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Avatar f tn Question. I have started taking Diclofenac 75mg x's 2 a day to try and see if a non narcotic medication may give me some relief long term with my rib pain. I have taken it for 2 weeks and at first I didn't think it was helping at all. Now I think 1 of 2 things either A) it's starting to build up in my system and is helping better or B) My ribs just happen to feel a bit better lately. I already know all the technical information on how the drug works, is released, what it's used for etc.
1387175 tn?1326404597 My Doctor Gave Me Norco 10/325 & Vicodin ES I have L3/L4 Bulge Disc L4/L5 Bulge Disc. Plus An Annual Tear On L5/S1 I Take Alot Of Medicines Now Flexeril 10mg 2 times Nor co/Vicodin Es Not a the Same Time Take One Nor co Tomorrow And Vicodin Next As Needed & Directed.. diclofenac sodium 75 2 time a day.
1192994 tn?1305951741 Cymbalta is replacing fluoxetine and diclofenac is back. Also added in ranitidine to see if that helps my stomach.
Avatar f tn The pain was okay not too too bad I was prescribed vicodin and I pretty much took all of it because more being uncomfortable then anything it helped me relax and sleep and find a comfortable position. Now 5 days after Lithotripsy I am having a lot of cramping and discomfort.. In the first 5 days after I did not pass much just a little blood.. Now I am uncomfortable and out of pain medicine.. Doctors are so funny these days about prescribing pain medication and Tylenol is not helping..
Avatar m tn He said that it was a tension headache and put me on baclofen and diclofenac. Still no change. I'm not sure what to do now. It's been a month that I've had these headaches. I've woke up with it and gone to sleep with it. Lately it's getting more defined I guess you can say. I have these... "Warm spots" I get on my head when I move a certain way. Or like a pitching feeling on my head. I get chest pains. Sometimes hard to breath when I take a deep breath.
1684282 tn?1505701570 I am becoming somewhat frustrated with the way a lot of my colleagues practice medicine. Disenchanted, angry would be the other words that could be used. We all get ostensibly that same training and all of us are supposedly in it to help our patients. So, how come have I been getting so many letters lately on my addiction forum from desperate people unable to quit taking the tramadol pills that their own kind doctors have so freely prescribed for them?
198419 tn?1360245956   Orphenadrine Citrate and Baclofen for spasms and spasticity  Propranolol for tremors Lyrica for nerve pain Oxybutynin for incontinence  Senna lax and dulcolax for constipation Diclofenac Sodium for back pain Sertraline and Doxepin for nerve pain and depression Furosemide for water retention  Potassium to replenishment that Furosemide takes Cranberry tabs for chronic UTI's Restasis and tear duct plugs for dry eye Qvar for breathing difficulties from muscle loss around lungs (?
Avatar f tn If I go to the ER which is 100 copay, id be so embarressed. I dont know what to do, but i cant handle it. My sis had some vicodin for migraines and I took one of them but still it hurts. I cant sleep either, I am so miserable. I had this once before, a bump in same area but it didnt hurt and it went away. My GYN said she didnt see anything abnormal This time it was back and it hurt, and omg I shouldnt have squeezed it. What is this, is it staph or herpes or what..this is scary...
Avatar n tn They sent me home with a diagnosis of Arthritis and a script for motrin and vicodin. There is no visible inflammation on my neck but the pain is unbeleivable! It seems to worsen when Im up moving around (as when my heart rate increases) its like i can feel my pulse in that area and its painful. I didnt know that arthritis in the neck would cause you to feel pain when your heart rate increases. Im terrified that they missed something in the tests they ran.
4892388 tn?1360615568 Hello I'm a 34 yr old female a day I have had problems with my knee since 2000 and I have been in physical and aqua therapy,had cortisone injections,pain patch,electrolysis shocks,taken naproxen 500 and 550mg,tramadol,diclofenac with/ potassium,and even given 10 vicodin before for pain, and now they are going to remove the plica but say I can be in pain still afterwards even more pain is possible after that.
Avatar f tn I have recently had a CAT scan that came back normal in an emergency room. Sometimes it is so intense I have to go to bed and take vicodin (2) so the pain will subside. It is usually pounding when I need to take the vicodin. My head feels like there is a ball rolling around on the inside and when it hits the walls of my skull it hurts really bad. I hope you don't think I am crazy. I have not had any medical coverage until the last 2 weeks, and most times it is debilitating and I am in bed alot.
Avatar f tn I have been taking Vicodin (Hydrocodone/APAP 5/500) for only about 6 weeks now for a serious leg injury, and I also do not feel any kind of "high" from it. I only feel pain relief. I started out on Percocet at least 4X a day for the first two weeks, then stepped down to Vicodin, 2 pills 3X a day. My doctor prescribed the Vicodin for 1 pill, but I found that it wasn't doing anything for the pain, so I bumped it up to 2.
Avatar f tn Hello,that the issue when we have cronic pain,we take the meds and tolerance builds and then addiction and the psychological problems attached to that.I am in pain also,im waiting for the re-sults of a MRI> and a possible hip re-placement or resurfacing.I was taking percocets for years as of 1990 and then oxycontins for about 3-months. those F-ERs really made my life unmanageable.My advise to you would be.
