Difference between estradiol and estrace

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Avatar f tn I just googled the words, Hives and estradiol. There was some interesting information on about the third hit on google and it was information from the Hystersisters website. If you click there and then also check out the links provided by one of the posters, you may not get the exact answer you're looking for, but I think you may find some help. I had wondered (as was expressed on the other forum) that this may be a matter of a low level of estradiol.
Avatar n tn 5 and stayed there around 3 while on DHEA. There is a direct correlation between these and increasing your Testosterone level via DHEA. 11. ALCOHOL INTERFERES WITH DHEA-S – DON”T DRINK AND DO DHEA. 12. ESTROGEN PATCH TO DOWNREGULATE OVARIES BEFORE STIMMING. I ovulated through the pill 2 months straight while on DHEA and the doc wouldn’t believe it until he saw it. Another friend had the same experience. Finally my doc got advice from GLeicher who did the study.
Avatar f tn ( I am not using estrace, but Progyluton (estradiol valerate). my husband and me currently living overseas so they dont have estrace , only Progyluton tablet :sss I know that there are other ways to take estrogen such as cream and patches... but its not available here. I tried to order it online, but they need prescription from verified dr in the usa. My doc in the usa said he cant give me one now because he have not seen me for while.
Avatar n tn I had a tear almost probably about an 1/2 long right between my vagina and anus. It burns sooo bad to wipe, pee, if I move and stretch the area in that skin. It happens after sex with my boyfriend, probably because sometimes we are rough, and there isn't enough lubrication. I have to wait a few days until it has healed to have sex again. The doctor isn't much help, she was hell-bent on thinking it was herpes.
Avatar n tn They said everything was fine and he lowered my lupron from 10 to 5. I now am taking estrace (pill) and I go back on Wed. Is this familiar to you? I am also going to transfer two this time. I only have three frozen. What day did you freeze your embryos, we froze ours on day six. How may ivf transfers did you do. Is this your first FET? My first two transfers were fresh and both were completely different. I felt nothing the first time and I got my period the day of my blood test.
202615 tn?1271373104 Remember, lots of women don't have any symptoms during the 2ww. I contribute my boob soreness to the estradiol and progesterone. I'm taking estradiol twice a day with 1cc of progesterone twice a day. Did you have your E2 and progesterone levels checked after your transfer? Are you taking estradiol also? Believe me, there's a tiny part of me saying...."what if it didn't work." I just think positive and say a little prayer every night. You'll be in my prayers tonight.
Avatar f tn Hi julie, I'm taking estrace, endometrine suppositories , prometrine, and the oil shots. They told me my last cycle my FSH level went up to 37 and this cycle it only went to 9, so I know part of the reason must be my fsh. I'm 32 and I can't believe I am having so many problems and I also feel like I am racing against time because of my fsh levels.
Avatar n tn My question is - is it safe to go on HRT when you have ovca? I thought there was a link between ovca and an increase in ovca. I am 45 years old and not ready to deal with all the negatives of menopause but don't want to make things worse.
1765952 tn?1314723481 I will have an AF this coming week, call with my day one, and then start the estrace. On my own, I take Vitamin E (for lining)1,000ui, baby asprin, pre natal vitamin, Citcal w/vitamin b3, and rasberry leaf tea tablets up until transfer. What is your protocol?
Avatar f tn I had a complete hysterectomy at age 39 and my doctor has told me a low dose of estradiol (.5-1mg) is fine to take until the age I would naturally have gone through menopause (50+). She is very aware that I am going through treatment. In fact I just went for my annual visit several weeks ago and she again said to continue with estrogen. On tx you certainly don't need the added complications of reducing or stopping your HRT.
1340863 tn?1366644684 A blood test is taken at the time of the injection and if that shows that serum estradiol has not yet fallen and serum LH has not yet started to rise significantly, we can reasonably assume that ovulation will occur 36 hours from the time of the injection. In practice, there is always a little doubt because serum LH fluctuates slightly all the time so, to be safe, egg collection is scheduled 34 hours after the trigger, rather than the 36-37 hours for normal IVF.
1031264 tn?1318527841 Hoping your bloating and tender breasts are signs of pregnancy. Best wishes to you. They explained the Estradiol, Progesterone, and LH levels to me. Quoted your 20 LH exactly, which made me smile. Thanks for your help.
1942586 tn?1361027646 She said I don't have to worry about timing it with ovulation which is weird, does anyone know anything about the timing of FET? My nurse said that I'll be on Estradiol/Estrace and then Crinone progesterone gel which will "trick" my body into thinking I'm pregnant and help support the embryos until they implant. This is all so crazy that it works and I hope mine works this time around. What is everyone else told about the process of their FET?
478429 tn?1265247987 Still keeping my fingers crossed for you and sending you truck loads of SSBD!!! AFM- I am CD5...started my estrace and antibiotics on saturday (my birthday) and i have my linig check u/s on October 22. My Hot water tank decided to die on friday (long weekend up here in Canada) so i am still roughing it...oh well! Nothing a pot of hot water and a camping shower can't solve...LOL!!! Transfer is still the week of october 25 (hopefully!!
