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Avatar f tn My 59 year old husband, Hep C+ diagnosed in 2007, F-4 Cirrhosis diagnosed in 2010, compensated liver (last blood work was in July, 2012, and he has never had ascites, varices, or hepatic encephalopathy), and failed three Hep C treatments in past 5 years (last failure was triple tx w/Incivek stopped treatment mid-April, 2012 due to viral breakthrough), not currently on treatment. Question: He has had pain and swelling on forearm recently.
1684282 tn?1505701570 its addictive nature, although it allegedly showed little abuse liability in preliminary tests. The 2010 PDR contains warnings from the manufacturer, which were not present in previous years.
1032715 tn?1315987834 05PM I have just been reading some of the discussions on these pages and I've never thought the things I suffer due to child sexual abuse could be PTSD.
371980 tn?1276744409 It was told to us that it is not addictive, but as many have found out, if you abuse alomst anything IT CAN BE ADDICTIVE! So be careful with it.. It can be used for many different symptoms, but what we have it for is to help with tension headaches and pains. It has helped ALOT, but we never take more than the bottle says to take, and sometimes dont even take it that many timer per day.. I would say ONLY USE IT WHEN YOU TRULY NEED TO!
Avatar f tn A few people have suggested to me that I should take antibiotics, which I can do, but I don't like to abuse them if they are not needed. I am worried though, because the pain has gotten progressively worse over the day and it is hard to swallow. Nothing seems to help. Tylenol, sore throat medicines, eating cold/warm stuff - nothing helps.
557111 tn?1219715647 Studies into the dependence liability of tramadol show that patients are no more likely to abuse the drug than normal NSAIDs. Despite these claims, it is apparent in community practice that dependence to this agent may occur, but in higher doses and long-term usage. However, this dependence liability is considered relatively low by health authorities." I was surprised to learn that NSAID are also considered "addictive" in some research, go figure that one.
5639849 tn?1372350483 Hope someone can give you advice for alternatives - hopefully your Dr. Let us know. The diclofenac did work good for me. It's basically like ibprofren except stronger....but if it's not inflamation causing the pain I don't know if it would help. I did get prescribed tram once, and only took when I desperately needed them (like 30 in 6 months - going thru hard core HepC treatment) and they didn't cause me to relapse, BUT at that time I'd been clean for at LEAST a couple of years.
14780993 tn?1436471302 //www.medhelp.org/forums/Addiction-Substance-Abuse/show/77 Again I encourage you to discuss this with your PMP. I wish you the best and hope you'll keep in touch.
Avatar f tn hai: As u know its all hallucination ,dont think much about that. See as u are alone the bad thoughts come to mind. So involve in some activities . Also, Beforre going to bed consume warm milk, or honey or banana or potato ,which helps in sound sleep ,daily.
Avatar f tn do you have access to diclofenac? it is an anti-inflamatory med with no addiction problems. i was just given a recipe for mixing it witha lotion and rubbing it into the skin to relieve pain. trying it right now. if you can control the pain with something like that, after the wd's, and even during, it would be great. if you can get them, barely cover 20 75 mg pills with water. or 30 50 mg pills if that is what you can get. let them set over night and disolve.
Avatar f tn I can't consult with dr they don't take me seriously they just send me home I'm currently taking high doses of dihydrocodeine and paracetamol which is dangerous I know in terms of liver I abuse alcohol to the highest degree when taking this particular opitate these medication u have mentioned ill shall look into them I've seroquel and epilim and dimenhydrinate for anywas and I take trazadone for sleep I wonder would all this combination benefit me in terms of withdrawal symptoms and painkiller w
Avatar f tn I've a couple of those and I found chondroitin + glucosamine capsules to provide invaluable relief (however, the swelling did not go down, and continuing vibration abuse re-awakens the pain symptoms).
Avatar n tn The Dr also gave me an anti-inflamitory called Diclofenac and sometimes instead of taking Motrin I take the Diclofenac 75mg. I basically refuse to get back on the Vicoprofen because even tho I only took it for a really short time, it messed with my brain... I don't know if you would call it an addiction but with the doctor NOT refilling it, I am scared that if I take it too long I will be addicted and then NO one will refill my meds.
Avatar f tn I am allergic to diclofenac (Panamor) so no help there. Did you take any pain meds in the detox time? Please help me for I develeped more pain and blood circulation problems by taking it for so long, Parts of my body go numb all the time and I have lots of twitching all over and muscle spasms. Is that normal when you abuse Stopayne? Thanks so much for you help and I hope you will stay free of it. Also think of you Misty25.
Avatar n tn Depression and other psychiatric disorders occurred both during the interferon-treatment period and in the post-treatment period. Abuse of illicit drugs or ethanol was reported. Very frequently drug abuse represented a relapse of drug addiction and was often associated with development of depression. Overdoses of illicit drugs were also reported. These events did not appear to be a manifestation of suicidal behavior.
Avatar f tn I have been in SO MUCH PAIN since I stopped, not even increasing my narcs touches it. so this tells me that the diclofenac was doing a LOT to control my pain. diclofenac is the drug name. the brand names are voltaren & cataflam. you can get it OTC in australia, new zealand etc in 25 mg instant release -- works great, 3X a day. I was taking 50mgs (prescribed here in the states) 3X/day. don't get the extended release -- it didn't work as well and tore up my stomach.
