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Avatar f tn I am a new mom, I delivered my baby 4 months ago, I want to go on a diet but I am afraid thst will affect my baby because I am breast feeding her
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm back again. It's been going ok so far and my first outbreak is almost over. The blisters have healed and some have basically disappeared already. What I wanted to know sensitive is the herpes virus to the foods you eat in particular foods high in arginine. I've done my research and I know that I need to avoid those foods but if I do have them once in a while...
1597891 tn?1298849279 Alli blocks fat from being absorbed by your body; therefore, you must keep your fat intake to a minimum or you will have the side effects, which consist of uncontrollable runny, oily stools. Obviously, no one wants that....... I'd have to go back and read, but seems that fat intake must be kept to < 12 grams/meal......... I don't think McD's puts out a meal with < 12 grams of fat.......
Avatar f tn HTH Remember, your best friend is your home glucose test meter. Until you can grasp which foods your body can tolerate it is extremely important to test your glucose preprandial [before a meal] and postprandial [2-3 hours after a meal]. Preprandial provides a baseline while postprandial tells you how the foods you ate 2-3 hrs earlier affect your glucose levels. Postprandial levels should be <141 mg/dl, better yet <121 mg/dl. Normal [70-99 mg/dl] is time to celebrate.
1085545 tn?1284042254 It is hard to say what foods are available in your region of India along with foods restricted by your religious beliefs. These Google search results should help you find the answer to your question, especially in the last two links. http://tinyurl.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your replies. Does every person diagnosed have to have insulin injections or does it vary by person?
Avatar m tn I am concerned that if I even eat one trigger food, my esophagus will swell up again. Has anybody started incorporating trigger foods into your diet? Also, I am concerned because I don't usually FEEL reflux. It is more silent, I think sometimes.
Avatar n tn Food triggers are different for different persons. Some people find cold foods worsening the pain whereas some find spicy foods intolerable. Foods that contain a lot of fat may also trigger the pain. For you it seems to be the same. Please avoid spicy, high salt and high fat diet. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn my mom 78yo was dx with diabetes last wk (bld sugar 257)only symptom was tired and dry mouth..she prob had it for a while.she would eat candy and her diet was sporadic, apetitie down,,,.her dr wants her to try diet first...her sugars this past week, fasting, run about 180-240...she has stopped all sugars, is eating better, 3 meals a day, wheat breads, salad/vegs/fruit uses sugar free sodas and occass has had sugar free cookies....todays fbs was 288..I'm not sure what caused it...
880023 tn?1241744504 Honey, raw eggs and some seafood are some of the main foods to stay away from during pregnancy. Enjoy your pregnancy. I see no need to avoid the foods you enjoy (pizza, cake, cookies, pop, candy, chocolate etc.) unless you are having complications during pregnancy. Moderation is key. As long as the majority if your diet is healthy, I think indulging is very much okay.
1298409 tn?1272846202 I had been trying to boost my chances of implantation with careful diet considerations. I added milk, water, fruits, nuts, etc. And cut off some some stuff that I am adicted to (tea!!!) in an attempt to improve my odds this time. I was on the net today and read somewhere that black tea actually INCREASES ur chances of getting pregnant (http://www.natural-homeremedies.
Avatar n tn m having difficulty with the carbs. It says I should be consuming about 130 carbs but it seems to me so many foods contain carbs. An apple and banana are both things I thought was good but they contain carbs that add to my 130. Carrots is another snack I wanted to eat and also has about 10 g.
Avatar f tn If not- work on getting high protein foods into your diet, and cut back on the carbs. Your fasting sugars can usually be brought down by having a good protein/low carb snack a little bit before bed.
Avatar f tn How old are you and do your parents agree that this is a good thing to do? Veganism opens the door to many nutritional deficiencies if you don't know what nutrients are present in which foods. You really need someone to work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure you get the right foods and supplements to stay healthy. Also, veganism won't guarantee that you'll lose weight, if you don't eat the right foods in the right portion sizes.
176741 tn?1295233989 Click on - find where to buy and put in your zip code. Maybe you could get your local feed mill or even your vet to order it in for you. I get mine at a privately owned groomers.
Avatar m tn I hear your pain and thank god someone in your vet office was on the ball. I feed all my hounds raw food and why you ask ???? I used to think it was a fad until I got a 12 year old dog who without raw would never have survived as she has had a stroke and then was left at a relatives who had small dogs so she was not only starving but fighting the effects of a stroke.
332074 tn?1229560525 I have worked out for three years straight. 5 nights a week. 1 hour of cardio and 1 hour weights. Yet I have not lost any weight. I have been dianosised with high blood preasure, thyroid problems, insulin resisstance and just did get diagnosised with sleep apnea. My problem is, I have sooo many food allergies that alot of the foods that are good for a diet, I can't eat. Is there anyway I can achieve weightloss with the foods that I can eat?
Avatar m tn Eat the healthiest diet you can. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. Healthy foods help keep you strong, give you more energy and support your immune system. If you're nauseated, try eating small meals throughout the day. Choose foods that are soothing and easy to digest, such as soups, broths or a plain baked potato. A registered dietitian can be especially helpful if you have weight loss or trouble eating.
Avatar f tn Try eating more soup like foods or maybe add some yogurt to your daily diet. Eating lots of dry foods like sandwiches, hot dogs, etc. will cause constipation.
Avatar n tn HI, You do still have a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes, just based solely on your already having had this during your first pregnancy--the risk does increase with subsequent pregnancies. However it is not 100% in either direction, yay or nay. The best thing you can do, as suggested by "melaniemac" is to optimize your health before you try to conceive. This does mean losing a few pounds, exercising regularly, eating healthy foods that are high in fiber.
Avatar f tn s in your best interest to incorporate some exercise into your weekly routine. It helps to keep your heart healthy and your body working properly. So, try to walk, life some light weights, bike, or whatever you enjoy several times a week. As to diet, the first step is to take a serious look at it. I recently did this myself. I eliminated processed foods. All crackers, chips, processed frozen meals, etc. Sugar is next to go.
Avatar f tn With dd I was 155 pre-preg, delivered at 210 (wow!) and was down to 158 8m post-partum and I was eating like a hog and no exercise. This time I was 155 pre-preg but only got up to 163 and now at 6m post-partum I'm 129. I'm not exercising and trying to eat as much as I can! FWIW, both babies EBF (dd until 12m, ds still going).
Avatar f tn When you begin a diet, you probably lose weight faster because much of it is water weight. As you continue on your diet, the weight loss slows down. You burn fewer calories the less you weigh. For example, a 180-pound person might burn 409 calories per hour doing low-impact aerobics. However, a 130-pound person burns only 295 calories doing the same. So if you keep doing the same activities, your weight loss slows down or stops.
Avatar n tn Most of my knowledge is from trial and error, and everyone is different. I hope this is of help in your finding the diet that works for you.