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Avatar m tn I first found out when I went to planned parenthood and they gave me diflucan. Diflucan has never worked for me, so the next visit they gave me Gynazole 1, and a prescription for another Gynazole 1 if the yeast persisted. It did so i applied it then I applied various otc suppositories and I finally got rid of the yeast but developed BV. I went to a doctor and he gave me antibiotics that are usually given to treat trich even though I didn't have trich.
Avatar f tn I was on antibiotics for an ear infection and now have a yeast infection. The GP gave me a RX for Diflucan. I took that much earlier tonite. I just happened to read the Prescription info sheet & it has Xanax as an interacting drug but it doesnt say how. I tried googling and cant see why it shouldnt be taken.. I did see where under Xanax it says one of the drugs to avoid is Diflucan. Why would an antifungal med interact with a sedative?
Avatar n tn I am currently being treated with Diflucan and Cipro for an existing yeast problem. I am taking Diflucan for 30 days and Cipro for 10 days. This will give me some relief for about three or four months and then I will need to treat the problem again. Questions: Should I change the Diflucan/Cipro time schedule or try different drugs? Any other suggestion would be very much appreciated. I should note that I take enzymes with each meal (Digest Gold and Fenol) Thanks for any help, Sam.
Avatar f tn Your normal bacterial flora in your intestines are getting unbalanced and/or you are losing some organisms due to the antibiotics. You should start taking probiotics. This will help get your normal bacteria back. But I would ask Metametrix if it will cause any problems with their test just to be sure. Also, you can take an oral antifungal but I wouldn't recommend it because they have bad side effects.
Avatar f tn My husband and I have been together for 91/2 years. I have been suffering with yeast infections for years. First it was the week before my period. Then it was the week after. I have been on every cream and Diflucan for months at a time. I think I am resistant to Diflucan. This past December I had a laproscopy and I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. I also have suffer with IBS for over 15 years. I am currently taking Elavil 10mg for my IBS which has helped my chronic diarrhea but not cured.
Avatar n tn The human mouth is teeming with yeast organisms and this is a very common reason for frequent yeast imbalances. Sometimes you will get a yeast infection if you are on antibiotics. Treat it if you are SURE you have one. There are lactobacillus capsules in some health food stores that might help restore your normal flora. Hope these suggestions help.
255722 tn?1452550141 It was a BLOOD test for yeast that caused my LLMD to say he had 'never' seen such high test results for yeast. I was so motivated to get rid of this beast that I stopped eating anything with yeast in it ... which means bread. I put myself on a very strict diet of vegetables and protein for a period of time, to starve out the yeast.
512442 tn?1216263100 to avoid the grossness of putting yogurt on your hoo-ha, try yogurt pills (acidophillus) or buy AZO Yeast, I've used AZO Yeast pills for all my yeast infections and it relieves it in a day or two. These pills are a combination of natural herbs and yogurt cultures and it balances your vaginal PH. That stuff is awesome, it relieves the itching and burning in a couple of hours too. Yogurt is ok but doesn't work as fast.
Avatar n tn I've been having yeast infection for the past 5 months, At first i thought it was the change in weather and being that it gets moist down there i was getting the yeast infection. I went on vacation for a month and i didn't experience a yeast infection cause i haven't had sex. When i came back i had sex with man man and I notice that it reocurred again. I treated it everything was fine,until we had sex again it came back. I made an appointment to see my doctor and he gave me a precription for it.
Avatar n tn Receiving cunnilingus after someone else has been drinking beer also does not cause yeast infections. Same goes for consuming bread, nutritional yeast, and so on. Candida albicans yeast are a normal part of the human body's intestinal flora. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a completely different genus and species of yeast that survives and multiplies in very different conditions.
Avatar n tn Yogurt is okay, but it won't work for an intestinal yeast overgrowth. Yeast is very aggresive once it proliferates. The antibiotics have killed all bacteria (anti=against biotics=life) and so you need "PROBIOTICS" Pro=for biotics=life and they will establish your good bacteria. Yogurt simply isn't strong enough for yeast. Watch out for your sugar intake. Try to avoid excess sugar, as yeast feeds on sugar.
Avatar n tn you might want to talk to you DR about trying something for a bacterial infection like cleocin because sometimes bacterial infections are mistaken for yeast. Terazol used to work for me sometimes, but not aleays. Good luck and I hope you're feeling better.
Avatar m tn I have been treated TWICE in the last four months for a yeast infection that will not go away. The last time I could have been exposed to HIV was EXACTLY FOUR MONTHS AGO, which was around the same time my yeast infection began. The only way I could have gotten HIV, though, was by getting a bikini wax (my skin broke i.e. I was bleeding, the lady didn't use gloves and I DON'T KNOW if she had cuts on her hands as I was in too much pain to pay attention).
Avatar n tn It is found in the refridgerated area of any health food store and not only is it good for an external yeast infection but your entire digestive and intestinal tract will benefit and love you for it. It's all about keeping the body in balance. You can use plain yogurt or Bio K directly on the affected area especially if it is red and sore,not only will it soothe you but you are putting "good" needed bacteria where it needs to be.
