Difference between ultracet and ultram

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Avatar f tn Ultracet=tramadol AND acetominophen...the apap is the only difference. It's just bad news. The end. :) V.
Avatar n tn In my opinion and I'm not a physician but I think very soon they will make Ultram a schedule IV controlled substance, and I think it is addicting. Good Luck I hope this helped--Mystere/AKA N.O.
Avatar n tn It's the original form and is stronger than Ultracet. Ultram has 50mg of tramadol and Ultracet only 37.5mg along with 325mg of Tylenol. For me, I found Ultram worked well on an occasional basis. While on tx I had debiliting headaches and took it more often. It quickly quit working at all (after a couple of weeks of taking it a couple of times a day) so be careful, OK?
Avatar m tn What's the difference between Ultram ER and Tramadol? I've been taking/abusing Ultram ER 200mg. To get off these things my Dr switched me to Tramadol 50mg. 1-2 4 times daily w/2 extra strength Tylenol. I'm feeling lethargic. I slept fine but I'm just tired and I'm jumpy. For those who have not read my journal this all started after being struck by lighting in June. I'm assuming what I'm felling is a difference between Ultram and Tramadol.
Avatar n tn A detox approach for Tramadol (Ultram and Ultracet). Ok, so you've discovered that tramadol is HIGHLY addictive (at least for you, personally). I am recently coming cold turkey off a 150-200 mg per day habit, and have made some interesting discoveries that I hope will also help others. Combined with research concerning the psycho-pharmacology, they make sense. Things to do: 1) Don't panic and/or beat yourself up. 2) Make a DETERMINED EFFORT to break your addiction.
Avatar f tn The first pitfall experienced was due to the difference in dosage in utracet and ultram. I almost immediately started taking more mg, even though I kept the pill count the same. Since then, I have been taking between 100 and 150mg daily ( 2 to 3 pills) for the past 3 years. Early signs of problems. I first noticed the WD symptoms after a year or so and realized what I was experiencing, but continued on due to the chronic pain issues I have.
Avatar n tn Can anyone give me a little more information on the difference between Ultram and Ultracet? I am just finishing day #7 of cold turkey w/d from MS Contin (morphine). I am doing OK but am taking Darvocet to help with the aches and leg cramps. I only have a couple of days worth of Darvocet left. I do have a supply of Ultracets that were given to my wife for headaches. They are actually sample packages. Are they similar to Darvocet?
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors, Many people have come here for many years, giving support and getting support. Because I still believe that Tramadol is unique in it's ... terror and torture of humans, this thread continues. The people who can understand what you are going thru are the people who have kicked it and there's people here who come back to lend a hand. You also will never need an understanding ear as much. You can do it. You can quit. You do not need to be a slave to Tramadol.
544292 tn?1268886268 It's going to be ok.
544292 tn?1268886268 Understanding is essential! You can do this. And yes. Eventually you will heal!
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544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tramadol Warriors! Please come in and make yourself at home. All are welcome, we're very happy you are here!
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tramadol Warriors! Please come on in and make yourself snug and comfy. We're delighted to hear from you! Lots of good nourishing words here Friends!
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544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tramadol Warriors! We ... turned .... 40 ... LOL Welcome and I hope you will make yourself at home. Snuggle down, get comfy. There's a lot of information and experience here with getting off Tramadol. It's not impossible, lots of peeps here now living Tram Free Lives! Love & Healing!
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544292 tn?1268886268 This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol ... you'll get support here. We're so glad you found us!
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544292 tn?1268886268 It can be a bumpy ride!
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Friends! Welcome all Tramadol warriors. We're all very glad to see you. Please come in and share.
544292 tn?1268886268 This is the place to be if you are trying to recover from Tramadol ... Please make yourself at home!
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544292 tn?1268886268 I stick with it because I can remember what it was like to be in the FOG of TRAM, to walk into a room, and forget why I was there, I stick with it because I would rather not get killed on my motorcycle from being too fogged to care what I was doing. I stick with it because my grandson tells me how nice it is now to only have to ask grandpa ONE TIME to be picked up. (Pappa? Pappa? Pappa? Pappa?
541465 tn?1219431486 get off all opiates now before they ruin you[check yourself b 4 ya wreck yourself] and then prematurely kill you..i did 5 rehabs between 2000-2012...the first 4 were traditional BS and 2 of them put me on "Subuxone/Subutex/buphenephrine therapy" which is just a more powerful opiate and will keep you firmly hooked on opiates for their bosses/rulers owners over at big pharma as most rehab centers ARE OWNED BY BIG PHARMA INTERESTS!..
Avatar f tn 4 tablets of 50mg. That actually is alot. Ultram or Ultracet is usually what is prescribed for tramadol and with that only 37.5mg of tramadol is in those tablets. So 50mg of tramadol is considered alot according to "me". My doctor said the EXACT thing. Small dose. Do you know he even told me that I could take more and for alot longer BEFORE he would be concerened. Well, I took his word on that and upped my dose to 6 a day..2 in am, 2p, late afternoon and early even. Ya know..
Avatar n tn However, there are some good suggestions and a lot of support on that page, so you should check it out since you plan on detoxing off of Tramadol (Tramadol and Ultracet and pretty much the same drug) Let me know if you have any questions, I am here to help.
Avatar n tn Darlin' there's a difference between taking *medication* and abusing drugs. It sounds as if you have a medical condition which requires this medication. Addiction is a point reached wherein the drug use affects your life, and that of family and friends. The thought of your drug of choice is all consuming and takes priority over everything and everyone else in your mind.