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Avatar n tn Is there an alternative treatment to omeprazole for gastric ulcer? I have adverse reaction to PPI's but need to heal my ulcer. My biopsy was Hpylori negative but have been on aspirin therapy for several years.
Avatar f tn My question is do you believe that this is indeed a stomach ulcer? If it is a stomach ulcer then how long would it take for a PPI such as Dexilant to help alleviate the symptoms? Thank you for your time and sorry for the long post.
Avatar n tn Hello, I was diagnosed with a gastric bleeding ulcer. I had H pylori also. So I took all the meds for that. It still didnt go away. I changed my diet to lowfat and easy going food like rice and water and brown bread. I take malox and Pepicid ac. My question is how do I stop the constant nausea and burning. Nomatter what I take its there. Help I go to the dr tomorrow and am asking for a scope into the stomach.
Avatar n tn I had a gastric bypass in 2003 and had good results and no problems until 2007. I took naproxen sodium for a headache in 2007 and as a result ended up in the emergency room with a bleeding ulcer. After the bleeding ulcer was repaired, I started having periodic problems with nausea and vomiting due to food not going down. However, 2 months ago it got much worse. I have had nausea and vomiting for the last two months along with alternating constipation and diarrhea.
953680 tn?1246367143 Avoid stress, maybe try tums/rolaids 4) Did the Gastric paint will cause another diseases ? generally no, unless this is an ulcer that is left untreated it can cause serious problems but no I think you're safe unless there's something else rare like cancer but I doubt it but who knows..a specialist would be best to talk to. 5) After having the gastric paint, i having a problem of constipation,why will be like that? usually ulcers/IBS can cause constipation or nausea..
Avatar n tn My 13 yr old daughter suffers from an ulcer. I was looking for a diet to help relieve the symptoms or not produce more symptoms. I know the basic things like caffine etc.... but is their foods or food combinations that you would suggest for her to eat that will not produce the pain and symptom she gets!? She doesn't tolerate milk very well & she avoids juice also.
Avatar m tn Have you looked into the "Specific carbohydrate diet", or the "GAPS" diet? It sounds like you may very well have an imbalance in your gut flora. Trust me it can get really bad at times and make you freak out that there is something structurally wrong when it's really digestive issues... Look at "Candida" too. With stomach issues you've just gotta keep trying and then keep trying again when stuff's not going right.
Avatar n tn My sis-in-law had gastric bypass surgery March 2005. She has not been able to hold down anything since then. She has had infections and problems continually since the surgery. Her doctors have given up claiming to have no idea why she is having these infections. They made her stomach too small, she had scar tissue blocking the stomach opening that needed to be removed, they found ulcers that needed repaired. She contracted a rare yeast infection that the CDC from Georgia came to investigate.
Avatar n tn My daughter had gastric bypass surgery 8 yrs problems until 7/08 when she had a perforated ulcer. Since then, she had several more ulcers, hernias, twisted and obstructed bowels and all manner of tests and has been hospitalized 7 more times. The dr is now telling her that she has a reflux (not acid) that is in her small stomach pouch and they feel they will have to reverse her original bariatric surgery to alleviate her pain. My questions are: is this the only option?
Avatar f tn is it because of the ulcer..or any gastric problem?
Avatar m tn Meanwhile I want to care for my stomach. Do you know any specific diet? Is it actually necessary when not having gastric ulcer?
Avatar f tn Went to the ER this week and was told it was a gastric ulcer. Wants me to have yet another EGD. I have had 10 or more of them and colonoscopy and CTs and flat plates of abdomen. This pain starts in the mid epigastric region, radiates to my back and migrates to the entire abdomen. I get very bloated with hyperactive bowel sounds. Any suggestions? I wish I had never had this surgery now!!!
Avatar f tn I suffer from severe chest pains after eating which was originally put down to stress and acid reflux. A barium meal showed no signs of an ulcer and the doctor prescribed antacid tablets. I now lead a relatively stress free lifestyle but still get the same pains occasionally. Resting used to clear the problem but this is no longer the case. I get the same problems with chest pains if I have a cold and cannot breath properly so am putting the cause down to excess air in the gastric pipe.
Avatar f tn Pax, I agree with you about the diet! Over 45 years ago I had an acute duodenal ulcer. I was burning all the way up to my throat. my cousin an MD wanted to put me on some medication but I changed my diet instead and it took about a year and everything healed and never had a problem again. I love spicy foods and use spice on just about everything.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with my first gastric ulcer back in 2003 after having a scope done. Since then, I have had 5 scopes done and now have a total of 3 ulcers (one bleeding back in November of 2006). Biopsies were done and none are malignant or caused by H. Pylori. The doctor could not figure out why I continuously get ulcers so he sent me for a fasting gastric acid test and the results came back that my body produces too much.
