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Avatar f tn She gave me a prescription for one tablet of Diflucan, when I was picking up my prescription, the pharmacy techs said its not recommended during pregnancy, mainly first trimester, but they gave me the pill and I haven't taken it yet. I was wanting to know your thoughts or if any of you have used this ?? Sorry it's so long! All over google it said its not recommended in high doses, but I have a 150mg pill and that's not considered a high dose..
Avatar f tn After I came to know about my pregnancy, I am now scared, that I might have harmed my baby. Please help me out here. Has anyone taken it during first trimester ? Is the baby doing well? Help me out here.
4928337 tn?1362754766 I took that in my first trimester, i was scared as well but its safe!
Avatar f tn My Doctor perscribed me Fluconazole 150 mg today one tablet generic for diflucan he is no longer in the office and i am afraid to take it since i am in my first trimester of pregnancy now i dont know what to do?? Anyone take this if so how are the outcomes??
Avatar m tn Yes..that's the same medicine. No worries, it's safe.
Avatar f tn Missyfish, did you end up taking it? What trimester are you in? From what I read on fda and drugs.
Avatar f tn Lastly, I would have a good talk with your MD about Diflucan- I did a lot of research into this med (all the scientific studies) and there are no good studies indicating that using it a few times at a dose of 150 or less to treat yeast infections are bad in the first trimester. Several Danish groups did studies and there was no increased risk of congenital issues period. The issues reported with diflucan have been long term treatment (>14 days) and higher doses (300mg+).
Avatar f tn html Category A Only a few medications fall into category A, which means that human studies have shown no evidence of fetal harm in the first trimester or later in the pregnancy. Nystatin vaginal (Mycostatin) Category B Most antibiotics are Category B, which means that there is no known association with birth defects or other pregnancy-related complication and the drug is probably safe.
Avatar n tn I told him pills and he put me on diflucan. I dunno what they will put you on since you are in first trimester, but don't worry I'm sure there are meds out there that will be fine for it.
8101930 tn?1420005056 I had two yeast infections in my first trimester and my doctor told me to use Monastat 3. I am now 18 weeks along and everything is great, had no problems using Monistat 3.
Avatar n tn I'm expecting twins and in my first trimester, I have insurance that covers 90% and I live pretty ok but YES I'm already finding out about hospital expenses for twins because I like to know what I'm getting into so I can plan ahead. I can't believe some of these people. Good Luck and take care of yourself.
Avatar n tn He is so paranoid about me using medication that now he has me paranoid. Nicky96, were you in your first trimester when your doctor prescribed it to you? Thanks!
4185614 tn?1353276113 I agree with simmons, I'd just make an earlier appt. it def. sounds like a yeast infection, so I'd call and let them know your symptoms and they may just prescribe you something. Good luck mama!
Avatar f tn Yes kinkenz is right if it is a bacteria infection then yes antibiotics. If you have white discharge no smell looks like cottage cheese you'll see chunks when you pee. That is a yeast infection you do need to get that treated as well it only gets worse.
Avatar n tn Many experts recommend 7 days of vaginal treatment during pregnancy. In the past, nystatin (such as Mycostatin) was the drug of choice for the first trimester of pregnancy, but now all vaginal medications are considered safe during pregnancy. Oral medications are not recommended for use during pregnancy.
494669 tn?1275366075 I was so scared cause I was in my first trimester and the infection was bad enough that they had to give me the meds to clear it up (not safe in first trimester for baby). By the way, women get the short end of the stick in this instance too. Men don't usually show signs of trich whereas women do. Most men can carry it and not even know it. But it is highly contagious and only takes once to transmit. DD was born with no problems thank God, but he got kicked to curb fast.
676912 tn?1332816151 ) When I had a yeast infection during the first trimester the only thing I noticed was a lot of yellow discharge. It was thick and yellow, but I really had no other symptoms...maybe some mild cramping. The ER dr told me that if you were to set up a yeast infection from the meds that it would develop within a week of finishing them.
