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Avatar m tn To top it off, I have another medical issue which will (2-3 times a month) get triggered. I'll end up taking 2 norco for it and it will be gone for a while until it gets triggered again. I've had this nearly all my life and it's the only drug, outside of an intense hospitalization where I'm on an IV 24/7, which works. I'm on day 3 of withdrawal! Great! I've been through the restless leg syndrome phase, and have been on a ton of sleeping meds to get me through the worst of it thus far.
233488 tn?1310696703 Nothing in this new research invalidates that the most important and under-utilized “wonder drugs” for health maintenance are regular moderate exercise, a good diet, body weight vigilance, avoidance of all nicotine use, for those that drink alcohol no more than 2 drinks per day-ideally red wine, drive carefully and always fasten the seatbelt, get plenty of sleep, develop a social network of friends, have a pet─preferably a dog to walk─ and a satisfying spiritual-religious belief system.
Avatar m tn The reason for such stringent rules for narcotic prescription prescribing, is because of people who abuse the use of narcotics, by either recreational use, illegal selling and distribution, and accidental or intentional overdose, which can lead to death. Doctor's are audited each time a narcotic script writing creates a pattern with one, or many patients. A need for pain narcotics diagnosis must be clearly stated in the patients Federal Doppler record for narcotic prescriptions.
Avatar f tn I was told it was considered dependence, not addiction, if a patient/person takes medication as prescribed...not for recreational use...when needed for chronic pain that after years of dosage tolerance and changes begins to get to a point where you've realized you've become dependent on a drug that used to help you function, but now either requires going to a stronger pain med or putting on the brakes and starting anew...
Avatar m tn My codeine habut eventally grew into an1800mg/day habit but realistically, I didn't need the pills from probably a few days after the surgery. After that, it was all about recreational use. Now that I am clean, I feel the nerve damage and am more aware of the plates but they are at most uncomfortable, not really painful. So based on all of that, I'm guessing that maybe you've done something similar - although the steroid injections aren't something I experienced.
1684282 tn?1505701570 These doctors seem to forget their pharmacology training. They also forget to use their independent thinking and ability to look up information for themselves. They assume that if the medication is not a controlled substance (and it very well should be as we will discuss), then it is not an opiate, it is not addictive and they can just give it like candy without any consequence to their patient.
620923 tn?1452919248 I'm still looking for medications that might even help relief migraines. I am pre op, and my journey has just begun. I have been known to get addicted to pain meds ( Tylenol 3 with codiene, vicodine, as well as other prescribed pain pills that the er would prescribe me when I go complaining about a headache that I've had for several days). So I avoid them at all cost. I told both NL and PCP I don't want them prescribed.
Avatar m tn I know they use tordol for athletes to help manage inflammation. It has been 36 hrs since i left the ER and with the exception of some mild spasming everything seems to be better(knock on wood). My advise is dont be to proud to go in and seek pain treatment. I told my ER doctor that i felt like a big baby having to come in there but was at the end of my rope, he said that he wished the urologist would use less stents because he see's a lot of stent removal patients.
Avatar m tn Most days penis is smaller and hard when flaccid, lowered sex drive, can't get full erections in this state like I used to, rarely get morning wood, when erect penis it's so stiff that you cannot bend it left and right slightly, and so on. In my case however all this goes away after I don't masturbate or have sex for about 5 days. Then upon ejaculation the 'hard flaccid penis' comes back to haunt me. For me this started 6 months ago after one night when I had done ecstacy.