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Avatar n tn I live in Houston Texas and need to find a doctor that gives the B12 and hormone shots and prescribes diet pills. I went to one in Beaumont but that is too far away now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar n tn These companies are only trying to manipulate people into thinking that they are affiliated to diet books, authors and other diet company's in order to try to trick the consumer into buying something that is not real, will not provide the same medical results, and could even result in a serious health condition.
Avatar n tn I came across one place here in Houston that gives the injections weekly. Is the actual diet easy to follow ? Do you eat normal food or pre packaged food? Kudos on weight loss.keep up the great work.Is there a lot of excercise invovled ? Have a bad knee ...just wondering.
1179333 tn?1264541675 I am looking for a clinic in Houston /Clear Lake that offers the HGC shot !! I have done this diet befor and I know it works for me its the best I have ever done and its the only one I want to do now PLEASE EMAIL IF WITH ANY HELP!!!
Avatar n tn Looking for doctor who prescribes diet pills such as Adipex in the Houston, TX area.
Avatar f tn i'm also from texas about 100 from h town there is a place called the internet medical clinic there that you can get the lipo injections and the b - 12 and phentermine pills i'm not sure about the cost in houston it might be higher since it is in a city but for 2 months of the pills and 8 lipo shots and 4 b-12's i paid $220.
202487 tn?1189759423 What is the injection you are getting? I am trying a Dr in Baytown TX and am trying to research the different shots he gives and their results because it can get rather expensive.
Avatar n tn Busy,,,where did you get your shots and pills? Is it a b12 shot and then the pill is some form of diet pill. Congratulations on the weight loss,,,That is amazing!
Avatar f tn I need a list of Dr's that prescribe diet pills & give lipo & b-12 shots
Avatar f tn I've been reading as I do everynight. I wonder why opiate pain pills are harder to quit then other drugs, such as weed, coke, meth, x, etc. I personally have not tried any except weed, which I personally don't like, but a lot of people who have say that pills are soooo much more difficult. Why is that ????
Avatar m tn has anyone tried that clinic??, excellent diet plan,lipotropic weightloss shots and pills, all under doctor supervision, iam half way there in one month.
Avatar n tn I start the shots, pills and a 1000 calorie diet. If I stick to everything I am suppose to, how much weight do you think I will lose in a month? I am so excited about this and I have loved reading everyone's comments.
Avatar n tn My boss started this program b/f me, and I told her I did not want to take pills that made my heart beat fast. These pills don't, and girl I was sensitive to the Metabolife pills(w/ ephedrine). So I am happy, but I have to make sure to eat LOTS OF VEGETABLES!! b/c the constipation thing sux!
Avatar n tn Does anyone know what the average monthly cost would be for the medizone diet...including shots and pills? Thanks.
290934 tn?1254937558 Anyways, she knew I was on a diet, and trying to lose weight. She gave them to me, but I'm worried because the capsules have no script or numbers on them. They are just plain blue capsules. The label on the bottle reads: Phentermine Er 37.5 mg Qty. 30 MFG.Talon. She got them from a clinic called Internet Medical Clinic-Southwest in Houston. If anybody can please help me, or if anyone has been there, please let me know if they have worked for you.
Avatar n tn Hi BeaumontBoy, I live here in Houston and am seriously looking for somewhere in Texas to get the HCG shots and pills. Where do you go in Beaumont and if possible can you give me the address and/or phone number? I would appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can give me.
Avatar n tn I would like to try the Amp shot,adipex,And fluid pills,I know the are a few clinics here in the houston area (anything close to katy would be great)If any of you out there could help me out on a good clinic the name and locatian and prices I would be greatful.
Avatar n tn Just made an appointment with a medical clinic for weight loss using the appetite suppr.,water pills and B12 injections... goal is about 25-30lbs loss. Just curious of someone who has been on similar program if it truly works and how long it usually takes to lose the amount of weight I'm wanting to lose. I've tried other weight loss gimicks and obviously with no true results. Thanks for any help or comments.
Avatar n tn I have tried diet pills, exercising (which I give up on), and starting a low calorie diet. I think I need something to surpress my appetite because even though I am on a diet I still want to drink a coke or eat some chocolates. My best friend is on them now and she is taking Adapec for her appetite suppressor. But she lives in Beaumont and he does not have weekend hours. She has lost 48 pounds in 4 months. I want to try this. So if anyone is out there and knows some information please help me.
Avatar n tn Hi, I gained 50lbs after my child birth and tried many diet program to lose weight butit take me long time like 8 weeks(even with exercise) before I start to lose a pound my metabolism is too slow so each time I give up and break the diet and gain more weight does anyone know how I can boost my metabolism, I am thinking to try the b12/lipo injection do they help in losing weight? How can I find them in Houston,TX area.
Avatar f tn So now he is taking Pancrease mt 16 (enzimes) 3 pills with each meal to help with digestion. Only problem is he has lost 34 lbs in one month with out trying. He has had 4 collnoscopies in the last year, 2 endoscopes, bareum x-ray, cat scans, mris and numerouse other tests. One doctor thinks he found barretts but another does not. The problem right now is that eventhough my husband is taking enzimes and alot of pain meds.
Avatar n tn I have seen Dr. Hanson but he will not give you fluid pills. I need those!!! Thanks and Good Luck to everyone.
Avatar n tn I am presently going to a clinic in Houston that offers the HCG/B12 shots for $12. Is there a clinic in Houston that offers the Lip-O-Den? I know you can purchase from Thoughts anyone!!?
Avatar n tn Another friend did the injections, diet, and pills and she lost 38 pounds in 2 months!! It sounds to good to be true!
892132 tn?1241332910 I think b/c of the constant getting picked on gave me a bad complex, I started taking diet pills at 15 and still take them every once in a while. Hope that helps some.
Avatar n tn I just wish I can do this with out medication I wish I was strong enough to do the diet on my own I hate pills I'm not happy anymore and my husband tells me not to put my self through this but I don't like being fat either .I was fine when I lost 27 pounds but I look at the real skinny girls and I feel sad again.
Avatar n tn You go in once a week (the wait is never long, they get you in and own quickly) I get a Rx for diet pills, a B12 & lipotropic shot in each hip once a week also. It seems to be working well.