Diclofenac in early pregnancy

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Avatar n tn Like I said, about 4 months into pregnancy, progesterone must've kicked in and endo started shrinking in size about 1 cm each week. Pregnancy does not cure endo completely, made it go away latter part of pregnancy but endo will come back. It *****...
Avatar f tn I am just wondering if anyone else has accidentally taken an NSAID (Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, etc) in early pregnancy? I sustained a really bad back injury and was prescribed one and only took a few before I found out I was very newly pregnant. I am such a worrier anyway and never take ANYTHING when I am pregnant. I didn't even thing about the fact that I could be pregnant! Now I just can't seem to get it off of my mind. I called my Dr and they told me not to worry but I still am...
Avatar f tn Bloods are only hcg 39 and scan showed nothing up due to me being too early. When I say early I mean it!! My last period was the 18th of this month!! Making me around 2 weeks pregnant.. I'm going back tomorrow and praying my levels have gone up has this happened to anyone else????
Avatar n tn Therefore, Robaxin should not be used in women who are or may become pregnant and particularly during early pregnancy unless in the judgment of the physician the potential benefits outweigh the possible hazards. NURSING MOTHERS: Methocarbamol and/or its metabolites are excreted in the milk of dogs; however, it is not known whether methocarbamol or its metabolites are excreted in human milk.
Avatar m tn While it's highly unlikely that taking a single dose of aspirin in early or mid-pregnancy will have a harmful affect, the drug can cause problems for both you and your baby if you take it regularly in normal adult doses while you're pregnant. So, except in a few cases, it's best to avoid aspirin altogether during this time. Here's why: Studies have linked aspirin to various pregnancy complications.
Avatar n tn I am concerned that if I take these tablets and I am very early pregnancy It would cause problems. Have any of you felt this severe pain after intercourse? I really don't know what to do...
1939607 tn?1324292900 My cycle is usually 31 days (it may vary from 28 days to 35 days but usually it's 31 days) so I am not expecting my period until early June (2-3 weeks from now). My last period (which was a delayed one but since all my tests are normal, my OB attributed this to stress)was a bit lighter in "intensity" (mostly brown discharge and watery red) but lasted the usual number of days.
Avatar m tn My cycles are normally fairly regular, 26-28 days with ovulation on about day 14-15. I don't chart temps or anything, normally I go by my ewcm which I have in abundance for about 5 days before ovulation! So I normally count the last day of ewcm as my o day. Well this month think I ovulated on cd 19, which was 17 days ago. (Had ewcm from day 14-19. Very odd, never ever had it that late!
Avatar f tn If you are a woman and had this surgery before you had children, did you experience problems during/after your pregnancy? I'm really hoping to start a family in the next year or so. Also, any tips or advice on weightloss after the procedure is greatly appreciated. I had hoped and planned on losing 30 - 50 pounds this year working out and dieting. Now that I'm scheduled for surgery, it doesn't seem as though I'm going to be able to go at it as tough as I was hoping to.
1684282 tn?1505701570 There is an appropriate use for each and every medication on the market, including the strongest narcotics, which I used in my daily practice for controlling acute pain in postoperative patients. Some patients in intractable, chronic or cancer pain need to be on long term opiates under close supervision of a physician. However, pharmaceutical companies have been successful in persuading the FDA in not scheduling tramadol, also known by its brand name Ultram, as a non-controlled substance.
Avatar f tn The Dr. specializes in SJ problems, among other things. So, I go see this dr, in the hopes of a better diagnosis I don't take meds that morning, though I took a celebrex the morning before and maybe 2 hydrocodone. Of course, for the first time in 4 months I'm so close to pain free (comparatively of course), and I did tell him that. He has the report of the pelvic MRI and the results from the nerve test.
Avatar n tn My left kidney is the one that hurts, and is also the one that previously had blockage (due to a rare pregnancy complication), and had a nephrostomy tube in it (tube that is inserted through the back into the kidney to carry urine to a bag attached to the leg). So, I am also VERY aware of where my kidneys are and when they are hurting, so I went to my Urologist. My Urologist told me that the pain IS my kidney, but offered my no other explanation other than possible reflux of the urine.
