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Avatar f tn If you dont want to drink a harsh sugary soda go for ginger ale or a soda water. With the sda water you can add your own favor and have it healthy still.
Avatar n tn I drank alot of water, I live in Texas and it is really hot here so I am use to drinking lots of water. I worked out hard. It took my mind off the diet. What really impressed me about his protocol is the way my body was being reshaped. My waist got very small, mu stomach very flat. I have nicely defined arms and legs. It is really exciting to weigh yourself every morning and see weight loss success. It is so motivating. I highly recommend working out while on this protocol.
Avatar n tn At the movie I got a bottle of water when the others were getting soda, and at the bar I was able to order a plain chicken sandwich with nothing at all on it, with a side of cauliflower. I just ate the chicken and the veg. :) I also drank over a gallon of water yesterday. Wow, I have never peed so much in my life. But it was all worth it! With eager anticipation I got up this morning and headed for the scale. And I was thrilled to see I had lost 7 pounds.
251922 tn?1193786078 i think as with any diet the more you have to lose the faster it seems to come off. mostly water in the first few days really. believe it or not the vlcd isn't that hard because we just aren't that hungry. a warning though......eating is as much a social habit (as addictive as smoking i think in some cases) as much as it is a functional need. those of us who liked to eat and enjoyed entertaining with friends/famile etc really missed the act of eating more than we missed the actual food.
256349 tn?1189759437 It imitates the way the colon works. They run alternate cool and warm water in you. The warm water makes your colon expand and the cool makes it contract. That's the way your colon pushes waste out. I would like to eventually get to where I don't need them. Since I'm so backed up, I don't know if an enima would work any better for me anyway.
Avatar f tn I rarely go for seconds, we eat off the small dinner plates I think some call them salad plates anyway they are not the saucer size. I've been thinking maybe I should start eating off a saucer. I drink lots of water. Soda Pops, chips, cookies, candies, pie or cake as a whole I do not keep in the house on a regular basis. At night I usually get a sweet tooth ..sigh.. I usually have a half a apple and some dates. Any advice on how to keep my weight down?
Avatar n tn Here are some great tips for helping ulu drink more water and no soda. 1) I add fresh mint leaves and cucumber slices to a gallon water bottle before I go to bed. The next day the water tastes like I have been hanging out at the spa all day. Also try it with mind and orange slices. 2) for a treat I drink a sparkling water such as peregrine or Perrier with liquid Stevia flavors. I have vanilla cream (tastes like a cream soda, I have root beer, grape, and orange sickle.
Avatar f tn The 500 calorie diet is incredibly boring: Breakfast: 3 ounces of water with 3 T lemon juice every morning as soon as you get up. 2 hard boiled egg whites only 2 pieces of melba toast 16 ounces of water.
Avatar n tn I have been trying to lose weight for the past week or so, but the scale hasn't changed. I have been drinking water AND diet soda. Is it possible that diet soda's sodium is making me retain water weight? Usually I don't have problems dropping weight, especially when it's water weight. Please let me know what I should do to get past this difficulty I'm having. Thank you.
Avatar f tn the pills taste horrible and the creotine makes me retain water. so my weight isnt really going anywere. at least the diet pills dont make me as hungery but i still feel a little icky. i really hope this is worth it. what i wouldnt give to just eat taco bell and drink soda again.
Avatar f tn I have an addiction. ..nothing to bad its just pop (soda).. i cant shake this i really feel myself getting mad if i dont get it. .with out it my baby kicks like it needs a hit...
Avatar f tn Your body requires a healthy amount of all of these but high intake of sugar and sodium will cause you to retain more water weight obviously counteracting your desire for stomach definition. Isolating muscle groups during weight training 4-5 times a weeks is actually far more effective than whole body training 3 times per week. Your body requires rest and youre body is going to get used to full body workouts since theyre is only so many different things you can do.
Avatar n tn dont drink diet sodas or regular sodas for that fact, they contain a ton of sodium, which inturn will make you drink more water... hence your body will retain it all; as with any high sodium product. I suggest adding 6-8 ounces of nonfat yogurt, accompanied by fruit: ie: berries, strawberries, bananas or apples. You can also try swopping the yogurt up daily with hard boiled eggs... only eat the egg whites and some fruit....throw out the yolks. or eat the yogurt and some fruit.
Avatar f tn Plus, soda isn't good for you, it has a lot of sodium, which will make you retain water, even diet soda. Aspartame is a sugar substitute that they use in sugar free products, not good for you either, if you have too much it will give you diarrhea.
198506 tn?1251160515 I am curious about what you wrote below about dehydration causing your cells to retain fat. I am never thirsty. In fact I find it tough to drink even two glasses of water a day. I usually sip on a glass of decaffinated iced tea (no sugar or sweetner) throughout the day. I never heard that dehydration could cause fat retention in the cells. It's very interesting. I sometimes wonder if I am chronically dehydrated, I just always assumed that if you aren't thirsty then you can't be dehydrated.
