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Diet recipes names

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Avatar f tn Hi I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and found out I have gallstones. They have told me to eat a fat free and dairy freediet for the next 12 weeks when iI will be checked again as surgery whilst I'm pregnant is risky. I am having a really hard time coming up with recipes and options to fill myself up, so far nothing I make had any flavour and it is putting me off eating. Does anyone have any recipes they could share?
Avatar n tn on line to learn the many different names for soy in food, make up, shampoo/conditioner and household products. (I printed the names on "word" and don't have the websites saved) I now read the labels before I buy anything I put on or in my body. I also carry an epi pen after learning from my dr. that I was in danger of anaphalyxis. I had no idea that the symptoms included nausea, headache itching... all symptoms I'd had at one time or another.
Avatar n tn Has any one else been placed on a low sodium diet by their baby doctor? I was told I have high blood pressure and just as a caution I should go on a low sodium diet. So I've been Googling recipes and things but I'm not finding to many. Does any one has some advice about the diet or some amazing recipes? That would be amazing!!
Avatar n tn Can anyone give me tips on a good diet plan or food to eat to lose fat and weight?
Avatar f tn I like fruit so I chose this diet program. Another one is the South Beach Diet that I did as well, that one is good too but I miss fruit, LOL! Good luck!
1156486 tn?1262394803 THANK YOU for the information. I was able to find the cookbook and that made me feel a LOT better about the "diet" thing. I also finally realized that it's a LOW idodine not a NO idodine diet. Yesterday (Monday) was my grocery shopping day and today (Tuesday) is going to be my "cooking and freezing" day because Wednesday will be the day I go off my meds. I have received wonderful advice on this site and I am very thankful for people taking the time to write to me.
Avatar f tn Can anyone recommend a post Nissen Fundoplication diet and recipes to ensure proper nutrition?
377493 tn?1356502149 He finally seems to be over it and my pediatrician has him on a high calorie diet. The list she has given me is not very extensive and I am having trouble finding good meal suggestions on line. Obviously a well balanced and nutritious diet is still very important. Anyone have any good suggestions for meals for me? He likes pretty much everything I give him, but I think he is getting sick of all the stews I am making. And everything I find on line seems to be full of sugar.
1512574 tn?1342608485 Hi Sports Fans, I decided to start a group just for recipes. Not just any recipes but P2-P3 friendly meals on our journey on the Very Low Calorie Diet. If anyone out there has any recipes that would like to share that fit the HCg Protocol please stop on by and post them. Also, if you try one to the recipes please tell us what you think. Happy Release... http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I highly recommend making your dogs food... it's a little more time consuming but at least you will know what's going in there. Plus, you can experiment a little more - I was always very generous with the meat and pasta vs. the eggs. Daisy would get so excited when she saw me grabbing the container from the fridge! Good luck to you and your dog!
Avatar f tn what is a really good diet to go on and how does it work? i want to lose weight fast, i have tried a few diet pills but they make me tired do any of them work?
Avatar n tn I work two jobs and go to college, so I am on the move a good bit, but I try to exercise when I have spare time. If anyone has any dieting tips, recipes, excersise tips, or anything else, feel free to comment!
Avatar m tn I have Wegener's and need to be on low pot. diet I need to know what I can eat everything I find is what is high in pot. But nothing on what I can eat.
587315 tn?1333552783 //feline-nutrition.
Avatar n tn , but I was wondering if anyone knew of any good books about a diet for this condition. Or if you have good recipes, etc. I have lost 13 lbs. in the past 6 weeks and don't want to waste away! I have started drinking Ensure to make sure I get some calories and nutrients. Any advice/knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar n tn There are also plenty of free recipes on the internet. If you search candida recipes or paleo recipes (a nearly identical diet). Anyway, if it continues to be a problem, talking with your doctor might be a good idea just to be sure. He can run a few tests to make sure everything is as it should be.
Avatar f tn Thanks for answering my question. I am on a 2000 gram sodium diet, I am looking for low sodium cassarole recipes. Also a recipe for low sodium taco seasoning.
Avatar f tn My son was diagnosed 3 years ago and have had to spend a lot of time adjusting his diet and learning on my own as the csid support group site is not very helpful. During the past year, I have added several supplements to my son's diet and he thriving and doing exceptionally well! My cookbook will provide all the information about these supplements plus the recipes I have found and altered from various gluten and sugar free books and websites.
1916673 tn?1420233270 This article has taken a long time to devise, research and prepare ... but it's now available to the Group, I'm pleased to say. There are 10 recipes here, including two treat recipes. One word of caution ... if you have a dog that has pancreatitis, don't use these recipes, as they are high fat/meat content. Always check with your vet beforehand. I hope some of you find these ideas useful in the battle to get your dog to eat.
Avatar n tn I hope you mean you are 187 and trying to lose weight instead of 87 lbs? Only a child should weight 87 pounds. Even if you are 4'11-5'0, you should weigh at least 100 pounds. If you are looking to eat healthy: look up recipes for fatty liver disease. It's pretty much a vegan diet plus protein (tofu, turkey, or chicken). No dairy except for non fat plain all natural greek yogurt. Google recipes made with greek yogurt.
1307298 tn?1305946851 d like to hear from those who have tried or are on the diet and any tips they can give or any recipes / resources they found helpful.