, sonogram of abdomen.