611067 tn?1458595083 Then I got pregnant again a month or so later, and m/c at 8 weeks and then again 3 months later and m/c at 11 weeks. I never have made it past the first trimester. I'm pretty sure I've had other m/cs due to being late and having heavier than normal periods. At the time, I had a horrible doctor. When I went to the specialist, he told me I should have been told not to get pregnant again right away. Then I went through a time for health reasons (me and hubby), that I stopped trying.
Avatar n tn I'm in my second trimester and was prescribed Diflucan by my doctor to treat a yeast infection. Although she said it is safe, I just wanted to double check to see if anyone else has used it without any problems.
1326686 tn?1280851022 What you need to see is the number increasing 60% or more in 2 days. Most doctors just round up and say they like to see the numbers double in 48-72 hours. Every single woman will have different HCG numbers at different stages of early pregnancy. One 4-weeker may have a number of 1500 and another only 200. The point is that it increases. Hope that helps! CONGRATULATIONS to all the new mommies-to-be!!!!!!!
529933 tn?1228264519 U/s was fine, and as usual there was one follie on my left measuring 22. I had the HCG shot today and going in for the IUI tomorrow. This is the first time I am taking the shot. Is there any side effects to it? I guess I cannot test earlier this cycle, even if I want to. It is too bad that in the month of July we did not have any BFPs and all have started a new cycle. leighanne: Good to know about the heartbear and results. We will be waiting to see you u/s pictures.
Avatar f tn Nevertheless, since only one clinical trial evaluating Echinacea during pregnancy has been conducted, taking Echinacea products during the first trimester of pregnancy should be done only under professional supervision and excessive use should be avoided. •Patients allergic to ragweed or other members of the Composite or Daisy family, such as Marigold, Arnica or Chamomile, may show cross sensitization (allergies) to Echinacea products.
Avatar n tn When I was pregnant 2 years ago with my third child (a Girl). I had terrible vagina problems. In my third trimester I developed an allergic reaction to my luandry detergent and had to wash my underware in baby shampoo. Well after she was born the itching stopped and I nursed her for 22 months. Well about a month after I stopped (last November) I started with a monthly itching problem. I figured out that I get it about every 7-10 days before my cycle.
147932 tn?1226969710 I am 6 weeks 2 days pregnant, according to nurse practitioner who did sonogram today, which also showed an embryonic sac and a heart beat. I have had brown blood in my underwear for five days. The first day it was heavy and looked like a period (brownish red in color and filled my underwear and then soaked a tampon). It's been 6 days since and I still have brown in my underwear every day except the day after the first day (for some reason, no blood that day).
977943 tn?1302258620 I am doing this naturally as my doctors won't help until we have been TTC for over 1 year. It has been 6 months so far and this is the first time in 3 months that I actually ovulated. If this month doesn't work out I bought some FertilAid to try to help.
Avatar n tn she said she saw another patient last week with the same thing - the first time in 20 years. Weird....hope this helps. If you find anymore out, would love to know.
Avatar f tn I am tired of being yelled at first thing in the morning!! We have had to cut back so I am the only one in the office other than my boss, my job was supposed to be the books & payroll. Now I get to do it all!
342988 tn?1299785956 This is the latest I've ever ovulated, BUT every cycle since we started trying has been medicated. The first cycle we started trying was when I got my first period in Feb. after having Kayln. So, I really don't know if it was a late ovulation or anything. Maybe I'll just ovulate later now that i'm not doing medicated cycles anymore. Hopefully this will be the month, and I won't have to worry about it.
1055869 tn?1294203119 In my opinion, I would say that some of your symptoms could be from the trigger shot. It sometimes makes me feel flu-ish. Again, this is easier said than done but just try to keep your mind off things as much as possible. Start a project or take some classes, anything to get your mind off of things until you go for your preg. test. Hang in there! The month an IUI worked for me, even though that pregnancy didn't last, I really felt nothing different...