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Avatar n tn Can anyone give me tips on a good diet plan or food to eat to lose fat and weight?
Avatar f tn Look up the healthy food guide for fast, easy and low calorie recipes. Another, more radical approach is: no more carbs. Eat lots of veggies, one portion of fruit only, one handful of raw nuts, low fat dairy, high fat fish, lean meat. The increase in protein will keep you from getting hungry and on the long term completely abolish any cravings. Also, no deep frying, no butter, but olive oil and canola instead. No more rice, pasta, potatoes, flour....
Avatar f tn How can I diet and eat healthy if my parents do not buy healthy food? I have talked to them about why we need to eat healthy, and they have just told me it costs too much. They will not get good foods and I do not have control over groceries myself.
172023 tn?1334672284 m not sure if regulars or new visitors to this Community are aware that Med Help has a Healthy Cooking Community that is filled with many wonderful and creative recipes for people who are following special diets. It is located here: http://www.medhelp.
2150728 tn?1336531601 Well her sons have taken her recipes and reworked them to be lower fat, lower salt, lower sugar and more healthy but still resemble the old, delicious recipes. Google them --- Dean brothers.
973741 tn?1342342773 I'm interested in any Dash diet recipes that are tested and taste good. :>) Any to share?
Avatar n tn Get on a healthy diet. That's it. What is healthy for a pregnant person is the same diet as a non pregnant person would eat if they want to have a healthy life. Just during pregnancy no raw food deli n a few other things. Limit fish also. But other than that low fat n minimal junk food. Stick with chicken n salads. Fruits n white rice etc.
Avatar f tn Hi there and welcome to the group!! Glad to have you, We have lots of recipes on the forum just listed if you scroll down. Tell me what you are interested in and I'll place some here for you as well. I try to eat lean protein, veg, fruit, whole grains, etc. A well balanced, healthy diet that isn't too over the top. so tell us a little about what you are looking for--- love to share recipes!
1277082 tn?1344057820 Well, I don't really have any actual recipes but I do have advice for you in which it should probably help you out. For us with PCOS, it makes our bodies harder to digest simple carbs (i.e. pasta, breads, rice). So because of this, this is why we gain weight and this is why it takes so long to come off. My suggestions are as follows: Bread: whole grain, high fiber. Anything high fiber (yes it is more calories) works to your advantage, because it will make your body feel more full...
Avatar f tn // I think Paxiled doesn't like this diet but I do!
172023 tn?1334672284 Hey peek.. i just found out this forum existed. I was looking in all the wrong places... I'm really excited to start looking through all the ideas and start trying some of them out...
Avatar m tn Does anyone have any healthy food recipes that are low in cholesterol? I want to eat healthy while also taking medication.
Avatar m tn Eat the healthiest diet you can. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. Healthy foods help keep you strong, give you more energy and support your immune system. If you're nauseated, try eating small meals throughout the day. Choose foods that are soothing and easy to digest, such as soups, broths or a plain baked potato. A registered dietitian can be especially helpful if you have weight loss or trouble eating.
3109932 tn?1347067940 if you eat alot of junk and fast food do your prenatal pills give you the nutrition that you need for your baby or still need to try to have a healthy diet regardless so you and your baby can be healthy through out your pregnancy ?
Avatar n tn Have you talked to your doctor about a weight loss plan? Not only can your doctor make sure that you're healthy enough for regular physical activity, but she/he can also suggest nutrition options and workouts that suit your lifestyle and level of fitness. Talking with your doctor gives you an outline and someone to report your success to in order to stay motivated. Plan long and short term goals to help you stay motivated and see results.
Avatar n tn Has any one else been placed on a low sodium diet by their baby doctor? I was told I have high blood pressure and just as a caution I should go on a low sodium diet. So I've been Googling recipes and things but I'm not finding to many. Does any one has some advice about the diet or some amazing recipes? That would be amazing!!
Avatar f tn Eating healthy is very easy and inexpensive. The main thing is to eat lots of veggie, fruits and whole grain foods. If you both work you can cook like pinto beans, butter beans, navy beans or peas. Buy the dried one they are cheap. Cook them in a slow cooker at night or in the day when you are working.. Set the crockpot on low and they can cook all day or all night and are very good. You might put a small piece of ham in for seasoning. Rice and stir fry veggies is a good and cheap meal.
Avatar f tn I had a full thyroidectomy on 10/19/11 was told on 11/2/11 that I had cancer. I was immediately put on the low iodine diet and because my TSH doesn't seem to want to rise, I have to stay on this diet until it does so I can have a PETscan and the RAI treatment. I'm on day 18 of this diet and I'm starving and I'm craving things that I know I can't have. I go tomorrow for another blood test to see if my levels have risen. A week ago they were at 11.
Avatar f tn Hi I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and found out I have gallstones. They have told me to eat a fat free and dairy freediet for the next 12 weeks when iI will be checked again as surgery whilst I'm pregnant is risky. I am having a really hard time coming up with recipes and options to fill myself up, so far nothing I make had any flavour and it is putting me off eating. Does anyone have any recipes they could share?
Avatar n tn Eating a low carb diet is the best option. Eat lean protien sources like fish, chicken, beef. For essential fats eat salmon, olive oil, almonds. the only carbs should come from fruit and vegetables. Drink only water not juice.
Avatar n tn I work two jobs and go to college, so I am on the move a good bit, but I try to exercise when I have spare time. If anyone has any dieting tips, recipes, excersise tips, or anything else, feel free to comment!