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184674 tn?1360860493 or these: or here: Bound to be something he likes in these! If you try any and they are good, please come back and review/post the recipe, ok?
Avatar f tn like bologna ham and etc.. Canned tuna is a good thing... Make tuna salad and put in in the ice box.. I am 72 and have eaten healthy for several years. I was forced to because I didn't eat healthy when I was young. I would strongly suggest that you eat healthy starting now and you will be able to avoid some of the health problems that lots of people have due to poor diets. I would also suggest that you start an exercise program.. walking daily is excellent.
1415482 tn?1459702714 Ive been on a diet for a little while now and I am already tired of the food I am making. Can you give me some ideas of what I can do to make my boring meals fun. So far my diet consists of -- wheat bread, tuna, egg whites, special K cereal and milk. What else can I eat that's inexpensive and taste good? I'll accept recipes as well. Thank you! I am 20, I weigh 155 lbs and I want to be at about 125 there about.
1323047 tn?1279193919 I started a low fat diet to-day and am using alli a weight loss aid. I never dreamed I would use an aid but a friend did very well on it and looks well. Having a job to read small print for food though I need new glasses! The idea seems to be low fat diet which I agree with, any ideas? I have jacket potatoes without butter, baked beans, salad, cereal, not very imaginative to-day! Oh, and Tuna.
Avatar f tn Some days I can stomach Chick Fil A,but places like McDonalds or Taco Bell ... NO WAY!! I crave tuna fish everyday but my OB says maybe once a week is fine,so I literally count days anticipating my next tuna sandwich but literally everything I crave I do my research it says off limits I'm going crazy please help!!
Avatar n tn I also love that I can type in ingredients I have at home and it will show me recipes I can make with it. You can even search for recipes with few ingredients, etc. On Yummly people rate the meals and will write issues they had or changes they made. It's very useful. You can also do searches like meal prep for a family on the go. Lots of ideas. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn This doesn't sound like a very healthy diet to me. I'm a bit wary of the HCG injections, and a 500 calorie diet is restrictive to the point of being dangerous. Why would you want to do this type of diet when there are so many better ways to lose weight and keep it off? Eating healthy should be a way of life, not some unhealthy crash diet that is impossible to maintain.
Avatar n tn Has any one else been placed on a low sodium diet by their baby doctor? I was told I have high blood pressure and just as a caution I should go on a low sodium diet. So I've been Googling recipes and things but I'm not finding to many. Does any one has some advice about the diet or some amazing recipes? That would be amazing!!
3232858 tn?1437130677 I would contend there is no such thing as healthy meals without veggies, especially if you're getting painful joints. Colored veggies have the antioxidants that help prevent inflammation. You can probably lose weight in the short term by eating a high protein diet, but even the most ideological protein fanatics eat some veggies. With the huge number of veggies out there it's hard to believe you can't find some you enjoy, but there's something about veggies that I found.
973741 tn?1342342773 I'm interested in any Dash diet recipes that are tested and taste good. :>) Any to share?
Avatar n tn I am just curious if anyone has been on the HCG without the 500 cal diet? I am on day 7 of diet and lost 4 pounds this week (which is good) and I'm not hungry, but I find it difficult while traveling to be so strict....I know that I can stick to the 500-700 plan if need be but the food choices are causing me to struggle and wonder if it is why I only lost four pounds instead of the 8 that everyone says will happen.
Avatar n tn I am 47 and have just been tested for food allergies. I am allergic to soy, corn and canola oil. I don't have much in the way of recipes and was wondering if anyone else out there has this problem and would like to share or swap their recipes with me?
Avatar f tn Hi there and welcome to the group!! Glad to have you, We have lots of recipes on the forum just listed if you scroll down. Tell me what you are interested in and I'll place some here for you as well. I try to eat lean protein, veg, fruit, whole grains, etc. A well balanced, healthy diet that isn't too over the top. so tell us a little about what you are looking for--- love to share recipes!
Avatar f tn Great recipes. The egg salad one could be used with tuna, as well. When I make tuna salad, I add tuna, egg, onion, dill weed, mustard. I usually use a tsp of mayo to moisten it with, but I'm going to try the Greek yogurt. Thanks.
Avatar m tn That being said, I should be quick to add that I had no MAJOR health problems and I had tried many diet plans (WW, Jenny Craig, Atkins, cabbage soup diet, you name it!!!). Guess what? ALL OF THEM WORKED! Yep. For a time. But I always gained back my lost weight and maybe more. So, I decided this time I was going to do my own thing. It was kind of a fluke, I guess. I just started walking because of my 4th knee surgery.
Avatar f tn I would like to have a group of parents try using the recipes and supplements to help reinforce the information I will be providing in my book. This is not an effort for me to profit in any way-- I truly believe I am suppose to be sharing what I have learned about my son in order to help others! Please contact me by phone or email if you are interested..
Avatar f tn Hi I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and found out I have gallstones. They have told me to eat a fat free and dairy freediet for the next 12 weeks when iI will be checked again as surgery whilst I'm pregnant is risky. I am having a really hard time coming up with recipes and options to fill myself up, so far nothing I make had any flavour and it is putting me off eating. Does anyone have any recipes they could share?
Avatar f tn I would like to know how many calories my overweigh 8yr old girl should consume each day? She is 45" tall and weighs 115 lbs. She is a very picky eatter. She eats fruit, no veggie except corn, PBJ's, tuna, hot dogs, ham cold cut, cherios and yougart. I wonder if she has food issues. When asked to try new foods she seems to gag on them. Please help.
Avatar f tn Thanks for answering my question. I am on a 2000 gram sodium diet, I am looking for low sodium cassarole recipes. Also a recipe for low sodium taco seasoning.
6647728 tn?1383446143 As I've been using the My Diet Diary App I have noticed that the only thing healthy in my diet is whole wheat bread. I want to eat more vegetables but I hate them. Any recipes out there that can help me eat healthier?