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Avatar n tn Earlier this year my cholesterol test results were not too good. Total cholesterol was 270, LDL was 174 and HDL was 56. The chol/HDL ratio was 4.86, and triclycerides were 209. Although these readings were too high, is my HDL level adequate in helping reduce plaque build-up in the arteries? I am a 42 year old female. In the last couple of years, my total chol. was always under 200 and other readings were also good.
Avatar m tn In any event, I intend to give this one last go on my own without meds and i want to go full force. I am adding cholesterol lowering foods to my diet. I have already added them, but I don't think I've done it in the quantities that I really need. At some point, I also intend to add exercise. In particular, aerobic exercise. First, my question for anyone who has read this far, is what supplements should I consider to be worth the money?
Avatar f tn The American Heart Assosiation still recommends following a low-cholesterol diet, but studies have shown that dietary cholesterol is not so much of a problem for your blood cholesterol levels, but rather saturated fat is the culprit. So foods like shrimp and whole eggs which are usually big no-no's due to their cholesterol levels, are actually okay because they are low in saturated fat.
Avatar m tn a lower cholesterol can also help with weakening hbv but it is probably not the only effect cholesterol drugs among cholesterol drugs only SIM worked on hbv production, among cholesterol drugs it has the strongest immune moldulation effect, it increases cd4 cells and lowers cd8 and to know if this is very good or bad it is better to wait for in vivo trials
Avatar m tn 32 and LDL-cholesterol 6.45. My question is this I want to start a pretty extensive diet and exercise program but I don't want to take the medication my doctor says I should definitely take the medication how bad are these results? Can I do it on a great diet and exercise programs.The reason why don't want to try medications cause I'm concerned about side effects and getting hooked on them.
Avatar n tn With those two being the way they are it is extremely hard to get results with diet alone. Most likely this is in the genes. If you have siblings, do they also have cholesterol problems? With you being pre-diabetic poses another risk. You want to avoid any possible heart surgery in the further. Taking medication is the best way to do this. A lot of people are scared to take medication, but the medication is what helps avoid the further heart surgeries and prolongs life.
Avatar n tn I need of some cholesterol diet and weight lose . Also I bought xls medical fat burner but didn't tried yet should I? I read they are not good if you want a baby but I didn't understood is that's for future or if try in a moment.
Avatar f tn Hi Kim I am very familiar with Swank diet and have chosen to follow the diet based on this by Prof George Jelinek called Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis. I am not familiar with the MS recovery diet. The idea behind giving up dairy is that the tiny protein molecules are very similar to myelin. Now our immune systems are confused as it is so there isn't any reason to go and confuse them further. Any improvements won't be seen for 1 - 5 years, most likely the latter.
Avatar n tn man who has a high cholesterol level. Your weight may be discrepant with your diet and intake of saturated fat. 80% of our cholesterol comes from our food intake.I suspect that within 6 mo you could lower that total cholesterol with a diet consuming less than 35-40 total gms fat per day <15 gm saturated fat/ day. You would kill two birds with one stone.
Avatar n tn I was told to take a statin by my primary doctor, and refused, tried to get the cholesterol down with diet and 'natural' meds. I did reduce my cholesterol level down to about 220, but had a first, then a second heart attack, then another, and have a total of eight stents. I started exercising daily taking a statin, and started a slow weight lose process, about a pound or two a month and I lost 40 pounds. Since I quit losing weight, my cholesterol level is starting to rise.
907968 tn?1292625804 That's great news, you've worked hard on your diet.
Avatar f tn proper nutrition, maintain normal body weight and BMI, perform 30 minutes of daily physical exercise like walking, keep good levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, and blood pressure. Diet I dislike the word diet as it implies a negative connotation. Try to focus on what you should eat, not what you shouldn't eat. Once you understand the foods to avoid make it into a challenging game to find foods that are good for you and will help lower your diabetic condition.
Avatar m tn I have no immediate family members with high cholesterol, yet my cholesterol has been high for 20 years (I am 60). I must have a lot of inflammation in my body. Last time my C-reactive protein was checked it was 2.7. I currently requested the new blood test to check for plaque (PLAC-test) and it was 230- the high end of "moderate risk" ("high risk" is over 235). I convinced my doctor to prescribe my BP med without the HCT and I have stopped the Red Yeast Rice.
179856 tn?1333550962 During the screening period, the subjects were not permitted to take any lipid-lowering treatments and entered a 4-week, single-blind, placebo lead-in period, during which time they were to have adhered to the National Cholesterol Education Program Step 1 diet.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am curious how you would know if you have the familial type of inherited cholesterol problem vs. just high cholesterol. It was discovered that I had higher than normal total cholesterol and LDL at age 23. (not outrageous, but higher than the acceptable levels). I am now 38 and on Vytorin now. I have 2 small children and I'm concerned that I may pass on this problem to them. Their pediatrician asked if I know if I have the familial kind --and I just don' know.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone has a special diet or menu that they follow for hepatitis c. ie what cooking oils to use, if you can eat meat, if you can eat fruit, etc. would anyone help me with this a husband has it.
