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Avatar n tn i have taken diclofenac for over 20 years with no side effects i have had to come off the tablets 75mg x twice day 4 days ago as I am showing some drying of kidneys from another mediation to ensure it is that one i have come off anything whih might affect me.
Avatar f tn I feel like I'm going to die and I know that is part of withdrawal but my heart feels like it is going to come out of my chest. And my lungs burn like hellfire. Should I go to the doctor? Its been 72+ hours since my last dose of hydrocodone.
Avatar n tn I was taking 15mg of hydrocodone a day for about a month. I can not for the life of me figure out how I could be suffering withdrawal. I know all are different, but yesterday I had a screaming headache, and this morning I have anxiety, worse than the last couple of days. I don't have an anxiety to where I have to have the pills, it's just anxious feeling, like before you reach the top of a rollercoster, but it does not go away. I sleep 6 to 8 hours, now, thank god.
Avatar f tn I am regretting that decision now!! My withdrawal symptoms seem to be a general unwell feeling, lack of appetite, thirsty alot, raised temperature from the skin (not fever though) but inside I feel so cold, and to add to it now, I have just gone through the entire night without even a minutes sleep (and it isn't through lack of trying!!) and of course, pain....my pain in my back and down my leg has appeared, but i guess thats what the tramadol has been treating. I don't know what to do!
Avatar n tn Only been on these 30/500 tabs along with diclofenac 75mg for 6 weeks. I discontinued the diclofenac 'cause they were upsetting my tummy just taking the co-codamol 4 times daily, my pain improved so cut down to six, then 4 then two. from the first cut down I experienced various symptoms, sweating, being ancious, crying, shivering and not least diorreah, is this normal after only being on the tabs a short time . does anyone know? I am now not taking any and feel terrible.Please can someone help.
Avatar m tn Can long term sub users who have gone through withdrawal please help me? I was always told the withdrawal would be very mild, and this is a miracle drug. I will say, my life and habits have changed. I have no desire to use any pills at the moment, and I don't expect that to change. I was abusing hydros after 2 shoulder surgeries. Counseling and support from friends and family (who I was deathly afraid to talk to) has been amazing.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a chronic pain issue and need a bit of help with withdrawal from norco and oxy. Here's the full scoop.... I have been taking them for about 3 months, and my doctor has been rotating between norco and oxy during that time. I was either taking 4-8 per day of 10/375 norcos or 4-8 5mg oxy per day. While being out of pain felt fantastic, I felt like hell when I wasn't on them because of the sense of euphoria I was given.
Avatar m tn Finally, last Monday it became unbearable I went to the ER and the doctor still didn't know what my problem is but he prescribed me with diclofenac and prochlorperazine. The doctor also mentioned that my tonsil is swollen, which is weird coz I didn't feel any pain or sorethroat. Both the medication did not relief my headache/tinnitus and to make it worse, I have been having problem sleeping ever since I'm taking those medication (diclofenac/prochlorperazine).
557111 tn?1219715647 Any pain medication will leave you with some withdrawal symptoms as well as if you have pain it is no longer be treated. Others will post with additional information, comments and suggestions. I wish this was not happening to you and I am sorry you are feeling so lousy. I would discuss this with my physician. Best of luck to you .
14780993 tn?1436471302 What ever the situation your physicians can help you with the plan. Yes withdrawal can be difficult - but many have gone through it successfully. There are medications and things that you can do like exercise, healthy eating and plenty of fluids that will ease some of the symptoms. We are not the forum that can offer you the most suggestions in this arena. If you decide to go that route his a link to our forum that can help you: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 150mg of diclofenac (split over 3 times a day), 600mg Tramadol ( again split up 3 times a day), 450mg Pregabalin (split up twice a day) & 60mg of dihydrocodine at night for about 5 months. I stopped taking the Tramadol 1 week ago and am having problems sleeping. I want to stop taking everything else., What symptoms am i likely to have if i just stop taking all these tablets in the morning. I'm prepared to deal with the pain, if only I could tell what the pain was anymore!
Avatar m tn If you've been taking vicodin for 6 years now, then no doubt you are having withdrawal. I think you should talk to your doctor and try a tapering plan. Do you take them as prescribed? Do you take more? Run out early? Even if you take them exactly as prescribed and are not an 'addict' per say your body is physically addicted/dependent on this medication. You can approach it that way with your doctor.
Avatar n tn You also could apply local diclofenac or some other analgesic ge to the neck and back region. Try some neck and back exercises - they might help. Also try to sleep well. Avoid any alcohol or smoking. Also see if your headache is brought about by or increased due to any stress factors like loud noise, strong lights etc. It would be best to consult your family physician first and then a neurologist if the symptoms still persist.
Avatar f tn 5 for 4 days, 1 for 4 days, 1 every other day for 4 days and if needed (as to avoid withdrawal) half every other day for 4 days. If you try to stop cold turkey you will feel awful and your pain will increase. It's a rebound pain from the absence of the opiate and your body retaliating because your endorphins are no longer able to block the pain you normally can, therefore your pain tolerance is down until your endorphins wake back up (usually takes about 2 weeks).
Avatar f tn I can't consult with dr they don't take me seriously they just send me home I'm currently taking high doses of dihydrocodeine and paracetamol which is dangerous I know in terms of liver I abuse alcohol to the highest degree when taking this particular opitate these medication u have mentioned ill shall look into them I've seroquel and epilim and dimenhydrinate for anywas and I take trazadone for sleep I wonder would all this combination benefit me in terms of withdrawal symptoms and painkiller w
1085084 tn?1273765237 Regardless if you taper from sub, there will some withdrawal. But its not really a horrible withdrawal like oxys did to me. I was only placed on subs for 3 month with a taper. Experienced mostly body aches and slight diarhhea.