Avatar n tn I also seemed to have minor bouts of nausea even more rarely, maybe four times a year with no vomiting. I used to think most of this minor gastro trouble was nothing more than my diet. I ate a lot of spicy and fried foods, but I also ate a lot of salads and stuff. I also used to drink lots of soda when younger and had a lot of caffeine, usually tea and coffee. I am not obese, do not smoke and hardly ever drink alcohol. I have cut down on a lot of this bad stuff lately.
Avatar n tn I currently suffer from what what diagnosed by an endoscopy as inflamated stomach, duodenum possibly leading into a duodenal ulcer...Hopefully not though...Anyhow I have been on a pretty strict diet but cannot seem to lick this thing...I take two zantac 75 a day...One in the morning and one at night...Seems to help...Had terrible side effects with the more popular Proton Pump Inhibitor drugs like Prevacid/Nexium etc...
Avatar n tn 04:26: Hello. My name is Debbie. I am f/28/5'8"/130 lbs. I am suffering from almost daily acute abdominal attacks as well! Although I have not had one for 2 weeks now! It all started in August 1997, I was washing the dishes one day and felt a sudden intense hunger type of pain below my breastbone (where it is soft). I went to my doctor the next day and she ordered an upper GI series (barium) and the blood test that checks for ulcers. Both were negative!
Avatar n tn My mom is 77 and has been diagnosed with a gastric ulcer. She also has diabetes and high blood pressure. What should her breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks look like to keep all of these conditions under control?
Avatar m tn after a long nights rest I always wake up in the morning with the worst stomach pain ever.. and now once a month Im getting sulfur burps then gas and diarea all night until I finaly give in and throw up it usualy stops after I puke and get some rest but now its day three and im still burping the egg smell and feeling very ill. I dont have to run to the rest room every minute today but the burps are horrible..
Avatar n tn My suspicions are now confirmed, and I have known all along thia this is not an ulcer or gastric bleed. After all, if I had internal bleeding the blood would, at some point, have to come out of me - which is hasn't. In your opinion, how should I pursue being treated? Right now I'm in "HMO limbo" going from dr to dr, and I have a gastroenterologist consult in 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn Moderate exercise, like walking [43,44] or moderate cycling [45] Hypoglycemia [48,49] Functional dyspepsia [51,52,53] Duodenal ulcer [54,55] Alcoholic neuropathy [56] Certain gastric (stomach) operations, such as partial surgical removal of the stomach (gastrectomy) [57] or vagotomy [58], or gastric bypass (bariatric surgery) [59] or gastrin-secreting pancreatic tumor causing multiple gastric ulcers (Zollinger-Ellison syndrome) [60] Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system [62] Cycli
Avatar n tn The Dr could not get the scope into the small intestine past my ulcer. I was having terrible pain until I went on a liquid diet last week. My blood count is still falling : : and is 8. Do you think It will have to be removed? I saw a Surgeon last thurs and he had an xray done. It showed it is not totally blocked. I have been on Prilosec since the first of June with no improvment.
Avatar f tn Why the green, why so thin and broken up and is the diahrrea today causing the upper gastric ulcer pain again because since last week after my first Protonix, that pain almost went away. I also take 50 mg amitriptoline, 2-3 .25 xanax a day, a probiotic called Culturelle, my low dose hormone. I feel like I have to treat 2 disorders here and don't know what/how to do it re diet, pain, constipation and/or diahrrea now?
Avatar n tn About 30 years ago I had a duodenal ulcer and a pyloralplasty and vagatomy. Over this past three years I've had multiple tests. Several 5 hour GTTs with BS dropping to 21 and 38 respectively. In a recent 2 hour test it only dropped to 90 but an insulin test I insisted on indicated an insulin surge to 45% above the normal range (29 vs normal high of 20).
Avatar n tn Posted By HFHSM.D.-rf on June 07, 1998 at 11:20:57: In Reply to: Gastric dumping & hypo symptoms posted by Dave Heil on May 29, 1998 at 10:56:38: For over three years I've been suffering with an incresingly more severe reaction to the consumption of food. About 30 years ago I had a duodenal ulcer and a pyloralplasty and vagatomy. Over this past three years I've had multiple tests. Several 5 hour GTTs with BS dropping to 21 and 38 respectively.
Avatar f tn Hello, in general, H. pylori is the cause digestive diseases, such as chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, gastric cancer is one of the main, but not to say that people who have H. pylori infection will have cancer, because everyone is not the same constitution, bacterial resistance is not the same, but the reasons for stomach cancer caused by many factors such as environment, diet, life, etc., so that H.