Avatar f tn However, I was told that there was no sign of any bacteria in my urine sample, even after culturing it (along with no STDs, no pregnancy, and all those other commonly assumed causes when a 22 year old sexually active female is involved in just about anything in the medical community). They gave me antibiotics anyway, since i was in extreme discomfort, along with some pill resembling AZO (over the counter bladder numb-er).
1047234 tn?1253547296 I conceived triplets and miscarried 2 of the babies, so doc felt it best to protect remaining baby by giving me RhoGam injections throughout my pregnancy. He is now in his late 20's but has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD/Impulsive Disorder. Now I have problems, including autoimmune disorders. I am concerned that the mercury based preservative once used in RhoGam and many other immunizations, has played a HUGE role in my conditions AND my sons health issues.
Avatar m tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. Pain after stent removal can be due to recurrence of stones, stricture in the ureter or inflammation. I would suggest that you get a ultrasound done to check the possibilities. In case of stricture immediate action needs to be taken to prevent scarring. I would suggest that you visit your urologist and discuss the above mentioned possibilities for further advise. Best.
Avatar n tn Since then it has mostly just been my abdomen constantly feeling tender and often feeling a little queasy, waking up early in the morning with what feels like bad stomach acid (keeps me up for a few hours), periods of quesiness/mild naseau, sometimes a bilious taste in the back of my throat. I'm also thirsty a lot, and tend to run a very low fever in the evenings. And I have diarhhea.
Avatar n tn I also get tired easily and find it extremely difficult to wake up in the early morning. My sleep patterns have never been routine - I tend not to be able to sleep until late in the night and get up just before noon or after. I always seem to have this cotton wool feeling in my head, as if a cloud is trapped inside.
298579 tn?1192250448 If you are a mother, did you have the pains before, during and after pregnancy? ~ I have only been pregnant once, 3 yrs. ago. The pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, and it is since this time that the pains have started. My body changed alot from the pregnancy. 11. How long does your pain last? ~ 10-20 minutes 12. When the pain passes, will it return if you resume sexual activity? ~ yes 13. Describe the pain. ~it feels like menstrual cramps.
534800 tn?1217170959 I have this as well and would be happy to join in on any research. Like another person, I got this the first time 10 years ago at Disney World. I was only 35 then, although I was having very early signs of menopause (I am fully meopausal now at 45) if that could be a factor. I have had it almost every summer when we do vacation; we always walk extensively on vacation. I have also noticed it seems to be related to heat and to standing around in addition to walking.
530191 tn?1214166411 The weirdest part about it is that when I was pregnant with each of my 2 children, I didn't have hives during my entire pregnancy. I am going to the doctor about it next week for the first time in over 5 years, maybe they have come up with something during that time that can help.
Avatar m tn going cold turkey off methadone, even at the dose i was at 20-30 mgs daily i was looking at up to 6 weeks of withdrawals, even when tapered down and jumping off at 2 mgs, it was PURE HELL...methadone is similar in make up and compared to heroin in its addictive qualities and how hard it is to come off..
Avatar m tn the shower felt real good...my head hurts real bad...and the diarriah has kicked in....I bowl in a league tonight...so that should be interesting...I took my b6 b12 and L-tyrosine pills along with 5-htp...so now i better try to eat something......say a prayer for me!
551343 tn?1506834118 I have been diagnosed with MS, but my journey was not a walk in the park and I can surely relate to what others in this group are going through. If I can help in any way, I will be very happy to do so. I also have one more thing to say and that is that my doctor's say there might be another neurological issue or enzyme deficiency issue that is contributing to my symptoms. I am working through that process and perhaps this forum will help me in some way with that issue as well.
Avatar m tn I also developed migraine auras fairly suddenly in early 2007 before I notice my 1st blind spot later that year. My auras have remained constant and I've been dealing w/this ever since. Also, I wear a plastic guard at night because I grind my teeth and I've had it a long time.
Avatar n tn I don't really want to go to the doctor because I just don't have the money right now, and I feel like it would be a waste if it's something that I can take care of on my own. Anyone else ever experienced this before? What can I do to ease the pain? All I've done today is lay in bed because it hurts too much to do anything else.