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Avatar m tn Married 1 year ago but no pregnancy yet. Please check my semen report, is it normal? if not, can it be recovered through some diet & exercise or medical treatment is required? Please guide. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION Volume 2.
1491327 tn?1313572712 Dear All, i have completede 1 year of my marriage. 1st 4 months we didn't check myself. afterthat i checked semen analysis. 1st report shows below 1million/ml& motility 10%. after 10 days i checked in one famouse hospital, that time report shows below 1million/ml& motility 0%. then they gave some tablets for night and morning time. i took continuesly 3 months. after that i tested 30million/ml. total qty:2ml motility:30%.
Avatar m tn Hi! Scattered foci of increased T2/Flair signals indicate small vessel ischemic disease or changes of brain blood vessels. These changes are seen in multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's or Wilson's Disease, migraine headaches, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Though they are of no immediate threat, all these causes, and the presence of ischemic changes can be a risk factor for future stroke. Hypoplastic vertebral artery also increases risk of stroke.
Avatar m tn My father 64 yrs went through a Thallium Stress test. His report reads the following, Could some one help me understand what it really means. He has had not heart ailments so far. He is Hypertensive and diabetic and takes regular medicines and is very strict with his diet and exercises daily. The report Stress Isotope myocardial perfusion scintigraphy done following i/v injection of 300 MBq at rest and 900 MBq of Tc99m Sesta-MIBI at Bruce. Mr. U.D. carried out exercise for 10:30 mins.
1563692 tn?1300340033 Contents of cystic haemorrhagic nodule, exact nature of which is undetermined from this examination. Epithelial cell content is low. The fluid consists mainly of foamy macrophages and other inflammatory cells in a granular protienaceous background. Numerous crystal clefts and occassional bland epithelial cells, mostly dispersed singly, are present. The appearences are in keeping with contents of a cyst, possibly in the setting of a multinodular goitere.
17277480 tn?1455212091 I have an appointment for report analysis day after tomorrow. Can someone please have look at my reports to tell me if it is worth peaceful sleep for next two night.
338416 tn?1420049302 For those of you who have wondered about the MS Diet, whether it's the MS Recovery Diet or the Swank diet, you'll need to read this article. The author says that there's no MS diet that has been proven to help prevent disease progression. Research has shown that excluding anything from your diet is a bad idea - unless you're actually allergic to the ingredient. So what should you eat? To summarize the article...
Avatar m tn The main issues I can see are 1. your weight. 18 stone is very heavy 2. your cholesterol which probably reflects bad diet (hence the weight) 3. your left ventricle hypertrophy (concentric). There are 2 types of hypertrophy. Eccentric is when the heart chambers increase with no extra muscle support forming, so the walls get thinner. This eventually leads to heart failure.
Avatar m tn 5 . LFT KFT tests are also normal. recently on 8 April 2016 I got my cardiac CT angiography done, report is given below- LM- Normal origin and course. No significant disease. LAD- Normal origin and course. Patent Mid LAD stent noted . Mild proximal LAD disease with eccentric calcified plaques. Diagonals- Normal origin and course. No significant disease. LCx - Normal origin and course. Mild distal LCX disease. Obtuse Marginals- Normal origin and course. No significant disease.
Avatar m tn 6 BODY FAT 27% VISCERAL FAT -9 BMR 1612 BMI 24.8 They said to take their company diet but i want to correct my report on my behalf can you please tell me what should on from my end?
Avatar m tn The consensus on diet and cancer is that obesity increases the risk of developing cancer. Particular dietary practices often explain differences in cancer incidence in different countries (e.g. gastric cancer is more common in Japan, while colon cancer is more common in the United States. In this example the preceding consideration of Haplogroups are excluded).
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Avatar m tn hi I am 56 old male. My urine analysis reads as under: colour: pale yellow raction: acid specific gravity: 1.
Avatar m tn Semen Analysis report is as under Volum 4 ml SPERM ACCOUNT 15 MILLION/ML SPERM MOTALITY AT 15 MINS (%) 20 Sperm motality at 1 hrs (%) 10 Opinion Oligoasthenozoospermia
Avatar f tn EnteroLab Specialized Laboratory Analysis for Optimum Intestinal and Overall Health Kenneth D. Fine, M.D. Medical Director 10875 Plano Rd.