Avatar f tn Doc has put me on diclofenac and codipar,but they dont really help,Anyone else getting pains in arms as well as legs??????Would love to hear from anyone who has a similar story,Thanks.
Avatar n tn 5 and 5% Ibuprofen Gel A 10% Ibuprofen Gel Forte may not be OTC but is everywhere anyway Voltaran gel (1 % diclofenac) Ketoprofen Gel (Oruvail - I think but not sure the tablet in America is Orudis) Piroxicam gel/Feldene: Felbinac gel or Traxam: a nongreasy "Quickbreak" foam. I've seen but not used this one. It comes in a can and provides relief for of rheumatic pain, the pain of non- serious arthritic conditions and symptoms associated with soft tissue injury.
Avatar m tn (This makes me a little nervous too, as I have a history of drug abuse, though it was a long time ago).
Avatar m tn I do understand the implications of addiction and/or abuse but I pride myself on my willpower. I know for a fact I will not take more than the dose I mentioned, I am FAR too paranoid trust me. Do you think that there would have been some kind of symptom by now if I was damaging myself? Or does the liver not work like that?
Avatar m tn naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn); celecoxib (Celebrex); diclofenac (Voltaren); and nabumetone (Relafen) ASPIRINS • Angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs): valsartan (Diovan), olmesartan (Benicar), candesartan (Atacand), losartan (Cozaar) • Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors: enalapril (Vasotec), captopril (Capoten), benazepril (Lotensin), fosinopril (Monopril) Some substances may decrease the amounts of lithium in the body, examples include: • Caffeine CAFFEINE • Theo–Dur®, Slo–Bid® (the
199177 tn?1490502134 I completely understand your concerns with taking opioid medications. There is one thing I'm not clear about...do you consider yourself to have a substance abuse problem? I know your DR was not worried about the possibility but I didnt get a clear picture as to what you think. The reason I ask is becuase there are some tea's that work on the central nervous system that I woulnt suggest to someone that may have an addiction to mood altering drugs.
Avatar f tn I read this before I began my suboxone use but now know it to be true and I'm still learning how much - EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT - "You may be able to jump at 2mg or you may taper down to crumbs and still go through 3 weeks of withdrawal." MY EXPERIENCE: I started on an 8mg Suboxone Sublingual Film for pain pill addiction (read profile for details) prescribed by my psych Dr. with a plan to taper basically as soon as I started and was stable. It's been ALMOST a year.
620923 tn?1452919248 I have dispensed a lot in practice for other nerve pain disorders and have seen good pain relief with low rates of abuse. Wide range of doses and can be given twice daily or once daily (ER formulation). Might be something to consider 2. Inflammation - daily NSAIDS are okay but only if using the right formulation. Enteric coated naproxen 550mg is cheap, RX only, and protects your gut from bleed risk. Celebrex and Mobic (meloxicam-cheap) are once daily options that help lower risk of bleed.
Avatar n tn Since I am not a pharmacist, I don't know if being allergic to one NSAID means you can't take ANY. I know we dispensed a lot of diclofenac (Voltaren XR), Oruvail (ketoprofen), and Naprosyn for your type of symptoms, but those are all anti-inflammatories which you say you cannot take. And I doubt if they would handle your pain, anyway. It sounds like you have some major discomfort going on there in your neck. Have you discussed alternatives w/ your MD? He's who you should be talking to.
Avatar f tn One of the most common cause of mild to moderate elevations of these liver tests is a condition called fatty liver. In the United States, the most frequent cause of fatty liver is alcohol abuse. Other causes of fatty liver include diabetes mellitus and obesity. Chronic hepatitis C is also becoming an important cause of mild to moderate liver enzyme elevations. What medications cause abnormal aminotransferase levels? A host of medications can cause abnormal liver enzymes levels.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your post. No one feels any shame nor guilt. There may be some possibility of abuse. Also, other people have commented on the personality change the daughter has when on Vicoden, not just the mother ... in fact, the daughter has also commented on it. From almost a decade of working with my boss, slideshow, I can assure you she is not judgemental and loves her daughter so very much.
1047234 tn?1253547296 The doctor had me on Diclofenac 50mg but they made me so constipated and the surgeon in the hospital told me to stop taking the diclofenac and start taking 75mg of aspirin per day instead. I am confused and need help. Also, I used to take antioxidants and magnesium tablets, but have not took those for about a year because my GP said not to because an alternative therapist prescribed them for me!!! I am thinking of going to private health care to see if I can get better results.
Avatar m tn The reason for such stringent rules for narcotic prescription prescribing, is because of people who abuse the use of narcotics, by either recreational use, illegal selling and distribution, and accidental or intentional overdose, which can lead to death. Doctor's are audited each time a narcotic script writing creates a pattern with one, or many patients. A need for pain narcotics diagnosis must be clearly stated in the patients Federal Doppler record for narcotic prescriptions.
Avatar m tn Over time, the DEA screens this database of names, and now, the unique patient identification number, for patterns of abuse by individuals. It is apparent they view drug abuse as a greater problem than being treated for pain properly. It is their purpose to stop drug abuse, and they don't care to what lengths they have to go to, because they believe in their cause. People like me, who disagree with them, are the enemy.