Difference between androgen and testosterone

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Avatar n tn Just wondering what the difference between free t4 and just t4 is. is there a difference? also w/ t3 is there one? I got my labs back and my TSH was 1.40, T4 was 13.5 and T3 was 183. Also, has anyone been precribed antidepressants for a temporary use before getting thyroid in check? Any light anyone could shine on this for me would be helpful. Thanks.
Avatar n tn DHEA increases your testosterone and high testosterone is a common cause of miscarriage. This is also reflected in the higher than normal miscarriage rate at CHR when they studied DHEA. 3. IF YOU DON”T HAVE 4 MONTHS TAKE MORE. In general I don’t think that 25mg 3x/day is going to work for more than 50% of women. If you get eggs and are just improving quality then I think it could be enough. If you get very few or no eggs then I recommend 100mg/day once in the morning.
Avatar n tn etc ). 2. Is it usually clear through the Ultrasound the difference between Ovaries and Testicals ? 3. What is the medical explanation of having underdeveloped scrotum? ( borned prematurely ? ) 4. What I know, if we assume that the baby is a girl ( XX chromosome pattern ), regardless of how ambiguous genital resulted because of any reasons, this baby must have internally developed ovaries, vaginal,uterus, and fallopian tubes. Is this true ?
363243 tn?1331037450 i also have hair growing on my chest, chin, and face. and to top it off i have soo much free testosterone n not enough estrogen that my female features don't really show too much like small breast. now me n my fiance' are ready to concieve but because of my cyst n PCOS it is very difficult for us. i really don't kno of any cures but i kno prayer helps. it also help to kno that we are not alone out here. do you have any children at all. if i could just have me one, i will be happy.
359389 tn?1289793384 I had a pretty good handle on the cancer, but I gained a new (better) perspective and an appreciation of what was happening to me, through me, and in me after reading it. Piper's website -- www.desiringgod.org -- has the document in text form. Though not everyone may agree 100% with everything he has written, I believe most will find a good portion of it beneficial and that what he has written will alter the way they view their cancer--or any trial. God's Peace.
Avatar n tn Cyproterone acetate is a progestogen with anti-androgen effects that blocks the action of male hormones that are believed to contribute to acne and the growth of unwanted facial and body hair. Other drugs with anti-androgen effects include flutamide and spironolactone, both of which can give some improvement in hirsutism. ref:http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn Is there any correlation between testosterone levels and vascular constriction? Thanks. Posted by CCF CARDIO MD - DLB on April 30, 1999 at 09:47:31 Dear Tony I am not sure what the point is of the higher dose of Coreg, if it makes you feel so bad overall. You should discuss with your doctor the possibility of decreasing the dose back down to 50mg. The exact relationship between estrogen replacement therapy and heart disease is still very unclear.
298579 tn?1192250448 uh, no! There is a big difference between the menstural type cramps we are experiencing and the abdominal cramps associated with needing to go to the bathroom, etc. Unfortunately, now some of us are having menstural type cramps with bowel movements! I did have the ultra sound and my fibroids are small so the doctor isn't concerned about those causing the pain. The next step is the laproscopy (spelling?). He said that if there is endo.
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Avatar m tn I stopped checking my levels for a while, but had them tested in 2008, in my late 20's when I changed doctors, and that test came back fine. Sometime between then and 2009 I started hating cold a lot more and my hair became really dull. I can't really pinpoint when this began though. I also became very restless, and then over the course of a few weeks I started having severe cognitive issues. I did not feel like myself at all, and by the time I went to the doctors I could barely read.
Avatar n tn I am really getting stress out , i surely have very week erection and also not pro longed as well not that i getting to know these things i am going back in my life and trying to remember when this whole thing started with low testosterone level , i believe for so many years i have weak erection and also less morning erection and for last 2 years hardly have any , i do sex with my wife i believe just once/week and some time once /month so surely problem is there , i have been blaming thyroid f
Avatar n tn E2 competes with thyroid for cell receptor cites and like Mega pointed out - the pituitary can't tell the difference between this and bioavailable "free" testosterone. When Cortisol is not being produced adequately the building materials are often used for other hormones on a divergent pathway.
Avatar n tn have you had your androgen (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone), aldosterone and serum renin levels tested yet? You sound similar to what I've gone through getting the AI diagnosis. It turns out I was simply more attuned to my adrenal glands turning off than most (I was affected early). My cortisol was flatlined across the bottom and my ACTH was low normal (negative feedback; all this meant was I'm probably not secondary).
Avatar n tn I will look into seeing an endocrinologist and am looking for another gyn to get a second opinion. What the difference between polycystic ovaries and the syndrome?
Avatar f tn For Dose 1: 1.Supraumbilical skinfold: F=2.24 p< 0.05 For dose 2: 1. Supraumbilical skinfold: F=2.43 p<0.05 2. Infraumbilical fold: F= 8.99 p< 0.0001 3. Internal aspect of thighs: F=3.33 p< 0.01 4. Subscapular: F=4.22 p< 0.002 Graphics... Photographic documentation... II.
