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Avatar n tn It also raised my blood pressure to where I needed a medication for that too, and I am omly 29 and in descent physical health. The whole time I was on paxil I was not able to have the big "O" if you know what I mean, not to mention the fact that I didn't want to have sex at all. This was not a problem I had before the paxil even with the depression, anxiety, OCD, and ADHD.
Avatar n tn Hi, do you have any idea what the difference is between Paxil and Pexeva? I understand they both are in the same class of drugs. What's scary is I've been taking 40 MG of Pexeva since July 2009 for panic attacks and my doctor has told me to wean off of it (from 40 to 30mg for 1 week, 20 mg for 1 week, then 10mg, then zero). So two questions; One: Is the "normal" amt of Pexeva at 40mg and the "normal" amt of Paxil at 10mg for the average person?
Avatar n tn Luckily, I thought about a possile link between my not taking the Paxil and feeling this way... when I got the prescription filled last night, I couldn't WAIT to get in the car & take one! And now that I've found this bulletin board, I feel very very very relieved that it's not "all in my head"... ((((big sigh of relief)))) I'm also dreading the day I have to go off Paxil... I've been on it for about 15 mos now, but plan to get pregnant within the next 6-12 months....
1475202 tn?1388955435 I recently relocated and went to my new doctor (general medicine) on Monday and she started me on Xanax extended release tablets instead of the pop them as you go type. I have never heard of them but she said it is the only type she will prescribe. I have always been concerned with being dependent on Xanax so the pop as you go idea worked well since some days I could get by without any (that’s been a while since I've had a lot going on) or on a really bad day never exceed more than 2mg.
Avatar n tn There is a *huge* difference between physical addiction and psychological addiction. If someone takes a narcotic round the clock long enough, they will get physically addicted. If they are taking it appropriately for pain, and are not preoccupied with getting high and finding sources for pills etc..they are not psychologically addicted. Too many chronic pain patients unfairly go undertreated for their pain due to fear of addiction.
Avatar n tn Also while off my boyfriend noticed I was highly aggitated and snapped and cried at about everything. I then started reading up on Paxil and found that my symptoms were withdrawl from the drug. The paranoia alone makes me scared to quit the drug! All I suggest is read, read, read and be well informed before making a decission on a drug. They have changed my life for the good, but for some people, the side effects and the withdrawl might not be worth it!
Avatar n tn I wouldn't stop/taper both the Paxil and Xanax at the same time.
Avatar n tn My mother has a recurring liver cyst which comes and goes and sometimes gets really big. In my opinion she has no business being on Paxil. Furthermore, she's showing signs of various Paxil side-effects: becoming beligerent at times, occasionally argumentative (she's always been easy-going and very sweet) edgy, double-vision, memory loss, sometimes hallucinates... I could go on and on. Now, I just now learned that her doctor had put her on Paxil way back in November.
Avatar n tn Attivan doesn't get me high, but if I don't take it, I get very uncomfortable. I've taken Xanax and Klonopin and they get me really messed up (especially Klonopin). I was never prescribed to either of those but I used to self medicate. It's quite interesting, I have a good friend that is prescribed to 3 mg of xanax a day and they don't mess her up, but she does get uncomfortable if she doesn't take them.
Avatar m tn Xanax and Klonopin are both addictive. The difference is Xanax is normally prescribed on an "as needed" basis and doesn't last long in your system. Klonopin is prescribed 2-3 times a day and controls your anxiety 24/7. I'm not sure dosing the Xanax every 8 hours is going to do much to control your anxiety. I would contact your doctor and ask "why" he has chosen to take you off the Klonopin when it was working just fine for you. I hope this helps and take care.
Avatar m tn Also, my psychiatrist diagnosed me with OCD, whats the difference between OCD with fear of harming onself and other with suicidal dieation?
Avatar n tn It might make a big difference in how you are able to sleep and function and really, what's another month or so on Paxil anyway? I read an excellent new book recently about SSRI withdrawal called "The Antideppressant Solution". It talked about a lot of different withdrawal symptoms - maybe yours would be mentioned.
Avatar f tn No pills (Valium, Xanax, Elavil, Paxil and others I can't remember) or a therapist could eve help me until I read her book. BTW, I did the same you did with the Xanax, I cut 1/4 off for one week, then 1/2 for the other week, and then 3/4 the next week. Pills are only a band aid, and help some people to get over the rough edges of panic/anxiety, but they wont get to the bottom of it and help you overcome it. As soon as you stop the pills most peoples anxiety returns. Dr.
