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Avatar n tn i would like to know the effectiveness of such diet and hoe is it administered, for example, do we just swallow the worms? what are the consequences? can this type of diet treatment be applied to lab rats/mice for experimental/research purposes?thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn s nothing in the poop. But if it sits for a couple of days there are hundreds of little white worms squirming around in her feces. I've tried the tapeworm medication 3 times, they always came back, im honestly not sure if they ever went away honestly. After that I tried a medication called drontal that is supposed to get rid of all types of intestinal parasites. I gave that to her a few days ago, and low and behold there are still little worms hatching out of her poop.
338416 tn?1420045702 My mom's always calling me to tell me about the latest health craze. Today she called me to tell me all about helminthic therapy, which is the deliberate introduction of whipworms or hookworms (called helminths) into your body. It's said to kickstart the immune system and get it back on track. They're testing it right now on several different autoimmune diseases, including Crohns. I'm skeptical for a number of different reasons.
Avatar n tn Usually if someone has worms - you take 1 dose of Vermox ..... and should be okay...If you are highly infected another dose is advised like a week later... Ive heard that eating a paw paw diet for 3 days works..... (people get worms from infected animals / pets, not washing your hands etc etc...) or uncooked meats. Otherwise chat to your pharmacist ...
Avatar f tn Some of them are long like a worm with no head. Its like pieces of worms. The inside of like is like a mushed yellow potato when i cut them. Im eating papaya seeds morning and evening for 3 days now. Im having these for like 3 times a week. I feel somehow fine. Just anxiety. Also i do some apple cider vinegar. Am i expelling worms?
Avatar f tn I saw worms coming out of my puppies rectum last night. How do I know what type of worms they are? They looked like spaghetti, kinda flat. I went to walmart and bought puppy dewormimg medicine. Will it work? We found our puppy a week ago and I cannot take her to the vet until after the first of the year. Will she be okay?
Avatar f tn I get this too. Were some of the threads one their own, separate from the stool and hanging down from the surface of the water? It's mucus. Can be caused by a variety of things, the simplest being diet.
Avatar m tn Hi all, So my poop was this since i remember maybe 2 years or more. It's not diarrhoea, as its not really liquidy or anything, its just seems like its not bunched up into 1, smooth poop, it usually 2-4 pieces which is fine/normal but consistency is not, seems kind of ''fluffy'' and breaks easily too, i took closer look and seems like it doesn't digest nuts, as it just many nuts pieces in it.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know what the significance is to whether or not you produced eggs on your left side, right or on both sides? I'm on my second round of IUI and my doctor told me I produced one egg on each side. When I asked him he said this really had no significance.
624274 tn?1262709753 Well, I took Cloey to the vet today. Good news is she'll be ok. Bad news is she has worms and lots of them. They were the cause of everything. They gave her medicine to get rid of them and boosted her vaccinations. I have to take her back in three weeks to get more vaccinations and another round of worm medication. Other than that she is doing great. I am so happy and relieved. But now there is another concern. There is a chance my boys may have worms. That really worries me.
Avatar n tn he needs to be on a good quality diet. I am less concerned about the kitten/cat food difference than I am the quality of the diet. Consider getting some Iams, Science Diet or Pro Plan kitten formulations. What do you fed your other cats? I hope this gets better for you soon! Sounds like your nose needs a break!!
20066531 tn?1489451922 What kind of worms did the vet find? Is it possible Mayflower has a different kind of worms than the kitten, and still has them? Or do you think Mayflower just doesn't feel too good from the worm meds? If she is still not eating tomorrow or the next day, call the vet. Be sure she is getting all the water she wants.
Avatar f tn It can also be due to milk allergy and other food allergies. Too many tape worms or round worms forming a bolus or ball could also be the cause. A proper investigation is required preferably by a gastroenterologist (a doctor who looks after the digestive system) to know what is the cause. The treatment will follow correct diagnosis. Meanwhile increase fluid intake and roughage in your diet. Hope this helps. Take care!
584238 tn?1235769865 This is a problem that everyone who has ever struggled to lose weight (including myself) wishes they had! I would have your dog dewormed even if you believe he does not have parasites, just in case. Having a fecal sample performed would be a good idea, but tape worm is very difficult to find in a stool sample, so even if the fecal result was negative, your dog could still have parasites. Drontal Plus anti-parasitic medication would be a good choice since it kills tape worm.
Avatar m tn i am 39 and over the past 5 years suffering from alot of stomach pain inconsistant stool patterns bleeding from the back passage and always feeling hungry i have visited my gp which told me i had internal piles to which i have changed my diet by eating alot more fibre to soften the stools which has helped alot i was a heavy drinker to which i have cut down from 4 strong lagers a night to 4drinks per month my main problem is i can not put any weight on and fear i may have some kind of parasite in
Avatar f tn Make sure that you eat a healthy and well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat fish (make sure all meat and fish is thoroughly cooked before eating). Eat fibre rich foods like Wheetabix, Shredded Wheat, porridge, fruit with skins on and vegetables. Drink plenty of fluids. 2 litres of water a day is usually recommended, more if you sweat a lot. Cut our or cut down on sugary, processed and junk foods.
Avatar n tn If she got better on goat's milk, I would cut all cow's milk products out of her diet entirely. No cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, things made with milk, etc. If the spasms are out of her control, the doctors should be interested in helping you. If they are just behavioral, she'll probably outgrow the habit as she finds she can poo without having all that congestion.
513918 tn?1212391540 It's so strange this is happening. My 5 and a half month old husky/shepherd suddenly lost interest in his food. He lost about 3 pounds in 3 days. I took him to the vet assuming it was something like worms but they wouldn't check for worms because he had a check up 4 weeks ago. They said it's possible he ate some sort of plant or something that he wasn't supposed to and it's made him ill.
Avatar f tn Also, the diarrhea can cause dehydration very quickly, particularly in a kitten, even if they are still drinking an eating. Since he goes out it could also be from a wide variety of worms or other parasites. Most are not visible to the naked eye. In the absence of parasites causing the diarrhea, I have had great success is using probiotics (available as liquid or powder) for feline diarrhea.
Avatar m tn Are there any definitive lab tests to determine if a cat has worms of any type? I have a cat that has had chronic diarrhea for over a year. I've taken him to several vets. They have ruled out the typical parasites like giardia and even T. Foetus. One vet wanted to give the cat NEMEX (pyrantel pamoate) oral liquid to kill any potential worms, even though none were seen on microscopic examination.
Avatar f tn I Was just wondering if anyone can tell me if these are tapeworms or heart worms and if so is there any type of medication that I can get without taking her to the vet until i can get my hands on her paperwork? Thank you.
Avatar m tn How do I verify if I actually have worms? What type of worms might they be and how can I get rid of them. Also, as I mentioned I've had these symptoms for a while, what possible damage could these critters have caused and is there anything I should be worried about? Lastly, could they be affecting my immunity, as I've had some issues in the last year with staff infections.