Avatar n tn Thus HCG sends the same message and results in increased testosterone production by the testis due to HCG’s effect on the leydig cells of the testis. not sure how this would affect fat cells ? nor weight loss ? Normally this HCG is used to treat women with certain ovarian disorders and it is used to stimulate the testis of men who may be hypogonadal. Athletes use HCG to increase the body’s own natural production of testosterone which is often depressed by long term steroid use.
Avatar n tn High estrogen will lead to your penis retracting alot more and hanging alot smaller (getting erections will be more difficult). Free Testosterone and DHT are the most important hormones for penile tissue sensation and flaccid penis size. DHT controls the vascular blood flow and nerve function. DHT is converted from testosterone via the liver and is considered 5 times more powerful than testosterone.
Avatar n tn I have noticed a big difference, both in my ability to concentrate for sustained periods and with giving me more energy. It's really helped me getting through medical school.
Avatar m tn But there might be short term extra shrinkage which will only last a day or two, then hopefully you will return to your normal state, which for me is usually half way between hanging and small and tight. But the hang I get from the pills is usually good, and you can feel your penis is warmer too with all the blood flow. If you know you have a chance with a woman take one the day before or in the morning, and avoid that embarrasing situation. May help with erections too.
Avatar n tn The main hormone i used was testosterone, and i can tell you straight that testosterone will not do anything for your ****. However, you will get super hard seeing how your sex drive will be through the roof. Now theoretically, HGH should give you some kind of growth, but it all depends on your genetics... your body's gonna use the hormone according to your genes. you should see some kind of result though.
948349 tn?1294383837 The reason why you hear so many Doctors state that diet has no affect on acne is because the dermatology papers and research were done back in the 1960's and 1970's, and they thought diet has no correlation to food. If you ask your doctor or dermatologist what causes acne, they will likely give a vague response such as ' a number of factors such as peronal hygiene, air you breath, stress levels, hormone levels, genetics...' The study done in the 1970's by Dr.s Harper and Thiboutot.
Avatar m tn Thyroid point – press the fleshy bit on palm between the base of thumb and wrist on both hands. If you feel sharp pain when you press, then you have a possible thyroid problem. If the pain is felt,then do the the following in a fun way, without mentioning thyroid. Press the thyroid point several times, massage the whole hand, do clapping everyday(so the point gets pressed on both hands). Opening and closing the fists tight, with the fingers landing on the thyroid point will help as well.
Avatar n tn It's not high testosterone just because we have thick hair on our tummies and breasts. You have to consider your family traits too. My mother's side of the family aren't very hairy on the body, but they have long thick black hair. My father side of the family women's hair is shorter but even more thick that my mom's side of the family and they have a lot of body hair on their faces, and their arms. So naturally I came out to be the human chinchilla. I don't mind.
Avatar n tn A blood test only shows hormone levels that have already been taken up by the blood whereas the saliva shows what hormone levels are bio-available. This makes a big difference, the blood test could come back normal and you really need to be saliva tested in the luteal phase, not just any time of the cycle. You can actually source the saliva tests and do them yourself.
Avatar n tn I have had to have hormone replacement injections (+b12 for fatigue) because I was not producing any testosterone. 4 months of that and Testim, and it went back to normal on it's own. Then randomly my thyroid levels shot down, went on synthroid for 3 months and then stopped, I feel fine and am getting my thyroid levels checked again soon. Diagnosed with Chronic Epstein Barr, which explains some symptoms but not nearly all.
948349 tn?1294383837 Hey you guys, i just finish reading all the post that are there, and this got me thinking, i have acne, but more this year i dnt knw why, and its been about two to three weeks i started using Murad Acne Complex, and i kinda see a difference not really tho. I have a question.? You think its a good idea if i start also taking some pills, (Nutrilite) "Vitamin/Mineral Dietary Supplement'?? Any ideas will be great.
Avatar f tn Its actually pretty gross and it tastes like toothpaste but i've heard that it effects the hormones in a way to block the absorption of androgen in females and hence, lessens oil production and acne and also makes your hair grow better so i'll see if that helps. I def think my problem is hormonal because of the extreme difference in oil based on my cycle.... not to mention that i had amazing skin before puberty. I actually use the antibiotic onintment too! funny you should mention that...
Avatar n tn all of this has made a huge difference. i still notice some weight gain, but the bloat and gas has been drastically reduced. good luck!
Avatar n tn Hi I'm 17 and for almost a year now I have had a throbbing pain in my left testicle and lower left abdimal pain, it comes and goes but mainly hurts while walking long distances, paraceetimal and ibuprofen does little, it slowly subsides when I sit down and sometimes I'll sit down for 40 mind and it goes away completely I'd it can stay for days, on and off.
Avatar f tn Ive had this same condition for going on 10 years off and on, they can spead like a plage and hurt oh so godly bad, past few months mine have been dissappearing, the only difference is that Ibe started using a new soap by St Ives, its Hypoallerginic and 100% natural ingedients, Its called St Ives Exfollating with sea kelp and mineral salt, I suggest you give this a try, the soap will burn a bit on newly opened sores but Ive had them clear up within a matter of days after using this, its cheap an