463339 tn?1207536484 I would wait to see how the follow up goes and discuss more stimulation and a better plan. There is no difference in pregnancy rates between day 3 and 5 transfers but it can allow us to not do a transfer at all instead of putting you through the stress. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn We can hypothisize that hypnosis releives the sensation of stress and thereby reduces the uterine cavity and improves the interaction between the embryo and the uterus while increasing the chances of embryo implantation".... that is just a little bit about the article.... ALSO when they talk about hypnosis, they want the patient to "choose a very pleasant life experience to relive during ET."...... I hope this helps a little bit.
1219580 tn?1297221739 My protocol is differenct because of using a donor egg. I'm on lupron and estrace (estradiol) now. I have been through a lot of IVF cycles so if there is anything I can do to help just let me know. Good luck tomorrow!!
458090 tn?1256324762 I've been stimming for 4 days now so they've bumped up the meds and I will be going for another u/s and b/w on Sunday morning (at 7am - ewww). My estradiol (i really don't know what that is to tell you the truth) was 52. The RE said it was low and they are hoping it will climb in the next few days. At this rate my retrieval will probably be next Fri or Sat. In the meantime, the follie factory will be working on overdrive! Lisa - Migraines? Girl, you just can't seem to win right now!
254689 tn?1251183640 Hello. I'm 40 and will have my blood test on tomorrow as well. I did a day 3 transfer of 3 embryos. A & B quality. I'm an exerciser and usually workout 6 days a week. However, after the transfer, even though I was told I could start working out again on the 5th day past transfer, I decided not too. I'm expecting a BFP tomorrow but if my expectations are wrong, I atleast want to be able to say that it wasn't the exercise. Now, I have heard that Yoga in the first trimester can be harmful.
567488 tn?1244744266 Depends who you ask. I was SUPPOSED to be listed as IVF as of 10/7, but somehow the miscommunication in the office doesn't have me properly listed. Am about to explode. Hoping everything gets straightened out. I started Lupron & Estrace on 9/17 and stopped on 10/7 - itched like heck, and still have remnants of it I guess in my system. I started Follistim on 10/7 at 75, but have only produced one follie that is now 19.3.
1441678 tn?1414180272 I had my 1st bloodwork and ultrasound last Friday and started Menopur shots that evening and estradiol pills.
318181 tn?1336447096 I am doing okay just still on a break but wanted to let all of you know that I still pray for all of us daily! I have been having some cramping and wiered spotting in between but the re's office said that is normal after a miscarraige. I hope and pray all is well. Sticky Vibes and baby dust to you all!
398459 tn?1262189744 just got back from my appt. and i have 11 follies right now that are measurable (all between 10 and 18mm) and a bunch that arent measurable yet but should be by my next appt. which is monday!! YAY lining is perfect, everything is so far where it should be for me!!! oh im so excited!!! should know by monday when i will be triggering, hopefully! i would assume so since its suppose to be wednesday.
Avatar f tn I am one day past IVF and am having lower menstrual cramps. Is this unusual. Did anyone else's doctor require them to have bedrest for 24 hours? Thanks for listening.
1417531 tn?1365601325 I'm getting ready to start the process again with FET but this time I am not using birthcontrol pills or Lupon I will be using only Estradiol valerate and Progrestrone shots only starting day 3 of my period. And my transfer will be 3 weeks after I start shots. Has anyone else done it this fast. In the past I've used birth control pills and Lupon. I will be taking Lovenox starting the day of transfer which is a blood thinner shot.
1647691 tn?1363727302 From my understaing, "natural" cycle IVF does not involve any medical stimulation to induce the ovary to produce multiple egg. So it's the old fashion way. The egg is then retrieve just like the rest of the IVF process. The success rate is not so high but it can work depending on the individual. "Assisted" IVF, I would assume is the regular IVF process we all have been going through. However, there is another procedure called 'assisted hatching'.
299260 tn?1304219705 Largest follie today was 16 and I have 6 follies between 11 and 16 so they'll all mature hopefully in a couple of days or so. Guesito So do you have a mock transfer and then the real transfer soon after that? But the ER is not mock, right? Sorry for asking so many questions but hadnt heard of this before. Ladies please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I so want this IVF to work!! Hugs...
1244100 tn?1385909128 I am doing a FET, so I am only on estrace and getting ready to start prometrium on Wednesday. We did our first FET last July which was successful, but unfortunatly I miscarried. I have been having a lot of uterus issues.... but today it was 8.5mm! Yeah! This will be our 3rd FET. I am praying with everything in me that this month is succesful!!! Tons Of Baby Dust!!!
Avatar n tn Ok, I got more test results. To recap, I have had 6 pregnancies - 5 of them resulted in m/c. I have never had a negative preg. test. I get pregnant very easily but I've lost 5 around 10 weeks. My FSH is 9.82, genetic testing is normal, all blood work is normal EXCEPT - my AMH. My AMH is .62 - very low/indetectable. What I don't understand is that my FSH is considered high normal but my AMH is horribly low. I don't get how I can get pregnant so easy but for some reason I m/c.