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Avatar m tn But not all of that energy goes into moving the blood. Some of it is stored as potential energy in the increased blood pressure, some is stored as elastic energy in the walls of the vessel (inner lining of vessel), and some is lost to dissipation. Regarding the age that would more accurately refer anatomically and not chronologically, and age can break down the inner lining and a loss of elasticity. This would inhibit vessel remodeling.
Avatar f tn He said he would wait another six weeks and then maybe draw my labs. About a week later everything hit me like a ton of bricks....I had absolutely no energy, I was constipated and depressed just to name a little. Without realizing it, I had also gained about 15 pounds. So I called up Dr. D. He told the nurse to have me come in for labwork. The following morning I arrived for my labwork and later that afternoon they called me to ask where I would like my Levothyroxine script called into.
Avatar n tn I had been quite discouraged and thought it has been an endless list of things, allergies, asthma, diabetes, thyroid, cardiovascular, diet, depression, overall lack of energy needing detoxed, just having the "A-G-E"disease and the small kids combo... and have more or less gone to specialists regarding all of these. In the interim, I will start the probiotics. I think I will go the route with the Danactive Immunity drinkable yogurts that are "probiotics" .
429155 tn?1205676864 ) was real bad, feel a bit sweaty, stomach turning overand the chills, legs were crawling, but can walk that off.My energy levels seem to need a boost Hmmmm, Lucozade drink maybe ??.. Wednesday 17:00- 20:00 a bit shivery, 21:00 flu like symtoms return and am very tired, cold and shivers,also having bad mood swings. 21:30 take 2 sleeping pills and awake at 05:45. 7 DAYS 2 hrs NOW. ( CLEAN ).