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Avatar f tn As far as the Remeron, WOW if only a doctor could sit and explain that to me the way you did, i would have so much less fear and anxiety, and it would actually make sense!!! Now i understand what they do, and the difference between the two. I have yet to try it, because of what i am going through right now. I kinda like to be in my " normal " state when i try something new, as to not blame it on the meds if i get any side effects i will know where they are from.
1079216 tn?1258204405 I've tried so many different migraine meds and the only one that has had any effect are the Imitrex and Fioricet. Willing to listen to any suggestions.
429700 tn?1308011423 I'd give myself medicine (like Imitrex, Excederin Migraine, etc.) and they'd go away only to reappear in the evenings again. That's when I had my first MRI (which was negative) on the open machine without the contrast. So, I started to see a neurologist who specialized in headaches (pre-MS diagnosis). I was put on several medicines, some to prevent them (270 mg.
203003 tn?1210859507 Do you not have insurance for Imitrex, I'm guessing that is what you are talking about the 9 pills for $190??? I use the Imitrex when I have a bad migraine and Midrin in between which has not opiates in it. It's not as expensive as Imitrex. I think 60 of the caplets are $42 and it works for me and my son. I'm 41 and had sever migraines since I was 14. The toradol works well if it gets to that point.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Topamax along with an appetite suppressant (Adipex) for weight loss a bit over a year ago and stopped taking them after two and a half months. I did not lose all of the weight I had wanted to, but most of it. I had gained 55 pounds while on Paxil over the course of two and a half years. By taking a combination of the two medicines, I lost 22 pounds the first month, 10 pounds the second month, and 8 pounds the first half of the third month.
701581 tn?1279139638 If you have not already taken a daily maximum dose of your Imitrex, then they might give you an Imitrex Injection at the hospital and that can sometimes stop the headache. Always let the doctors and nurses know if you have or haven't taken your maximum dose already. Pain killers delivered by IV can also be effective in either stopping the migraine or dulling the pain.
Avatar f tn A large amount would start a headache within hours. (any margarine, salad dressing, etc.) The difference between these headaches and migraines was that although I felt the need to lay down and sleep, it actually made my head hurt worse to lay down. Migraine medications doesn't help, but Fiorcet usually does. I've had the headaches under control as long as I made my own food, and used maxalt 10 for the migraines w/aura, and a splint for the TMJ.
1030950 tn?1261014113 I have them and one of the classic symptoms and difference between clusters and typical migraine's is that they wake you from a sound sleep, or you wake with one, they don't go away, they can last for weeks and even months. Triptans are used, and other meds to prevent the onset are also used. One of the best ways to get rid of it quick is to receive some oxygen, high flow 15lpm with a non-rebreather mask. I don't suppose you have access to oxygen do you??
Avatar f tn Just want to differentiate between me and MellieS!!! Sometimes we read something (or I do anyway) and post and then realize how old it is. I'm always glad when someone points it out to me. I wish there was a way they could sort of archive the really old posts so people could read them but have them as sort of closed to discussion or something.
Avatar f tn Zomig Nasal Spray (what I use), Zomig-ZMT, Maxalt-MLT and Imitrex Injection (although the Injection Triptans are only prescribed in the most severe cases usually after all other triptans have been tried, so don't ask for the Injection kind). Penn1023 made a great suggestion with the Magnesium, as that is one preventative measure that can be taken to reduce the amount and severity of migraine attacks.
220917 tn?1309788081 My sister does a whole lot of Imitrex injections, but they make the difference between functioning and not. Have you tried this? Imitrex pills are okay if she doses up at the first sign. Injections are faster. I've tried it and it works.
Avatar f tn I am not sure they are typical migraines, but the triptan drugs are the only thing that makes them go away (like imitrex, maxalt, etc). I also take Cymbalta for depression and neuropathy in my feet (not diabetic) and so I have to be careful on days when I take imitrex that I don't take it too closely to the Cymbalta, since they both affect serotonin levels. If I ever forget to take my Cymbalta, I get the strangest little shock like symptoms in my head...very uncomfortable.
284078 tn?1282620298 By the way the patient has improved dramatically but is still on four different glaucoma medications and one dilating drop. He is nowhere close to a full recovery and I suspect that he will probably have long term negative effects from the attack. If you are on Topamax or considering taking it, please be aware that it can cause acute myopia, choroidal effusions, acute angle closure glaucoma and severe vision loss.
1656925 tn?1302280387 Because you have frequent attacks, it would be really nice if they find a good fit on the preventative, along with some migraine abortive medication, in case of migraine break-through. The Maxalt Agerus mentions works for a lot of people. It didn't really work for me like Imitrex did. But you have to be careful not to take those abortives too often, because of rebound headache potential and they may start to lose effectiveness. That's why they try to find a preventative that works.
324184 tn?1308079803 After a trip to the ER, my eye pressure was at 30. They say Normal is between 10 and 20 and a 3 point difference can make a huge difference in your vision. I was put on eye drops to decrease the swelling in my eyes. For 4 days, I was unable to see much more than shapes and colors. They say this is rare. However, this was a horrible experience for me and my family.
