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Avatar m tn no bumps/redness/itchyness etc,just normal i guess my questions are,how good does this Valacyclovir work on reducing transmission only being on it one month,all the studies/research is with people that have had it for sometime! and how easily is it transmitted without sores being present and on meds? and if i was infected should i have of seen/felt noticed something going on with my private area..
Avatar m tn Is there a difference between Acyclovir and Valtrex? Wanting to know which is better for the purpose of decreasing chance that partner will become infected, use to decrease amount of asymptomatic shedding. Keep hearing only Valtrex does this, but someone on site suggested Acyclovir. Thanks in advance!
Avatar m tn They only aid in slowing viral replication. As mentioned, Valacyclovir (Valtrex) is a Pro Drug and has an extra molecule in it that, in laymans terms, provided your body with the task of converting it into acyclovir. Less is flushed out quickly and thus more antiviral drug is available to slow viral replication. I've tried both over the years, and Valacyclovir is more effective during an outbreak, in my body. Your mileage may vary.
Avatar m tn After seeing an ID specialist, I started a suppressive therapy (500mg Valtrex daily). No more outbreaks (except one on my lip), but the skin was red and had often secretions in the genital area. I always felt that it meant that I was still contagious and went to another specialist who explained to me that I wasn’t contagious. He even took a swab that came back negative for HSV. December 2012: First genital outbreak since I started suppressive therapy.
Avatar n tn What is the difference between Valtrex and Acyclovir? From what I've read they both seem to do the same thing and Acyclovir is A LOT cheaper.
Avatar f tn MedHelp encourages forum moderators to avoid overt disagreement with questioners' own doctors. However, I'm afraid your doctor is mistaken. Valacyclovir (Valtrex) does not cause significant liver damage. In fact, it is one of the most nontoxic drugs there is; many patients have taken it for several years without difficulty. Of course any drug can cause very rare or atypical toxicity. Acyclovir (Zovirax) and famciclovir (Famvir) are similarly nontoxic.
Avatar f tn Suppressive therapy has been used by persons with HSV infections for years and years without problems. Acyclovir, valacyclovir and related drugs are among the safest drugs for infectious diseases we use. If you are having "breakthrough" recurrences on your current suppressive therapy and are taking the drug only once a day, we would suggest taking it twice a day, not stopping. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I am on suppressive therapy with Valtrex and am wondering if anyone has experienced lethargy and loss of appetite (lost 5 lbs.) due to this medication? I suppose it could also be due to the emotional roller coaster I've been on since being diagnosed. I'm also wondering about herpes and cervical cancer. Is there any link?
Avatar m tn HSV 1 seems to be referred to as oral. But I had an outbreak on my penis. So isn't this gential herpes? Since it's HSV 1 did she most likely give it to me during oral sex or vaginal? I've never had a typical herpes coldsore on or around my mouth. Since I now have HSV1 do I have herpes in my mouth? Does that mean I give herpes to someone else by kissing them even if I never have an oral cold sore?
Avatar f tn But I'm betting he'll be both cool about it and appreciative of your concern. Valacyclovir (Valtrex) or either of the other antiherpetic drugs, famciclovir (Famvir) or acyclovir (Zovirax and generics) probably would help speed healing if you want to take it at the first sign of a cold sore. Unless you're having cold sores very frequently -- like 4 or more times a year (which is uncommon), it probably isn't worth the hassle and money to take the drug continuously.
Avatar m tn 5) I am not hapy with my dermotologist - do you have a good source of recommendations for HPV doctors Already answered this. 6) What is the difference between Valacyclovir and Valtrax. I just finished Valtrax a week ago - currently develop lip spots so I started taking Valacyclovir today They are the same, but valacyclovir shouldn't be available in the US. Where did you get it?
Avatar n tn Aside from a urinalysis and urine culture as well as a prostatic secretion culture, you may benefit from physical therapy. I do not think there is an association between the dermatitis and the burning pain at this point. Unless the previous rash was a herpes zoster or viral infection , then we may be able to find a connection between the two.
Avatar m tn At the three month mark after our last intimate exposure I got retested and was again HSV IgM positive, but negative HSV IgG type 1 and type 2 (0.16 and 0.13). So after reading these forums and putting things together, my guess is that it is very unlikely that I have HSV? Also, do you recommend that I check my IgG levels at the 6 month mark after our last exposure just to make sure since I have read online that it can take up to six months for IgG antibodies to develop?
Avatar n tn It's good that you went to the ER and they treated you like a stroke victim, I believe they did the right thing at the hospital in treating you. It's hard to tell the difference between a CM and stroke. They can have the same symptoms. I do not smoke, have never been on Valtrex and have had a tubal. Don't know how shingles would come into play, that would be for a dr. to say. The meds I take are preventative med for migraines and aspirin. Complicated migraines are just that.... COMPLICATED!
Avatar n tn Would you expect that an experienced gynecologist could tell the difference between zoster and genital herpes just by looking? Thanks so much.
Avatar f tn Although blood test values can fluctuate between tests, the idea that test for both viruses would go from negative to strongly positive and then back to clearly being negative is most unlikely. Valtrex would not make the test results change, neither would your HPV infections. I would stop taking the valaciclovir. If you are uncomfortable with this approach then I suggest you get ONE more test. I predict it will be negative and when it is, then stop the valaciclovir.
