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Avatar n tn Of course the Asian diet is much higher in ocean-based products than the U.S. diet. One thing common to both diets, and something that is in MANY foods we don't realize, is soy. This is a tough one to avoid but is also on the restricted diet. "Eric", I bet your diet restrictions would be very interesting compared to ours here in the U.S. Here's a link to some of the common restrictions for the U.S. diet.
3981569 tn?1348898734 I just started to make sure my daily cholesterol intake keeps under 200mg. Counting cholesterol in food is relatively easy, but finding a variety of delicious recipes is the challenge.
93210 tn?1287457826 I share sooooo much with you in common, (except for the children-I never had any), mine are from my husband. You are right I have spent so much money on diet pills, personal trainers, diet groups, I'm sure I have spent that and more like you said plus all the clothes that I had to buy when I went down and then rebuy when I went back up.
Avatar m tn Some links that may help you: Support sites (lots of info on here): http://www.*****************/c/HPV/forum Info about the new theraputic vaccine for people who already have HPV: http://info.vgxii.
Avatar m tn I was told to lower my intake of fatty foods and try to eat grains, fruits and vegetables because the gastronologist said I had an underactive gallbladder. I began to eat better with this diet along with fat free dairy (cottage cheese, cheese, milk). I was doing better and then I began having problems like you discribed. I have had these same symtoms before, but never this servere. I came off all dairy for a week and started to feel better. I decided to experiment and try dairy again.
Avatar n tn About 1 month prior to the initial flare up I had started drinking C2 (The first time I've ever had any type of diet drink). I am a voicewriter by profession, which means I repeat everything I hear into a recording device. At the time of the initial flareup I was working about 3 days per week. I now work full time. The reason I'm stating these facts is to see if there are any other common threads out there. I run a fever EVERY DAY. I'm very tired of feeling sick all the time.