785373 tn?1236332003 Oh and I forgot, Vicodin does work anymore, oxcydone does'nt work anymore either. alieve does nothing. There is this one type of pain that no medicine seems to take away.
Avatar m tn Seems to be standard practice in the UK, I've had more broken bone surgery than I care to think about (gotta love those sporting injuries) and every time, afterwards I've been prescribed codeine, APAP and diclofenac for pain relief. Seems to just be the standard way of doing things here.
2129735 tn?1336427034 And i got from one moment to the other sooo tired and was half conscious.u r so early post op...these things do get better.
Avatar f tn I am also taking tramadol because it is not currently a controlled substance but should be and i'm dependent on it. It is very addicting after long periods of time, and moreso than traditional opiates such as vicodin. Here is my suggestion: go back on the paracetamol because it is an over the counter medication and very safe as long as you do not exceed 4000mg/day.
Avatar f tn I went to my ortho doctor and he put me on lyrica and Vicodin which does nothing and said to come that Friday to do nerve testing. He also put me in these wrist splints. I just love how that painful test came out normal. But I heard it can. That week I had midterms and was in excruciating pain and couldn't do nothing! My right thumb is completely numb. I told him I need steriod shots ASAP! Got those done 1 1/2 ago and have barely any improvement.
1085084 tn?1273765237 ( but wd from vicodin was so much easier and didnt last 3 months. it was more like 3 days. still kicking myself in the a-ss for not researching this in 2008.
892665 tn?1259175314 ( I am trying to ge the drug maker to do tests on long term use) I take 2 to 3 vicodin and 2-3 soma a day. I use ice packs for bad pain and heat to keep me going. I have had a bad 3 months as we sold our house and got rid of 3 bdrms and 3 baths worth of furniture and stuff. My husband retired this month (HURRAY) and we are buying a 40 ft long diesel pusher RV and becoming fulltimers. I can't wait to have such a small space to take care of and traveling all around at my leisure.
Avatar f tn I wanted to join here to get help and suggestions for my disease. My doctor put me on diclofenac but I have only taken two in the past month. I worry about side effects, plus it didn't really seem to help. Does anyone know if you have to be on it for awhile before it starts working? I am looking for som suggestions as to what else I can to or take to hel relieve the pain. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Am a very active person and cannot stop doing things. It's spring time and the body and mind must do things in this awakening times. I'm out in the garden sowing seeds, turning soil planting, cleaning and doing those seasonal chores. My business must go on!!! I do get tired quickly but march on. Do get aches and pains. My question is, every two to three day I'll take a couple of Tylenol 3 to ease the pains. Does this debilitate my liver and risk my program results?
1318483 tn?1318350782 The pain was so bad and I had nothing for it. I ended up going to local street drug dealer and getting Vicodin for $5 a pill. I also had my Jeep repo'ed and lost my house. I finally got to new neuro. She repeated LP and MRI's. She put me on some meds for the pain, which helped. After all tests were done, neuro told me to go out to dinner with boyfriend and celebrate because I didn't have MS. She ended up seeing what a real redhead was made of, sorry to say. lol I lost it.
Avatar m tn that is a lot of vicodin at once.I also was very strict with my dosing and spacing and never went past the recommended dose,but found myself looking for the buzz rather than the pain relief.I knew then that it was time to find something else before it got out of control. It can get out of control so easily and then it is harder to stop. Opiates do cause rebound pain and the use can escalate quickly and before you know it out of control.
1395999 tn?1280382228 I take diclofenac 100 mg a day and Ibuprofen 1200mg a day as well, I have tramadol, vicodin, propoxyl, for pain but I don't take them, I told the Doctor not to give that kind of med cause' I won't take and he insists in sending it to me... anyways..
Avatar n tn It's been excruciating though for the last month or so. First my doctor prescribed 75mg Diclofenac and 500mg Paracetamol, which did nothing. I'm also having fortnightly physiotherapy sessions which do nothing. I've had a couple of weeks off work and have been advised to take a further two weeks, as my job involves me sitting down all day. However, I can't afford to take any further time off. A couple of days ago I was prescribed Co-codamol 30/500.
Avatar f tn You may do better on proper dose of Lyrica using Lyrica without the Vicodin along with the NSAID and perhaps a benadryl at night to help you sleep. Just a thought.
1181178 tn?1320787061 I had the last one when I was 19 or so. I was then completely healthy and active, got married and in November of last year I had a miscarriage at around 6 weeks. No obvious reason to why I miscarried. That month I also moved down from where I grew up in Oregon to live in Arizona. Last April 09 I suddenly one night at 9pm I felt as tho I got hit by a train. Every muscle in my body ached and hurt, felt soooo sore.
975514 tn?1325001538 I am currently taking Topamax and it's helping to ward off migraines but that's where the relief ends. I've tried every NSAID out there and developed an eye problem from Diclofenac (in June 09), which is too bad because it was the only one that didn't cause me stomach problems or migraines. Now because of my NSAID intolerance, I can't keep my osteoarthritis under control and I have extreme pain in my shoulder and in my lower back. It's extremely frustrating.