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Diet after gallbladder removal

Common Questions and Answers about Diet after gallbladder removal


Avatar n tn I read online that it is common after gallbladder removal and some people it gets better over time and others always have diarrhea. Does your husband feel better atleast after gallbladder removal?? I had mine removed but it did not take away the pain.
Avatar n tn Did any of you have trouble with milk products, ice cream, fats, fried foods and/or spicy foods AFTER gallbladder removal and for how long after? Did any of you have years of touchy stomach after removal? I am talking about dietary restrictions, not abnormal or sharp pain. I am talking about loose stools, cramps, diahrrea and/or gas after eating certain foods AFTER removal of gallbladder.
1943695 tn?1324041042 s started with clear fluids, soft solid diet and then normal diet. Avoid all fatty food as gall bladder removal can cause fatty food intolerance. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Hey there. IBS is very common after gallbladder removal. I would talk to your doctor about this. There are newer medications that might really help you. I would go to a bland diet and add things in slowly to see what effect different items have. You can journal it. Then you will be left with a safe diet of foods. Fiber in particular can be tricky for flatulence. Be careful with all fiber foods and introduce slowly such as nuts, legumes, breads, cereals, vegetables with higher fiber, etc.
Avatar f tn Sounds familiar. I can't go anywhere where there is no bathroom facilities close by. When I have to go, which is many times a day, it is emergent! I have found that my life is almost non-functioning since the removal of my gallbladder and all bowel evacuations burn but first severe cramping and pain. I almost think I would have rather kept the gallbladder and accepted whatever was going to happen that way. This is not much of a life.
1427811 tn?1282967954 me too i have gained 45 pounds since my gallbladder was removed two years ago, i havent been checked for thyroid diease but i have been told that the reason for my weight gain is because our gallbladder is used to breakdown the bile but since we dont have it anymore there isnt anything to help breakdown the bile and some how it doesnt let us lose weight fast enough.
Avatar f tn what can i do after gallbladder removal to replace gallbladder surgery . I gained weight after this surgery.
Avatar n tn He has the same pains that he had when he had his gallbladder. I know that a lot of times the pain persists even after the removal of the gallbladder but we went to the ER and all they said was that he had a UTI. They gave him some antibiotics and some something for the nausea but nothing seems to help. What should we do?
Avatar f tn After gallbladder removal you still have bile ducts. If by feeling the gallbladder you mean feeling the same kind of problems as before, they may be caused by small stones or biliary sludge sticking in the bile duct... After gallbladder removal, bile is constantly flowing into your intestine, and sometimes not all can be re-absorbed in the distal part of the small intestine, so it reaches the colon and irritates it. This can cause diarrhea.
1926753 tn?1322970598 There are also rare occurrences where people still suffer from gallbladder like problems. If you are on a low fat diet, maybe you should make an appointment with your doctor to see if your body has a problem with excess bile.
2000799 tn?1327430996 I have a similar side-effect after my gallbladder removal. (along with other issues not necessarily caused by removing the gallbladder). Ask your pharmacist about products like metamucil.....because certain types of fibre can actually help bind up the diarrhea.
Avatar n tn just had surgery fri Laparoscopic surgery removal of gallbladder wondering what types of food i can eat thanks
Avatar n tn The fact is that there are a LOT of possible side effects after the removal of your gallbladder (most stemming from either (a) problems with the surgery, or (b) another underlying condition like SOD). However, by far the most common is diarrhea (usually after eating fatty meals). For the record, however, the gallbladder doesn't help digest anything. The BILE the gallbladder holds is pumped out into the small intestine whenever there's fat there so that it can be digested.
Avatar n tn I am a 56 yrs old male, I was rushed into hospital with acute cholecystitis(1st sept 2011),however I did not have surgery until after 5 days after my admission.I am experiencing pains on my right side with is located under my ribs.The pains gets worse if I take a deep breath.
Avatar n tn There were at least 20 very small structure stones found in the gallbladder. However, even after removal I continue to feel pain quite frequently in my right front chest. The pain gets more worse after a long strecth work. I am maintaining a good diet and try to eat small amount in regular intervals. Recently, I had MRI scan and it is observed that a small stone has been formed in the bile duct. What could be the cause of pain and what is the solution for that?
Avatar f tn re trying to figure out what caused the memory loss the diabetes or the gallbladder removal.
Avatar m tn Hi, bowel movements can alter based on the diet you take. The reason we recommend removal of the gallbladder in patients with symptomatic gallbladder disease is because they have a 1 in 3 chance of developing a significant complication such as acute cholecystitis, pancreatitis, cholangitis, etc. The risk of death when we are forced to deal with folks in the face of one of these complications rises 100 fold. So, you can opt for elective gallbladder removal. Regards.