Difference between premarin and estrace

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Avatar n tn I used estrace for several years,(which always left me uncomfortably itchy and feeling like I had a yeast infection) and recently switched to Premarin which doesn't seem to make me so itchy. But still can't sleep all night. Also have a lot of anxiety from this. so I take Klonopin at night to sleep, so at least I fall back to sleep now instead of laying awake wondering if I'm ever going to get to sleep all night again!
Avatar n tn i have used the cream since friday (3dys) and there is a slight difference she also said it may be lichen sclerosus http://www.lichensclerosus.org/ hope this info helps...
Avatar n tn I had a tear almost probably about an 1/2 long right between my vagina and anus. It burns sooo bad to wipe, pee, if I move and stretch the area in that skin. It happens after sex with my boyfriend, probably because sometimes we are rough, and there isn't enough lubrication. I have to wait a few days until it has healed to have sex again. The doctor isn't much help, she was hell-bent on thinking it was herpes.
Avatar n tn I have gained 25 lbs and my stomach looks like I'm 4 months pregnant. I take .5 mg of estrace and don't have any more hot flashes. How do I stop gaining so much weight and what do I do with my leg pain?
589713 tn?1255703171 It has been 3 years since my hysterectomy and things are still not right. Have been on Estrace for over a year now and still not any better. Still pain and bleeding after intercourse and I bleed after a bowel movement. Now he thinks that the top of my vagina somehow closed off and healed together abnormally and scar tissue grew there and that is what is causing my pain and bleeding. I have never had a painful PAP until this one.
Avatar f tn )study that had those negatives on estrogens, my understanding is that they were using Premarin (horse urine) and PROGESTINS at higher doses, and the women didn't vary useage. That's much different than what I do. If estrogens are suppose to cause a bit of coagulation of blood, I use natural blood thinners like tumeric and some of my other supplements, so that might not be such a problem for me. There are so many variables.
Avatar n tn My question is - is it safe to go on HRT when you have ovca? I thought there was a link between ovca and an increase in ovca. I am 45 years old and not ready to deal with all the negatives of menopause but don't want to make things worse.
Avatar n tn These are the types of discussions that need to happen. My head is spinning right now. I am sure some people look at my posts and think, "There she goes again," or, maybe not, but I am surprised myself what a crusader I have become. From time to time I consider quitting my job so that I can devote more time to spreading the word about some of the misconceptions concerning hormones. But, well, I need to make a living!
492652 tn?1252949008 A lot of them don't even know what it is and will tell you it is all in your head. Estrace cream seems to help, and chances are once your girlfriend starts treatment, it will get better. I'm not 100%, but definitely much better. I can now get through a pelvic exam without being in excruciating pain! Good luck with everything.
Avatar n tn I've had ultrasounds, antibiotics, birth control pills, nitrate, paps, coloscopies, and an additional LEEP procedure all in hopes of stopping bleeding during and after intercourse and between period bleeding. I had about one year without any bleeding and thought that it was finally gone. Then this past August it began again, with a new partner, and I was so very embarrassed and humiliated.
Avatar n tn She tested me for low estrogen and that was the problem. She put me on estrace cream, clobetasol and a low dose (10mg) of fluoxetine( don't be alarmed, it is use to help with nerve pain) for 4 weeks. I am 33 years old and I am feeling better than ever! Low estrogen can be brought on by stress, bad diet, family history and so many other things. Get tested before you take anymore unneeded antibotics or other meds that make the problem worse. Good Health, Ladies!
Avatar n tn an itch between my labia minora and majora. I am on birth control but have been on it for years and this is the first time I have had this problem. I also get same "chapped lips" or rather, cuts. Anti-itch cream is a life saver! But I do not want to depend on it. I do not want to suffer through the Dr if she is going to be as unhelpful as everyone has said. I have changed soaps as well but that does not seem to be related.
Avatar n tn and i got an ulcer down there and is got as big as a quarter and that hasnt happened in months atleast 4 or 5 that i can recall. and the previous week to that i had a really uncomfortable ucler in between the vagina and the anus .. and my anus started breaking out . . and currently im recovering from all this .. my anus is still hurting and the big ulcer which is located on the inner lip of my vagina is still there .. the doctor saw it and basically said it was a large ulcer ... no ****...
Avatar f tn I have been on both for about a month and see no difference. I have not lost a pound and the hot flashes are as hot as ever and still no libido. I have three more bottles to go, so I am hoping that it will kick in yet. But I am afraid it is just another gimmick and money grab because if it did work then every body would be on it. I will let you know how it goes. For now I would save my money and I will let you know how it goes. So far not so good.