Avatar f tn "You've got to get long acting benzo in your system. But you need to do a "cross over" from Xanax to valium or klonopin. The taper needs to be very, very slow. A doctor has to taper you. You are addicted. You will find that doctors, hospitals, rehabs and detoxes will taper you WAY to fast. " I disagree. There is a difference between "addiction" and "dependency". Both require help, but in different ways.
Avatar n tn I am a chronic patient of panic attacks, palpitation and anxiety and tried each of the above-mentioned medications, such as Librium, Valium, Ativan and Xanax. I found Ativan and Xanax more effetive and suitable. My physician has advised to add up Buspar, 5 MG combined with Xanax 0.5 MG Does somone at the Forum has some experioence and information about Buspar?
Avatar n tn My doctor is now suggesting that I slowly stop taking Xanax and replace it with Paxil. With all of the horrible stories and side effects of Paxil, is there a reason that I just can't continue taking Xanax as I have been? I do realize that it is habit forming, but with Paxil, you can't just quit taking that either and I don't see that Xanax has the same horror stories attached that Paxil does.
Avatar m tn a seizure of the extent it was and refills my Xanax and Paxil. Really? Is this normal??? I should be a DR I believe at times I have more knowledge than they do when it comes to things and also knowing your own body. PS Not going to take the Xanax, I have made it this far w/o it and do not want to go through the physical WD I had to endure before and continue to ( much less at this time. What are your feed backs and comments to this?
Avatar n tn //ask.rrockr.com/showq.php/9170-difference-between-xanax-valium-klonopin Thanks RRockR.com I don't know what I would of done before i read your article.
Avatar f tn //ask.rrockr.com/showq.php/9170-difference-between-xanax-valium-klonopin Thanks RRockR.com I don't know what I would of done before i read your article.
Avatar f tn Personally, I'd stay away from Paxil and Effexor just as Nursegirl said unless they were the last thing left to try. And I also agree, how long were you on the Lexapro? I've been on Paxil and Lexapro, and Paxil was much more sedating and made me gain a lot of weight, and I'm very active. Or was. Prozac can be stimulating, and its effectiveness with anxiety by reputation isn't as good as other ssris, but it is the most benign to stop taking.
Avatar n tn my question is, what's the difference between regular xanax and xanax XR? I wonder if it lasts longer?
Avatar n tn I'm being tapered off paxil right now. And thought I would look up if their were symptoms from going off it. And now I can say now I'm afraid to be tapered off it now after being on it for 3 years. Any advice?
333929 tn?1201207723 what is the difference between duration of action and half life??????
Avatar n tn There should not be any difference between pill and liquid...only the speed of absorption...the main issue is blood level changes over time, and that will happen as you taper off, with either liquid or pill.
Avatar n tn There are a lot of difference between difference SSRIs with respect to their effects and side effects. Lexapro is newer and claims to be an improved formula over Celexa. Since you have experienced side effects from and quitted an SSRI, Praxil, you are wise to think about attempting another class of antidepressant like SNRI. There are 2 SNRIs, namely Effexor XL and Remeron. Forget about Wellbutrin and its combination since it did not work on you at all. There is no harm trying Buspar.
225570 tn?1191290673 php/9170-difference-between-xanax-valium-klonopin Thanks RRockR.com I don't know what I would of done before i read your article.
Avatar n tn But in addition, work with your psychiatrist about the imagery of blood and death, and try to sort out the difference between the images in your mind and the probablility of being hurt. Keep that polarity going in a mindful way so you can fight the symptoms and get some insight into your normal, but exaggerated, fears.
Avatar m tn recovering drug addict with 3 years clean with the help of Paxil, Suboxone and Xanax. I'll prescribed by the same Doctor Who is aware of my past addiction issues. I myself wanted to cut out the benzo's and went for a proper diagnosis and sure enough my instincts were correct. Diagnosis: OCD, ADHD, ASD. The last is a new one called autism spectrum disorder in the old DSM-IV it would've been called Asperger syndrome.
Avatar n tn Half the people like Paxil the other half like Zoloft... I'm on Paxil only 10MG and it's giving me weird dreams and making the anxity worse that I was already on Xanax for.... I have been doing so much research online since the first of the year with myself getting sicker, I am seeing an inner ear doctor on the 10th, I believe after that I will no longer need the Paxil...I also believe I will be able to cut way down on my Xanax....the mind plays hell on the body and anxiety....
Avatar f tn Find a new Doc, throw away the other, its a wise choice to change from Xanax to Klonopin, and if the Doctor doesnt even know the difference between the 2, then he should get revaluated, and probably loose his job.