Difference between effexor xr and venlafaxine er

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Avatar n tn What is the difference between Effexor and Effexor XR? Are the dosages usually the same for both meds?
1378325 tn?1285350225 The problem is, I now take the extended release Effexor and the supposed generic for this med is $70 more than the brand name Effexor ER. How could a generic subsitute be more expensive than the brand name, just doesn't make any sense to me. If I chose to take the non-extended release generic Venlafaxine, it would be $80 cheaper than the Effexor ER. I couldn't seem to get any answers about this from Express Scripts. I have never heard of a generic med costing more than the brand name.
376940 tn?1241685607 Hello iam new here I am taking tramadol 50 mgs,neurontin 300mg,hydrocodon-acetaminoph,a pain patch of 25mcg/hr and cymbalta 90 mg. And my Dr. Wants me to take effexor xr 75mg in lu of cymbalta (the cymbalta was given to me by a shrink for pain control) but I am told that effexor xr n tramadol don't mix.
Avatar f tn Yes and No. Venlafaxine is the active chemical in Effexor XR, But notice the "XR" Short for Extended Release. Generic Venlafaxine has no time release properties, but there is now a Generic Extended Release formula of Venlafaxine now on the market. I used to take Effexor XR in the past. I know many people still on it and they report that they had a much better response to the name brand Effexor XR than with the Geneic Effexor XR.
151951 tn?1267991945 I have been on Venlafaxine ER (Effexor XR) for about 6 years. I refused for awhile to take any medication, but eventually I was convinced by my therapist to try it. The psychiatrist she referred me to prescribed me Effexor XR. After a few months on it, I felt a lot better. The only issue I have had is with weight gain. During the first few years I didn't notice anything, but during the last 4 years, I have noticed that my weight went up tremendously.
Avatar f tn I was at one point on 450mg per day of Effexor XR (along with several other powerful meds, several of which I have eliminated) and I am now down to 37.5mg per day every other day. I have 4 pills left but feel I might just be delaying the inevitable for another week. It has gotten much more difficult since getting down to 75mg per day and I want to cut the cord now.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been on Effexor XR for 3 years and I have gained about 40-50pounds, most when my dose was increased to 225, now I am on 75mg b/c I'm getting ready to wean off the medicine in a couple of weeks,and I haven't lost anything yet. My eating habits have not changed and I exercise. I have always been underweight and I could eat whatever I wanted...I'm only 26 years old...I know my metabolism has changed some, but not enough to pack on 40 pounds.
Avatar n tn With any of these antidepressants it's best to get off them slowly. I hated Effexor XR...it was the worse thing ever for me...Stick with the taper though and you'll be fine.
Avatar n tn Venlafaxine is the exact same active chemical that is in Effexor XR. The difference is (and this is a huge difference when were talking Venlafaxine) that Effexor XR is an extended release formula. This is where the "XR" terminology comes from. Meaning Extended Release. The Generic Venlafaxine has no Extended release properties to it such as Effexor XR.
Avatar n tn This pain would intensify which would cause me to wince in pain and then release and then repeat all over again every 5-10 seconds for about a minute. This pain did not radiate anywhere but only within a specific point. Then this same stabbing sensation occurred half way up to the first knuckle of my right middle finger about 30 minutes later. Then immediately following this finger pain I felt pain in my right foot at the joint of my middle toe.
Avatar m tn I have just read on another site about how Teva is so unlike brand Effexor. I was on a generic form of Effexor XR, not Teva, but my body kn ew it was different. I went to my doctor and insisted I was put back on Brand Effexor XR. Many people find the generics differ from the brand names. I must admit I get heartburn but never associated with the antidepressant. I just take antacid pills to ease it.
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544292 tn?1268886268 Good Morning Tramadol Warriors, Welcome to the room, snuggle down and make yourself comfy. You can quit tramadol. You can stop. You can recover. I believe in you!
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