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Avatar f tn and weights well over 230 pounds only takes 34 units of lantus at night and up to 16 units of humalog if he eats pizza. I have told him that the lantus dose is governed by weight and since I weigh 220 and take 33 units a day, he isn't taking nearly enough. I think he is compensating with the humalog, which runs a higher risk that he will and does have insulin reactions. I also started out taking lantus at night. But since my blood sugar always drops at night, it caused a lot of lows for me.
Avatar n tn now a healthy 45 year old (female). I am mostly happy with the current combination of Humalog Pen and Lantus. My questions are in regards to Lantus: I understand the "non-peak" aspect...but personally dropped very low in early a.m.'s (about 4-6 a.m) after injecting on a regular basis at 10 p.m. To the point that I would load up on carbs before bedtime, never going to bed with a "normal range". Even still, I would wake with 30's-40's, even with cutting back on Lantus.
Avatar n tn I use Lantus cartridges in a Humalog pen. And it works perfectly. For me, a major benefit of switching from NPH to Lantus has been the reduced variability in action. And delivery via the Humalog pen appears to be very consistent.
Avatar n tn Hello. I am T1 since Oct 2004, and switched to Lantus in Feb. Most of my BG numbers are very good (A1Cs 6.0 and 5.5), but since switching to Lantus, I have experienced 5 episodes of sudden and extreme drops in BG. They happen late morning, not related to breakfast, novolog dose or exercise. My BG is usually above 150 when it starts, and I must consume 150-200 grams of carbs (as juice or gel) to get it to stabilize, usually in 20-30 mins.
Avatar n tn Having the shot in the morning meant that I would have a high fasting bg the next morning. Many users find that splitting the Lantus dose between morning and evening shots helps. But this assumes that you have a constant need for basal insulin over a the 24 cycle. I have a much greater need for insulin from 3am to 11am because of the Dawn Phenomenon. So just using Lantus wasn't enough. After splitting the Lantus dose, I still found that my morning blood sugars were too high.
Avatar n tn I have been type 1 diabetic for 24 years now (female), and I am using lantus(once a day) and humalog(3 times) for the last 5 years. between bedtime and breakfast I am having a drop in BGs of around 10-13 mmols. and then in the mornings, after breakfast BGs shoot up, so my normal carb-insulin ratio doesnt work well. I cannot understand why this overnight drop is happening, which is becoming scary. I tested BGs during the night and there seems to be a drop of 2 mmol/hour.
Avatar n tn I am currently using Humalog and Lantus, and I take about 4 to 5 shots a day total. I am kind of scared about getting kicked out, and I just want to know what type of benefits people get for this.
Avatar n tn What is the difference between humalog, novalog and humilin?
Avatar n tn Take it from someone who has used NPH basal insulin and regular insulin for years and years. Lantus is very much worth its high price.
Avatar n tn Did not eat before sleeping or in AM. Drink lots of water to flush out system. Now on humalog and lantus. Dont drink anymore. But Weed every day for 10 years. Weed is ok, but one pitfall...or maybe 2 You will be lazy and not pay attention to your BS as you should. Also can be burnt out through a low. I woke up to some very bad lows that I would otherwise picked up on earlier if not passed out. diabetics are alway light sleepers Also, health effects of smoking.
Avatar n tn Hi again, Kristin, Actually, while the pump may not be the right thing for you, there is a big difference between Lantus & a pump's basal. When we take a shot o' Lantus (wonderful insulin that it is!), we get a steady impact from that dose for about 24 hours.
Avatar n tn Due to skipping meal, I developed adrenaline stress and by diamicron metformin But blood sugar was never high. Doctor gave me Lantus and Humalog. It was working well for a year. Then blood was becoming high, Doctor gave me LEVEMIR. If I take 10 units of humalog, after two hours sugar drops 4 points, I think this is the right dose for humalog for what I eat. I eat 60 gram Carb every meal.
Avatar n tn Hi again Steveman, A few thoughts come to mind -- even tho' you're a teen ;-) Often our summer schedules are different from school-year schedules and it's reasonable to expect to make changes in our diabetes management, too. I'm not sure which long-acting insulin you're taking, but it sounds as tho' it's not Lantus -- one of the newer insulins that doesn't *have* a real peak and lasts about 24 hours.
Avatar n tn About six months ago I finally got over denial (hard thing to achieve) and started medical treatment, Metformin and Lantus, I experienced relief in many of my symptoms but I´ve developed neuropathic pain, hell of a curse it affects my life in all the ways. I can hardly think or work. I am taking carbamazepin, gabapentin and vitamin B to fight this but the pain is incredible mostly from my abdomen down.
Avatar n tn You have your basal programmed for maintenance, and your bolus, and you will be amazed at the difference in its performance over Lantus and Humalog injections. It makes a big difference and helps to stablilize your blood sugars. Watch your carbs. Lo-carb diets are going to require less insulin. Of course eat some carbs, but not in excess.
Avatar n tn Anyway, he has been conducting his own research into nutrients and inflammatory responses for years. He found a link between inflammation and wrinkles/acne as well as cancer and heart disease. He promotes eating wild salmon because it contains a unique anti-inflammatory that is extremely potent. He also promotes taking Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) because EFA is the key to the body's regulation of food intake as being for storage or burning.
Avatar f tn ) and has gotten into a routine of not getting up until 10am, drink coffee and watch TV and MAYBE move around a little bit during the day and then have his first meal somewhere between 2 and 4pm. I finally got him to eat some fruit, but he's like a little boy trying to eat vegetables! Some he likes, but he just doesn't have a very good diet at all! The exercising is only done when he needs to walk into a store or bank, etc, after driving there.
Avatar n tn After that I started taking Insulin Lantus and Humalog. It was working well for me for a year. After that lantus was not working that well. But it was late in prescribing another one(LEVEMIR) and fixing the dose. IN the mean standing and walking heart rate started to go high.. It is making lot of stress on eyes About 2 months blood sugar was high. Now sugar is almost fixed. In another weak it will be OK. But still I have lot of symptoms. Can any body help?
Avatar m tn I was taking 40 units of Lantus nightly, and 1000mg metformin. I am no longer taking Lantus but, I am still on metformin. Five months on Victoza I lost 32 pounds. Today I have lost a total of 48 pounds. A1C went from 8.2 to 6.7. Victoza does decrease your appetite tremendously; I have to force myself to eat at times. But, I also realized after not eating so much (stomach shrinkage) it becomes hard to overeat….which is a good thing for me. Victoza has been a Blessing for me.
280891 tn?1261016650 Within five days, Jim's glucose was running between 80 and 120, and he had lost ten pounds. At this juncture in my Type 2 diabetes treatment for Jim, I put him on 45 units of Lantus insulin at bedtime and 6 units of Humalog regular insulin before each meal for a total of 63 units per day. Two week visit: Type 2 diabetes patient At his two week visit Jim had lost 16 pounds. I was already stopping some of his blood pressure medications and he was taking a total of 58 units per day of insulin.