Avatar m tn 75 grams of soluble fiber from barley per serving can claim that, when used as part of a diet that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, the product may reduce the risk of heart disease. Me itself taking this and found a huge difference in cholesterol numbers. For example if not take it I got 198 total cholesterol and after taking barley grass (just 500 mg daily) total cholesterol reduced to 166 without any kind of additional exercise or other diet change.
907968 tn?1292625804 Some scientists decided coconut milk must be good for you by following the blood chemistry of some islanders who had this as a huge part of their diet. They had quite low cholesterol. However, when islanders moved to new zealand, their diet changed and they drank less coconut milk. Their cholesterol levels jumped. So do we conclude from this that coconut milk must be good for you? I'm not so sure. If we look at the Atkins diet it's the same thing. Low carbs/high protein/low sugar intake.
Avatar n tn I went recently to my cardio and family doctor for check ups and my cardio said my left ventricle was showing slight signs of thickening and this was classic symptom of high blood pressure. My blood work showed a total cholesterol of 224 with 125 ldl and 65 hdl. They put me on 10mg of lipitor and 80mg of diovan. Another family doctor friend told me he would not have put me on lipitor with my high hdl levels because lipitor brings down both the bad ldl and the good hdl.
550622 tn?1247660320 My cholesterol is slowly creeping upward...but so far, the two doctors I've been to haven't even so much as blinked at the results (it went from 127 to 133 in a timespan of 10 days--range: < 130 is desirable--and I'm only 22!!!). My total cholesterol is also slowly increasing, and has reached 197 (desired range: < 200).
Avatar f tn I am 32 years old and was just diagnoised with Cardiomyopathy after having CHF from a virus that went to my heart. I know have to stick to a low sodium diet. I love to cook but I'm having a hard time with finding a meal plan to follow and with the measurements. I finding that tracking my sodium intake is more difficult than I thought. Does anyone have any advise or know of any resources or web sites that might help me with a low sodium diet plan and help me to track my sodium intake?
Avatar m tn Hello, I had my lipid profile drawn last month Cholesterol - 164 HDL - 46 I can't remember what the other numbers were off hand - triglycerides were normal and LDL was about 100 or so. 2 years ago my numbers were MUCH better Chol - 146 HDL - 60 or so. I weigh the same, I get the same amt of exercise (I should be getting more though) and my diet hasn't changed a ton. I was breastfeeding 2 years ago though. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn - Total cholesterol 45 - LDL cholesterol < 130 - Triglycerides < 200 Currently, it is generally accepted that everyone over 30 years old have a complete lipid profile every 5 yrs. If the lipids are elevated (that could mean just one of the four levels or two or three), then diet and exercise should be aggressively instituted.
Avatar m tn An elevated Lp(a) cholesterol level in the bloodstream increases the stickiness of blood, and contributes dramatically to the formation of clots and the chance of a heart attack or stroke. The European Atherosclerosis Society now urges doctors to check Lp(a) in patients at moderate to high risk of cardiovascular disease. The society says bringing a patient’s elevated Lp(a) cholesterol level under 50 mg/dL should be a treatment priority.
Avatar m tn I would first try to lower the cholesterol with diet vs. popping statins to lower it. If diet doesn't work then one can explore the possibility of taking a statin. Statins do not usually have to be titrated down before completely stopping, but ALWAYS consult your physician FIRST if you want to discontinue a medication that has been PRESCRIBED.
1441140 tn?1284088841 Due to a recently elevated (since menopause) LDL of 164, my PCP strongly recommended a low dose statin. (My total cholesterol is newly high as well at 278.) Diet and exercise have not been effective to reduce it and it clearly runs in my family---both parents and three of my four siblings are taking statins. (The one who's not is vegan, suggesting that diet can effect cholesterol.) I am a 54 y.o.
Avatar n tn Hello. I am on the OptiFast Liquid diet. I need to make sure I am taking fiber because I have a history of getting constipated. I am 47 by the way. Which is the better fiber for me? Psyllium or Flaxseed? Is there any danger with the Flaxseed and irritating the lining of the stomach. Diverticulitis comes to mind. I don't have it,but I am a person that does not taking new things for fear of contracting a medical problem.
Avatar n tn I have no family history of heart disease, do not smoke and never have, eat a lowfat low cholesterol diet, have normal blood pressure (110/70), cholesterol is overall 155 and "bad" 77. I need surgery for a blocked LAD and possible diagonal. LAD has been plastyed and stented twice (4 inches) in the past year (Northwestern Memorial Hospital Medical Center, Chicago, IL).
Avatar n tn not saying at all that you shouldnt do that. my doc said with some fat and if nothing else make sure you eat Something. I have had a very hard time eating 20 g of fat 3 times a day. Lots of days I just dont feel Like I could eat anything when It is time to take the meds. I just do the best I can in a yucky situation. I do find my self justifying eating at Micky D's a little more. I have found that I am getting weird cravings. Big Macs, steaks, italian dressing, club soda, avacados.