Avatar n tn 20MG Adderall (once daily), 50MG Pristiq (for anxiety, once daily), 10MG Percocet (3X daily), 50MG Ultram (1-2 pills at a time, 3X daily, Soma (350MG 3X daily), and Diclofenac (75MG twice daily). In addition, the last two Saturdays I have awoken with a HORRIBLE headache. I attribute that, however, to caffeine withdrawal (I drink coffee during the week). And while I'm listing my illnesses, I should also mention that I have had approximately 25 kidney stones in the last three years alone.
Avatar n tn There were no throbbing sensations, just a headache that could be described as a caffeine-withdrawal type of headache (I've had those before). As the headache worsened, I experienced much stronger visual disturbances. These are very difficult to describe as they seem like they should be more like hallucinations than the typical flashing lights and zig-zag patterns of an aura (have had these on occasion).
Avatar n tn There were no throbbing sensations, just a headache that could be described as a caffeine-withdrawal type of headache (I've had those before). As the headache worsened, I experienced much stronger visual disturbances. These are very difficult to describe as they seem like they should be more like hallucinations than the typical flashing lights and zig-zag patterns of an aura (have had these on occasion).
Avatar f tn Doc has put me on diclofenac and codipar,but they dont really help,Anyone else getting pains in arms as well as legs??????Would love to hear from anyone who has a similar story,Thanks.
Avatar f tn do you have access to diclofenac? it is an anti-inflamatory med with no addiction problems. i was just given a recipe for mixing it witha lotion and rubbing it into the skin to relieve pain. trying it right now. if you can control the pain with something like that, after the wd's, and even during, it would be great. if you can get them, barely cover 20 75 mg pills with water. or 30 50 mg pills if that is what you can get. let them set over night and disolve.
521502 tn?1212139755 cocodamol cocodine diazepam Anitriptyline Ibuprofen Diclofenac paracetamol a course of 3 epidurals Tramadol There are plenty more as well. This is just a taster to what I have tried to relieve myself from this pain. Every time I see my GP or every time that I am in so much pain that I have to drag myself to the hospital, they do not take me seriously. They just keep bumping me off with pain killers. The thought of an operation is possible, however.
Avatar f tn Will I be able to tolerate the pain withdrawal symptoms and what can you advise for me to take in its place that is safe. I am allergic to diclofenac (Panamor) so no help there. Did you take any pain meds in the detox time? Please help me for I develeped more pain and blood circulation problems by taking it for so long, Parts of my body go numb all the time and I have lots of twitching all over and muscle spasms. Is that normal when you abuse Stopayne?
Avatar m tn He also, like many people, had an uneducated aversion towards morphine, so he tried everything else first. Diclofenac (another NSAID) was his favorite pill, which ultimately wiped out virtually all the platelets from his blood, and caused systematic internal bleeding. Of all the conventional things, I'd say Fentanyl patch was most effective with least side-effects, but his pain was 24/7. By far the worst drugs were Tramadol and corticosteroids. Don't even wanna go into that...
Avatar f tn Since I'm feeling fine I stop taking the hydrocodone, was only on it a month. OK, now I understand withdrawal. I'm MISERABLE. I haven't slept in 4 days, other then 15 minutes at a time a couple dozes a night. I've been told it should start getting better now. I just want to sleep so bad I could cry, and have actually, and I'm really not the crying type. But the worst part, the pain has started coming back. It's beautiful out and I'm in bed again.
Avatar m tn How can I kick this habit without feeling the withdrawal symptoms too badly? I've been trying to take as little as possible, but whenever I try and stop all together, the symptoms are terrible and there is no way I could go to work. Any help would be great. I had no idea I was forming this habit over the last 10ish weeks. If I knew my body would have gotten physically addicted over that time period I wouldve stopped much sooner. I can't handle having this drug control how I feel everyday.
981443 tn?1250119402 One cause is unusual conditions in the upper and middle GI tract such as that created by misoprostol and Arthrotec (misoprostol plus diclofenac), Amongst other things, misoprostol is a smooth muscle agent which both a contact and systemic mucousagogue which coats the stomach and adjacent areas with increasing amounts of mucus. This can result in everything from even slower onset of action to intact tablets being passed with stool.
Avatar n tn As all of you I am addicted to syndol I had a nervous breakdown 6yrs ago found syndol help the tension have been taking them ever since I once tried to stop by going cold turkey was ok but after 3 days I gave in to the addiction because I didn,t like the withdrawal symptons. So I sympathise with you all.... I suppose I am lucky I am only taking 2 tabs a day which is not bad considering....
1684282 tn?1505701570 I have gotten myself to the point that I am out of medication and I am now dealing with the withdrawal symptoms without any relief. I cannot handle the restless leg and the sweating and chills along with not sleeping. I have called my dr to see if he can call me in anything to help with the symptoms but I don’t think he will help me out." "He is sick of taking tablets and wants to feel 'normal', so he has decided to stop the tramadol.
262477 tn?1189759434 I wonder everyday if I am addicted to the Percocet, but I don't have any other symptoms of opiate withdrawal after not taking it for maybe 12 hours, which is the longest my body will allow me to be off of it due to the constant aching I feel all over my body. Any ideas or suggestions would be so apppreciated. I feel like I'm going crazy and the doctors don't understand... ...