Difference between levothyroxine and eltroxin

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4274823 tn?1388532698 How are Synthroid (Levothyroxine) and Eltroxin different? I'm doing my homework because my doctor has recommended Synthroid. I have never heard of Eltroxin until it was mentioned by a pharmacist as an option.
Avatar n tn what is the difference between levothyroxine and thyroxine if they both are the same dosage.
Avatar n tn I believe that I swung between hyper and hypo for at least 20 yrs before my thyroid stopped working and I became totally hypo. At the time of my diagnosis, a holter monitor showed that my heart rate was dropping as low as the low to mid 30's when I slept; even when I was up and about, my heart rate rarely got much over 50 bpm. If my condition had gone undiagnosed much longer, I might easily have died. Taking that pill (or in my case - 2 pills) every day is a small price to pay.
Avatar n tn i was over the moon when they told me i was actually ill and didn't just have man flu.. my levothyroxine hasn't been with out teething prob's but it is generally massively helping. i have subsequently managed to drag my dad to the dr's (he hasn't seen a dr in years) low a behold = hypo... i strongly suspect my brother is, he totally fits the autoimmune hypo picture, he is going for bloods this week..... men you are not alone!!
215905 tn?1214505001 For me, I moved to a new town about 45 mins away, have a new Black Boxer, Skyler and between her and my 2 yrs. old son, Michael, they keep me active and busy all day and night. So now, as I thought that with having so much trauma in my life I would be hyper again but I am now Hypo instead, saw my endo today and she is giving me Amour Thyroid 15 mg starting today.
579258 tn?1250652943 then add in a snack between breakfast and lunch .... then one between lunch and dinner/supper ... and then one after dinner/supper. They can be small ... maybe to start 1/2 banana or a 1/2 c of green beans or some lean deli-style turkey or chicken. By doing this, you will keep your metabolism engaged, which will help you lose weight. In addition, you will not be so drawn to the carb snacks. As for the carb cravings ... they are like being on an endless roller coaster.
Avatar n tn Free T4 I hope you get thru to her...or find another doc that does. It will make a difference and maybe its worth a drive into the city?
798555 tn?1292791151 I will say that when I was on levothyroxine my mood was so bad. Crying all the time, angry and so forth. I switched to levoxyl and boom, it is so much much. Just recently the pharmacy did the old switch a roo and gave me levothyroxine again and it happened again. The crying, anger and so forth. Got my levoxyl back and I feel so much better. You would be surprised how different thyroid meds affect us differently. However I think you need to get your t4 levels better and your t3 levels tested.
Avatar n tn recently my wife check up her thoiroid values actually she wants to check free T3 and T4 but by mistake she checked ONLY t3 and t4 the values in between t3 = 103.0 ng/dl range 55-175 ng/dl and t4 = 7.28 ug/dl range 4.65--10 ug/dl TSH = 17.48 ulU/MI range 0.25--- 5.
393685 tn?1425816122 Take your thyroid medication alone on an empty stomach with lots of water at least an hour before food and four hours between any supplements. I keep mine by the bedside table and take it the first thing when I wake up. That way I can begin my hour as early as possible so I can have my coffee. Also take supplements at least 4 hours in between taking your thyroid medication. Calcium hinders the absorption of thyroid medication by at least 30%. I now take my vitamins at noon w/lunch.
146021 tn?1237208487 Limit dairy other than organic eggs and avoid products containing MSG, soy, peanuts, unsaturated and polyunsaturated oils and fats (replace with olive oil, coconut oil and flax seed oil), white sugar, bok choy and mustard greens. Heavy metals can interfere with the liver's ability to metabolize thyroid hormones and testing should be done if suspected.
Avatar f tn I had receeding hairlines and my all over hair was very thin. My hair started to grow back and stopped falling out between 6mth and a year. Also ... my pharmacist gives me a print out of side effects and cautions etc. with every prescription, and hair loss can be a side effect of this drug. But hair loss can also happen just as a result of your thyroid deficiency. Unfortunately not all cases are the same ... and your hair may take a little longer to smartin' up!
Avatar f tn mine is always good between 2.3 and 2.5 whereas others are good at 1.0 And its usually my FT3 and FT4 that tells me if I have hyper or hypo symptoms.They either rise or drop. My Doc has always ignored the TSH so wasnt too concerned at Xmas time when it rose to 3.4....but I told him that 'something else was going on' and he said ..."Deb, you know your body better than anyone. Lets get an Ultrasound and CT scan done.." He was right and so was I. My Doc goes by symptoms too...
822804 tn?1298229902 however, since this is an infrequent problem, Reverse T3 is usually only tested if there appears to be a disconnect between Free T4 and Free T3 levels and patient symptoms.
168348 tn?1379360675 ) I would like to know the relationship between thyroid issues and heart issues? (Example, angina, PVC's and PAC's, cholesterol increases and hsCRP) IF THERE IS EXCESS THYROID HORMONE IT WOULD CAUSE PVC AND PAC. TOO LITTLE WOULD INCREASE CHOLESTEROL. BOTH CAN AGGRAVATE ANGINA. 2 e.) The relationship between thyroid and FMS and CFS symptoms? (PlateletGal could probably word it much better than I.
393685 tn?1425816122 I guess now I'll always be described as "hypothroid". But I don't like that term... not even one little bit! I have NO thyroid and it's very different (at least in my estimation). My thyroid happened to have cancer and I had to let go of it. I let a surgeon cut it out. It was an accidental dx and a quick thyroidectomy with little complication. I barely even have a scar. And it's easier to forget that way. I choose not to dwell on the cancer or its treatment.
168348 tn?1379360675 Using the Thyroid Tracker gives you the ability to e-mail it to your doctor as a point-of-reference before or during your appointment so he/she can see the direct correlation between symptoms and medicine and/or dosing, change of meds, etc. Take a look at it -- I guarantee you, you will start using it! Thyroid HormonesTracker: http://www.medhelp.org/land/thyroid-hormones-tracker You'll also find you have a 'Journal' on your profile.
Avatar n tn and they said that my thyroid level was really abnormal is was a 0.3 and they put me on 100mcg levothyroxine and then I have my 1 st OB appt on Nov11th what are some of the question I need to address with my dctr.
Avatar f tn We started him on his medsat 1 week old he is taking levothyroxine. Im so scared and just want to cry every time i look at him.. He looks fine.....every one tells me its going to be okay and i need to stay strong , but its so hard to do that when i know that there is somthing wrong with him and that there are lots of things that can go wrong with him.HELP!!!! When i give him his pills they dont disolve as fast can someone help me ... i breast feed him when giving him the meds.
Avatar n tn Thanks to Duchess47, Wepst and JDanMan for your comments and suggestions. I will seriously look into all of your suggestions and hope that it's just some seasonal allergy thing. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn Allergies don't seem to be a factor. Risk factors Neurodermatitis is most common between ages 30 and 50. Women are affected more often than men. You're more likely to develop neurodermatitis if you have a personal or family history of eczema, psoriasis or similar skin conditions. When to seek medical advice Consult your doctor if you notice changes in your skin or if you catch yourself repeatedly scratching the same patch of skin.