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176741 tn?1295237589 I love a Christmas-time specialy that my aunt makes-vodka slush-and without the vodka, this is curing my icee craving right now. I mix a 12 oz. can of pink lemonade with about a quart or a bit more of cranberry juice and freeze. Once frozen, scrape out mixture, put in a glass and add some diet Sprite. As much or little as you want. Yum!!!! Gotta slush is calling me!
1360484 tn?1277735814 I make this for work a lot and they love it. Instead of icing, I just spread a container of cool whip on top. throw on a couple of in season fruits and it looks fancier than it is :) these smell awful I think when you are mixing them but once baked, they are really yummy! good when you have that sweet craving for breakfast or as a snack.
296340 tn?1336167601 also too you can get diet coke zero or diet coke caffiene free..they both are caffiene free ...if you are too worried about indulging ina full soda... Goodluck!!
Avatar f tn I had chicken fingers and fries with BBQ sauce and had a Coke Icee on the way home from the movie. I also had a ham sandwich with a handful of pretzels and some diet pop just before bed and I only gained 0.8. I had a regular breakfast and lunch along with my afternoon snack. I can do it! I still want to get my weight down a little but this is a really big feat for me. I hope to do it again. I'm going to stay at 28 points for a few days and see what happens. Yippee!!!