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Avatar m tn My codeine habut eventally grew into an1800mg/day habit but realistically, I didn't need the pills from probably a few days after the surgery. After that, it was all about recreational use. Now that I am clean, I feel the nerve damage and am more aware of the plates but they are at most uncomfortable, not really painful. So based on all of that, I'm guessing that maybe you've done something similar - although the steroid injections aren't something I experienced.
Avatar m tn How old you are, how long you have been taking drugs both recreational or prescribed. How healthy your immune system is and how many meds you come off at once. You sound like you know some about this because you mentioned the physical & mental. The physical will go bye pretty quick, it is the mental that takes some time. I like to study all of this in a more Scientific way..All about the Map of the Brain and how all the wiring up stairs gets unbalanced. There is so so so much more to it.
Avatar f tn I was told it was considered dependence, not addiction, if a patient/person takes medication as prescribed...not for recreational use...when needed for chronic pain that after years of dosage tolerance and changes begins to get to a point where you've realized you've become dependent on a drug that used to help you function, but now either requires going to a stronger pain med or putting on the brakes and starting anew...
Avatar n tn I am in a little pain but I am still on Motrin 800mg and muscle relaxer and Gabapentin.. Sometimes instead of taking Motrin I take Diclofenac which the DR gave me for anti inflamitory and pain. I REALIZE that I CAN live without it.... At first I was so scared, I felt like I NEEDED that drug to live... IMAGINE that and I only took it for 4-5 weeks... How can I become addicted in 4-5 weeks.. Now I would not really call it an addiction..
Avatar f tn Is he/she dismissive in your complaints of what's going on with your body and how it interferes with your life (work and recreational)? I would encourage you to find a MS Specialist in your area and see them. You must be able at some point to apply for disability and Social Security. You would go to your local social security office and ask about your options and set up an appointment and they can have their own doctor(s) evaluate you.
620923 tn?1452919248 As for the Ketamine, that is often used as a recreational drug since it can be the cause of hallucinogenic effects...and can cause one to feel detached. Just reading side effect of Ketamine, I know it is not something I could possibly try... but I do hope if u do try it u have positive results.No way to know until someone tries it.
Avatar m tn The reason for such stringent rules for narcotic prescription prescribing, is because of people who abuse the use of narcotics, by either recreational use, illegal selling and distribution, and accidental or intentional overdose, which can lead to death. Doctor's are audited each time a narcotic script writing creates a pattern with one, or many patients. A need for pain narcotics diagnosis must be clearly stated in the patients Federal Doppler record for narcotic prescriptions.