Avatar n tn can you describe the difference of genital HSV 1, compared to HSV 2? Your thoughts on lifetime Valtrex 500mg daily? And my risks of Asymptomatic/ symptomatic shedding with Genital HSV 1 and Valtrex? And if no visible sores are shown, I am taking Valtrex and I do wear a condom, chances of passing it onto partners? Lastly, in your professional opinion, your estimation of when if there will ever be a cure for Genital HSV 1 and if so, when? P.S.
Avatar m tn If you're on a daily suppresent regimen of taking Valtrex(Valacyclovir-500mg) and L0Lysine-1000mg, what is the risk of having unprotected sex and infecting a non-herpes person if you are not showing or feeling symptoms? Also, in the past I would have a tingling warning me of a coming outbreak but this time the first I noticed was a small bump on the bottom of my penis and no tingling. How do you know when you're contagious if you're not feeling any physical warning signs?
Avatar m tn I was taking valtrex daily but experienced side effects that I didn't like. Some weight gain and chest pains mostly. I'm trying to be healthier in general and try some natural remedies, but I do have a bottle of valtrex in my cabinet just in case.
Avatar n tn 0 My doctor explained that it was to early to tell if I had herpes but he started me on Valtrex suppressive theraphy 1 gm a day and told me to wait 2 months before getting tested again. This week I went to get tested and my lab results came back as following (form Lab Corp): Hsv 1 IGG- 1.01high. Hsv 2 IGG- 4.47 high. I have not had any ulcers, blisters, rashes or discharge.
Avatar m tn Typically there is very little difference in cost between the 500 mg dose and the 1000 mg dose and, at least theoretically (it has not been studied) the 1000 mg dose should be more effective than the 500 mg dose for prevention of transmission of infection. 3. She should not be too worried about her recent exposure. Transmission of genital herpes due to HSV-2 to the mouth during oral sex is quite uncommon.
Avatar f tn There is no difference in meaning between a result of 3.5 and, say, 5.0 or 6.5, etc. The number may vary from one test to another, but not because of changing amounts of antibody in the blood; and the value says nothing at all about the likelihood of recurrent outbreaks, asymptomatic viral shedding, or the potential for transmission.
Avatar n tn The next day I went to my doctor and he said they looked like herpes and he cultured them and gave me Valtrex. The following day I started having pain on urination, a discharge (not pus, white, green or yellow) and redness around the urethra. The discharge was almost like a pre---, but after the meds started almost had a flesh tone to it. I went and had a urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhea and they came back negative.
55646 tn?1263664409 The routinely available oral medicines interfere with replication of the virus, but this treatment is designed to allow the immune system to respond more effectively to the virus and subsequently reduce the frequency of recurrences and reduce viral shedding. This phase 1 study is being conducted at several sites in the US. For more information contact Jessica Rowlands at Feinstein Kean Healthcare, 202-729-4089. The next research study is sponsored by AiCuris, a German company.
Avatar n tn Doc, Is there anyway to tell the difference between Shingles and genital herpes? I have recently been through a little rough patch with possible HPV diagnosis and recently this week I developed extensive rash and blistering on my upper thigh area, and on the inside of my left buttocks. Their are no blisters actually on the anus. I went to an urgent care clinic and they diagnosed it a shingles based on that it was only on the left side of my body and the rash was very extensive.
Avatar n tn He has had 2 children and has had several girlfriends and partners and said that he is not contagious because none of his previous partners contracted it. Is this possible? I don't think he has ever used any medications like Valtrex. I want to be with him but I am a little hesitant to believe all this because of asymptomatic shedding, do some people with herpes not shed the virus when symptoms aren't present? What precautions should I take?
Avatar m tn Hello Dr. Been in a relationship for over 6 months. After my divorce 2.5 years ago, I had testing done and results came back + for both 1 & 2. My GF does not have either and gets tested annually. We discussed my issues prior to any acitivity, have always used condoms (for the first time in my 49 years of life). We fell in love and we were seriously discussing marriage etc. She got a yeast infection and now is completely freaked out about Herpes and may end the relationship...
Avatar m tn Just to note - I am not referring to the difference between rates shedding reduction and transmission reduction (although if someone knows the answer to why these are so different, please chime in). I have searched the forums and found conflicting answers on estimated transmission risk (high, low, range, 50% seems "low end of range" or "at least 50%"), perhaps the data comes from different studies or something is inferred to get the broader range . .
Avatar n tn 1. Which is most likely: False negatives, False “positive”, or infection occurred between the two outbreaks causing the incongruent results 2. What do you recommend? Is it worth getting the western blot? 3. If this final test is negative, what else could it be? It is hard to believe that it is NOT herpes, because the symptoms fit so well. I thought that it might be shingles on an S dermatome. Is shingles a possibility, and is there a diagnostic way to confirm shingles?
Avatar m tn That result is technically positive for HSV-2. However, results between 1.1 and 3.5 sometimes are false positive, especially in someone with positive HSV-1 results, like you have. There's probably a 50:50 chance that you do or don't have HSV-2. A repeat test will sort it out. For definitive results, ask your provider to send a blood specimen for the Western blot test, available at the University of Washington laboroatory in Seattle (where the Western blot was developed).