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Avatar f tn Could just be a regular diaper rash, butif it's not going away it could be a yeast diaper rash. If regular diaper cream doesn't clear it up within a few days, talk to his doctor. You may need a special topical cream (possibly Nystatin cream) if it's a yeast diaper rash. You could try a little cornstarch to keep his bum dry and change his diaper often. Also, keep it clean and give it some time to air dry too.
676912 tn?1332812551 Are you sure it's a diaper rash and not a yeast infection? They can sometimes be similar and the diaper rash creams won't help if it is in fact a yeast infection. If it is a diaper rash, letting the baby air dry is always recommended by our pediatrician, but of course there could be a mess! A wet rag is a good idea as well. When my kids would get really nasty diaper rashes, I used any diaper rash ointment I could get my hands on, and then put Vaseline over it.
1194973 tn?1385503904 Does anyone know if a diaper rash can itch? Or is it possible a yeast infection can? It seems slightly silly to call her doctor about it, so I was hoping to get an answer from you ladies.
Avatar f tn A yeast infection on the skin is not like a vaginal yeast infection. It can look like a bad diaper rash. When my son would get one of those when he was still in diapers, I would sometimes treat it (his bottom) with Vagisil. Not all diaper rashes are yeast- based, but some sure are.
876992 tn?1276358873 A vast majority of diaper rashes are related to yeast. Look up images of yeast diaper rashes and you will see. Lanolin is a natural product produced by animals to protect skin. It makes for an AWESOME diaper rash ointment. A&D is a diluted and cheapened lanolin because it is mixed half and half with petroleum jelly. If you cannot find lanolin, it will work but not as quickly and can cause some more irritation because it holds heat in the rash site. Lanolin is worth the price, trust me.
9182722 tn?1403784024 The Vaseline is a lubricant to help keep his bottom dry to prevent more rash, the fungal/yeast creams help because many times baby will have test contributing to the rash(yes even boys) and the diaper cream helps with the rash too obviously and the cortisone helps with inflammation (don't use too much it's a steroid), I would also add you should call and confirm(quick call should be fine) with his doctor that this will be okay for your baby (I sing know your baby or any medical conditio
467126 tn?1283144858 My 13 month old has a really bad red rash in her diaper...i feel so bad! i bathe her every night , i use vaseline(gel) and vaseline (the cream)..ive also tried the new creams for diaper rashes etc.. and none work!!! its so frustrating!!! we change her diapers as often as we can,,,,and the rash keep on coming back!!! she has been teething, some people say its because of that , what are your thought ladies?
Avatar n tn My daughter got a diaper rash last month when she was 10 months old - it looked really bad. I took her to doc and she said it's a yeast infection and prescribed a cream. I used it on her for almost 1 month. It went away, but now she's 11 months old and it's seems like the rash is creeping up every time she goes poopy - even if I change her 2 mintues later (right after she's done). What could it be?
Avatar f tn I use baby powder after baths and diaper changes on intact skin, but at the first sign of any kind of rash, discontinue because yeast likes to feed on it and it can lead to a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn If it's a yeast rash you can use Lotrimin cream (an antifungal) and that should help clear it up. Corn starch can actually promote bacterial growth so that's usually not a good idea to use.
Avatar f tn Nystatin is for yeast. Ah glad its working.
Avatar f tn My daughter had horrible diaper rash and it would come out of no where. Just change her diaper often abs keep her bottom as dry as possible. Even if you lay her on a towel bare bottom so she had plenty of time to dry out also..
676912 tn?1332812551 D and baby powder, anyone know what else can make a diaper rash go away? DS has had one for three days now, and cries the most heartbreaking cry when I change his dirty diapers, because it hurts him....I don't know what else to do.
470885 tn?1326329037 If there are little red dots it could be a yeast rash. It could be from him teething too. Elijah STILL gets bad diaper rashes from time to time, at two and a half almost. Best thing I can suggest is letting him be naked for a while during the day, usually when I let Elijah be naked for a little bit it helps when he has/looks like he's getting a rash. I'm not 100% sure why Elijah gets them, but he does get yeast rashes sometimes too...
Avatar f tn can a yeast infection cause a rash on bum? Does a colonoscopy make you more vunerable to yeast infections? or gastrointestinal problems?
Avatar n tn s bottom if he or she has a yeast-based diaper rash. I always used to have it in our diaper bag, which invariably made my girlfriends laugh.
1615999 tn?1307461942 She blew up her diaper and I had to change the diaper and her jammied. I also had to layer on the diaper rash ointment because she is bright red.
Avatar f tn We have tried antibacterial ointment, antifungal ointment, all diaper rash cream, corn starch, baking soda, changing diaper brands. I'm sick of this. I feel so bad for the little guy, it obviously bothers him, we have to keep him in pants or he tries to dig at it. His doctor said we can't run any tests until it blisters or has puss to collect for samples. Two other doctors said it was any yeast infection, but it's clearly not or the cramps would have done the trick.
Avatar f tn diapers asap I bought huggies n ever since tht my sons had a diaper rash.? Has anyone experienced this too?
Avatar n tn I just had a new born on 10/13/15...when I change her diaper she has this RED rash on her buns wit a little bit of blood...
284738 tn?1283106819 She could have a yeast infection. Did you take her to the Dr when she was bleeding around her rectum?
Avatar f tn It's called butt past in a yellow & white tube, it worked for my babies in a bout 1 day. I warn you not to use desitin because it can make diaper rash worse, doctor told me and I experienced it with both my babies. If what I recommended doesn't work try going to your doctor and ask for "poop goop", also ask the doctor if he thinks it could be a yeast rash. If it's a yeast rash diaper rash creams & ointments will make it worse and it won't clear up.
377493 tn?1356502149 It started about a week ago with a rash on my 2 year olds penis and scrotum (he is uncircumsized). I assumed it was diaper rash as that is sort of how it looked and treated it accordingly. Cool baths, as much time diaperless as possible and a very good cream that was prescribed to me when he had the rotavirus (you battle diaper rash with that virus). It got worse. I booked him a Pedi appointment, and he see's her on thursday.
676912 tn?1332812551 ll probably need a script for a yeast cream...Kahlan had a yeast rash at one point and it looked blistery and horrible and the yeast cream went on, stung a little, and 2 hours later it was almost gone. She's had a few yeast rashes since then and the stuff she was prescribed always got rid of it right away.