Avatar n tn My former neurologist never thought Topomax would be a fit for me with the type of job I had, but I recently relocated to a new state and was referred to a new Neurologist. This MD is not as fussy about the fit between lifestyle and drug side effects and put me on Topomax to deal with Migraines about 2 weeks ago. I am not up to full dosage yet (only at 50 mg & he is hoping to ramp me up to 200mg per day) & I am done with this junk.
Avatar n tn I will say that if I recall correctly maxalt is about half the cost of imitrex tablets or nasal and much less than the injection imitrex units. To help with the withdrawal from caffeine you can use coffee with the meds above but be sure you are lowering your caffeine intake a small amount each week. This may actually be easier using caffeine tablets. If you can find 50 mg tablets you can trim them down 25% for a couple weeks or so and leave your otherwise caffeine intake unchanged.
363682 tn?1299492962 The only thing I have been able to take and find relief is my prescription migraine med, Maxalt...but I still feel lousy and the headache lasts for 2 days..why has it changed in last couple years? I am very frustrated as I am not a heavy drinker, but like to socially drink now and then and it really bums my evening out when I have to stop at 2..if I don't, I pay the price!
Avatar n tn I take between 8 and 10 EVERY day. It started from needing pain relief from migraines and took off from there. The migrains are no longer a problem. I am in very poor condition in the morning till I take two. Please if any one knows of a tapering schedule or has been there I will appreciate anything you have to say. I am aware of seizures. That is why I need help from another fioricet addict (recovering)or on a taper. The people on this forum are so kind, I am so glad I have found you all.
Avatar n tn I do take Imitrex and I get Botox injections every 4 months. I have lost 50 lbs, I went from a size 14 to a 4, everyone says I'm too thin. I do have to force myself to eat sometimes and would like to gain a couple of more lbs.( How I suffer, eating ice-cream every night, huh?) I would recommend this med for anyone who has tried others and has had no success. Feel free to Email me if u have any questions and Good Luck.
Avatar n tn I had a dull ache in my head while I lost vision and had numbness in my left side in November when I went to the ER. Is there a way to really tell the difference between a TIA and a Complicated headache? My question really is, is it common for a 33 year old to have those complicated headaches? Will they happen often? This is the first and only time I have ever had anything like this. Is it common that it happened out of the blue and while I was using the birth control patch?
Avatar f tn Once children and breast-feeding were done, I went back on Imitrex, treximet, maxalt, relpax, etc, all of wich my body chem. has taken to worse now to them, than before, giving me such bad side effects I'd rather suffer with the headaches... at any rate - I was prescribed the fioracet. both with and w/o coediene, with asprin at times, sometimes not.
Avatar n tn Comment By: hedhurtz on Wednesday, March 28, 2001 "I thought Spook was a doctor or something. He replied to a post of mine.....he sounded a little out there. I couldn't understand what he was talking about, I thought it was me that was nuts!
537974 tn?1213748515 It was normal and midway through, an intense headache came on and lasted for about 4 hours afterwards. I keep a food diary for calorie intake purposes and the only correlation that I noticed between the two incidents is that I did eat spicy foods before the bowel movements. I made sure not to eat anything spicy and had a normal one today without any headaches. Maybe it's just me, but maybe this can help someone else.....
Avatar f tn I do remember laying in bed for three days with a migraine while in college, before they had good drugs like Maxalt and Imitrex. And I remember drugs like Percocet/Darvon that made me vomit, and other narcotics that made me sleep for days.
Avatar n tn My husband (who is normally the most calm and collected person I know) has recently began having anxiety, headaches, dizziness, etc. He has no heartburn and not much indigestion problems yet, but the similarity between symptoms among all three of us has to lead me to believe that this bacteria is the cause of it all. The most common symptoms are heartburn and ulcers, but there are many other earlier symptoms that are misdiagnosed as anxiety.
Avatar n tn you have a wonderful way with words, I love to read what you post. As I read it I thought " this is someone who is so bright and so insighful she can make a difference in a lot of peoples lives" So, you go girl and make a difference.
Avatar n tn I am on day 2 of withdrawals from Loritab 7.5. Have been taking it on & off for about year. In between I took Tylox & Stadol. I am Bipolar II and take Neurotin 1800mg, Effexor 150mg, Ambien 10mg & Allegra 180mg. I can't take anyy stimulants, even Centrum Performance viatmins. I also have terrible migranes. I normally take Imitrex or Maxalt. I had a DHE injection yesterday for the headache. My skin started crawling immediately and had to take a Xanax to calm down.
Avatar n tn If you have real bonafide vascular headaches, try imitrex or maxalt..they work very well and are not narcotic. If you are having rebound headaches from painkillers, the only way to solve that is to get off the painkillers. It sounds like you know you have an addiction, and I know all too well that familiar place of wanting to be free , but deep inside not really knowing if you are ready to stop using.
Avatar n tn But lo and behold, I realized that between my eyes was still extremely blocked and gave me great pain in that area. (luckily I was born with undeveloped frontal sinuses so I never have headaches above my eyes). I was also continuing to get terrible sinus infections---at leat 8-10 (no joke) and treated with every antibiotic under the sun. I also went through allergy testing etc....but it didn't address any of my issues. I wanted a sinus culture but was told it wasn't necessary....