Avatar n tn There are persistant infections, such as Whipple's disease, Giardia, Amebae, Cryptosporidium, and Cyclospora which can be associated with chronic diarrhea. They should have already been tested for before settling on yeast as a cause of your symptoms. Antibiotics are unlikely going to get rid of the yeast - you would require antifungal therapy (i.e. fluconazole).
Avatar n tn The third time I visited my NP, I was tested for intestinal parasites and was prescribed Nystatin. After 5 days of using Nystatin, my symptoms disappeared. I used the Nystatin for 12 days. About 3 days after I stopped using it and was symptom-free, but the itch returned and has been becoming worse. However, this time the itch it just in the anal area, my vagina and labia are unaffected. As the itch becomes worse I experience fatigue.
Avatar n tn I would see a doctor about the white 1 cm thing to make sure it isn't something serious. They can then tell you if you have yeast. It may be an intestinal imbalance and you can try also probiotics.
Avatar n tn They can get out of control depending on what you are eating, you take a lot of antibiotics, etc. Women often get yeast infections when on antibiotics for this very reason, the balance between yeast/bacteria gets out of balance and yeast thrive because the antibiotics kill off the yeast killing bacteria in your system.
Avatar f tn i've thought i've had a yeast infection on and off (mostly on) for about 5 months. my boyfriend is itchy too. on his balls, not his penis. we have not had sex since this started, so we are not passing it back and forth. there is no rash, just itchiness. i've used boric acid inserts (yeast arrest) tea tree oil inserts, which i appear to be allergic to, and several monistat treatments.
Avatar f tn wow im so sorry to hear this, i too have been tested for eveything and had serious somach issues, no stds and no signs of why i always get severes stomach pains, i have had a penile yeast infection for over a year and diflucan doesnt work for me neither do the creams, MK9 is great hes great to talk to and he gives knowable advice. IM here for you if you nee someone to tlak and listen as i believe im ina similar boat.
Avatar n tn Dear to whom it concerns, I need help I am a 21 yr old male, uncircumcised who keeps getting reoccurring yeast infections that i am treating with Diflucan. I think i keep getting it because i am getting an overgrowth in my stomach of yeast because my good bacteria cant fight it because the celiacs disease deteriorated my intestinal wall so i can absorb nutrients. Also to treat my Back acne i have been taking for the last week DoxyCycline Hyclate which i know kills all bacteria...good and bad...
Avatar f tn Once you get a handle on the yeast with the Diflucan, the apple cider vinegar keeps the balance of yeast in check and the prunes and prune juice help you have a complete bowel movement. The less feces left in the lower intestines the less odor you will have. I know this may sound like a lot but it really does help. Please let me know if your seeing a difference.
Avatar f tn Generally yeast infections require Nystatin swish and swallow, and Diflucan-which is an antimicrobial agent, if it is severe enough. You can also try using Monostat or Miconazole-that is generally used for vaginal yeast infections around your anal region as well and see if helps eliminate those symptoms. I Hope This Helps.
Avatar n tn I had severe pseudomembranous colitis from clostridium difficile three years ago and have wondered if that has anything to do with the yeast infection. I have hypothyroidism, but have had it under control for three years with Synthroid. I have been on a no-carb diet along with an alkaline diet for five months. I gave up alcohol, coffee and sugar five months ago. I take Yeast-Cleanse, sublingual vitamin B, Biotin, Garlic, Acidolphus, Lactobacillus Sporogens, and Noni juice.
Avatar f tn My experience and reading leads me to believe that higher tendency towards easy triggers for candida or yeast is a part of CFS/Fibro. It can be unbelievable how much easier it is to get. Taking antibiotics, lack of genital ventilation or heavy perperation & heat, eating more sugars (or carbs that easily convert to sugar and don't forget sodas, sweet tea etc), sexual activity, and yeasty foods all contribute to yeast overrun.
Avatar n tn Try the salt-free Vegi-Delite. Have you been on a perscription for your yeast infections? And anti-fungal drug like Diflucan? How many times?
Avatar f tn I have a yeast infection on my,I have taken meds for,but can't seen to get rid of it. I had 3 atacks of pain upper right side. I waited 9weeks to go to Dr. I didn't have INSURENCE. They said I had mild gastritis. Never mind the pain. I seem to be having a lot of little infection.Whent to the dentist 5days ago and got an abcess were I got the shot. These things have got to be related!
Avatar n tn Just to be sure but nowhere in there did you mention being treated for candida? More antibiotics would only make it worse. Candida is yeast. Everyone, men and women, can get yeast infections or thrush. It is unlikely you got HIV with protected sex. Its a very low possibility, but you need significant fluid transfer. If you have not been treated, you may benefit from taking something like flucanazole (diflucan) for several days.
Avatar f tn Two days after the test I ended up with a massive yeast infection. Took diflucan for 7 days and got better. Then on day 10 LLMD changed med to Biaxin. Three days after starting Biaxin uninary issues started again!!! I started diflucan immediately and stopped biaxin but now,on day 5, still no relief of urinary issues, though no itching yet. I am going going crazy here!! Have any of you had such experiences?
87651 tn?1259606003 I'm on long-term antibiotic therapy, which increases my risk for yeast. I've had some issues that were resolved with diet change and diflucan, and now I take nystatin to prevent another yeast overgrowth. Any comments or advice?