Avatar m tn EF: 64% EDV: 179 ml ESV: 91ml SV: 88 ml Cardiac output: 4.2 L/min Myocardial mass: 150 g Myocardial volume: 142 ml Heart rate: 48 bpm When my doctor reviewed the report he recommended as a final step to make sure everything to make E.C.G with stress test which showed no problem. Then my doctor told me that I’m in a good condition according and have to forget the issue. However, I’m still suffering from heavy pressure on my chest plus a shorten in breath whether I’m relaxed or exercising.
Avatar n tn During this time ive been consuming alot of water but in the second urine analysis in april i had oxalate. My sister who is a biologist adviced me to change the diet coz the diet was the one causing the problems however i was drinking alot of water. What could be your advice? The biggist problem is that im having constant pain in my big toe of the right foot, from the nail up to the toe.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone! I am 27 years old male from Mumbai (India). I have been suffering from digestion related issues since last 3 years. I have consulted with Allopathic, Ayurvedic & Homeopathic doctors before & all of them claimed my issue to be IBS. But recently I consulted with a Gastroenterologist when I got to see blood on stools. He prescribed me few tests & I have got them done.
Avatar m tn What have you done to change your diet? Have you heard of or tried the paleo diet? check out or or even the It sounds like you have a food intolerance and trying to figure out what is causing this is your best bet of relieving the pain. Cutting out grains especially GLUTEN/WHEAT and DAIRY will probably do you wonders!
Avatar m tn Protein in the urine, you should go for full Urine analysis and also Diabetic analysis. You also should go for Liver Function tests. Proper diet should be planned along with the dietician after you get the results of all the tests we advised. Scans and Ultrasonography of the regions should also be undertaken. Alternatively you take a back X-ray to rule out spine problems.
Avatar n tn She is having me complete a MetaMetrics urine analysis metabolic panel. She is sending a copy of the report along with another report and phone call to my neurologist. She wants to work with him about the nutrition aspect. She told me about the seminar and what she learned. There are certain foods and combinations of foods that can increase the inflammation of the body and lead to diseases that express similar symptoms. This is in connection with hormonal changes and fluctuations.
Avatar m tn I have done the sperm count and culture and the report declare that i have low sperm count. Please i have been treated for it and i was given clomid tablet. Please what do i do next. and my wife knows about this.
Avatar m tn i can see it swelling up after eating anything and i pass excessive gas and then the distention decreases a urinary analysis was normal with only 2-3 hpf pus cells.liver function tests were also doctor asked me to have a pbf smear test for anemia which was also normal but i have low HB value of ultrasound report was also normal.i underwent esr test which revealed a value of 8.also my total leukocyte count is it normal?
Avatar m tn Dear Sir, i’m 29 old male mentioned below my semen analysis. please let me know whether it is normal or not? if abnormal how to increase the sperm..? i’m also smoker regular weekly twice drinks. please advice me for the diet. can i get baby or not? Colour : Greyish white volume : 3.0 ml Viscosity : Moderately Viscous Reaction : Alkaline 8.5 Liquefication Time : completed with in 30 MTS Motility Active -2% Sluggish-25% NP -8% NM -65% Total Count : 45.
469720 tn?1388149949 What Is High Blood Cholesterol? Cholesterol levels are determined through chemical analysis of a blood sample taken from a finger ***** or from a vein in the arm. Home cholesterol kits, first approved in 1993, test only for total cholesterol levels but are as accurate as tests done in a doctor's office, says Steven Gutman, M.D., director of FDA's division of clinical laboratory devices.
Avatar m tn hi I am 56 old male. My urine analysis reads as under: colour: pale yellow raction: acid specific gravity: 1.
Avatar n tn I recently had an Exercise nuclear myocardial perfusion study (SPECT). Findings: "severe profusion defect at basal to mid inferior wall with larger deficit at resting images (reverse distribution), consistent with attenuation artifact. Cannot rule out MI at basal inferior wall. Wall motion analysis reveals: Normal wall motion of all myocardial segments." My cardiologist left a message that "everything is fine". The findings sound rather ominous to me. What do you think?