Avatar m tn For us women, it is a bit harder to keep a constant number because of our hormones. Some women tend to retain water when they ovulate. Others, like me, retain water with their period. Some women gain up to 10 lbs during their period. It’s perfectly normal. Everything plays an important role in your weight and how much/fast it changes, from stress to hormones (genetics) to just food or water intake.
279415 tn?1217375230 Stop drinking coke even if it is diet and drink water instead. I would not recommend that you go on a low carb diet for too long but high protein diets are great when it comes to giving your body the push that it needs to accelerate your metabolism. Most people think low calorie diets are the best cure for obesity. Perhaps this method works for them. What worked for me was a high protein diet with which I lost more than 20 pounds..not kidding.
Avatar n tn i also eat a lot less junk than i did before, cut out soda and replaced it with juice and water. try not to worry right now about your diet, just focus on eating the right foods and getting enough calories for your baby. you definetely do not want to lose weight intentionally. Also, i had a hard time with this so i thought i would share - maternity clothes are very misleading with sizes when you are larger.
Avatar n tn Also, keep tabs on your sodium intake -- salty foods, including chips, frozen dinners, canned soup and leftover Chinese take-out with lots of soy sauce -- can cause your body to retain water so your six-pack stays hidden. At snack time, reach for cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, asparagus and cauliflower, which offer lots of nutrients with minimal calories and sodium, along with a protein-rich dip such as hummus or tuna salad made with lemon and capers rather than mayo.
410922 tn?1263393343 im eating the same way i used to, ive pretty much eliminated soda and most sugars from my diet and been substituting with K2O water or vitamin water to drink and fruits or veggies for snacks, but i cant loose the weight and im actually gaining more and more. its been a week today since i weighed in at 137.5 and im not at 140.5!!! is there anything anyone might know about any diet pills that are good or any diets that work well and that wont mess up my body??
Avatar n tn who are scared to drink water as it is for 'weight gain' and bloating...the more water you drink..the less you retain...*with in common sense that is..and most people no where drink enough water... why & where did you get 'diuretics' from ?? dont even bring it up(THOSE WHO DONT KNOW BETTER)..they are deadly..if taken wrong ...bad ,bad ,bad..
Avatar n tn they have sodium in them and cause you to retain water. you should stick to water and tea. Hopefully that will help.
Avatar n tn Also, keep tabs on your sodium intake -- salty foods, including chips, frozen dinners, canned soup and leftover Chinese take-out with lots of soy sauce -- can cause your body to retain water so your six-pack stays hidden. At snack time, reach for cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, asparagus and cauliflower, which offer lots of nutrients with minimal calories and sodium, along with a protein-rich dip such as hummus or tuna salad made with lemon and capers rather than mayo.
Avatar f tn While at home (and on the Miralax), I was very regular and felt pretty good, although occasionally if I overate I would have pretty severe abdominal pain and retain water. Went to the doctor for a checkup before heading off to college and he said everything was "absolutely perfect". I was feeling and looking good. Then it started. I was at college for one week and had been constipated all week, but I wasn't too worried.
Avatar n tn You could try cutting out pasta & white bread, rice, things like that -- switch to whole grains & whole wheat possibly... Also, try switching sugar for Splenda & drink diet soda... these things helped me. I also did Weight Watchers, you can do it online, and I lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks with it... But what helped me do that was everything I just mentioned above (and eating less!
Avatar n tn It seems when he started taking Lyrica he started to retain water, then he started taking Lasix for the water weight and it seems since he started taking these pills his creatine started to rise. Any help or suggestion please?
948349 tn?1294383837 I have finally found the best natural possible treatment you can have to help your acne. The fact is... Diet DOES affect your acne. This is very much so true. The reason why you hear so many Doctors state that diet has no affect on acne is because the dermatology papers and research were done back in the 1960's and 1970's, and they thought diet has no correlation to food.
Avatar m tn Yes, I have tried others but Effexor does the trick, except it affects the libido and I cannot lose the weight. I have never used diet drugs or any weight loss type OTC meds. I take multi vitamin everyday with B Vitamins 12 and 6 plus Omega 3 etc. I just do not know what to do to keep the weight down. Yes, I am very active and I don't binge. I allow myself 1 day a week to eat what ever I want, but not over eat. In other words, I really don't eat alot. My kids worry that I don't eat enough.
1094771 tn?1330284476 If I do become pregnant, I'm gonna have to ban soda from our home (my hubby has to be supportive even though he's a soda lover) Well, I hope things continue well with you and your baby...keep us posted :) You don't have too long before 1st trimester is up!!! Best wishes...