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344352 tn?1404490466 my 6 month old son has a wicked case of diaper rash. just started 2 days ago. he has never had a problem. i keep him very clean (bath every night) and change his diaper every hour-2 hours. he has been pooping alot lately. 5 times a day. not diarrhea! it is normal consistency. he has been on cereal since he is 8 weeks, fruit (bananas, applasauce and pears) for 2 months. and veggies (carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and squash) for over a month. i put desitin on it every diaper change...
Avatar m tn My newborn is now seven weeks old and about a week ago i noticed blister like spots around his diaper area like a diaper rash. The spots started off filled with a white fluid almost looking like a pimple and then once it busted just left the skin broke and looked red and irritated.
Avatar n tn The other day my DS was wearing jeans & had his diaper on, when I went to change him it was a shiny white place that of course turned red later in the day & the next day or so it was darker. I used clear balmex on it & it's fine now, I guess the corner of his diaper was turned under & btw the diaper & jeans it rubbed him raw.
Avatar f tn Also it may take awhile to see any improvement with the nystatin. My dd also had a yeast infection(raised diaper rash with little blood spots) from antibiotics and it took about 3 weeks to heal up completely. yeast are not killed as easily as bacteria so just keep at it.
301354 tn?1211814120 It's not red or blistery or anything like that, but on one cheek, she has two spots of something, it looks like a zit, and it has a pocket of white pus. She has 7 more on the other cheek, and they're all around her anus. Is this normal? What could it be?
Avatar n tn Okay... So, I know what I have is certainly NOT a 'diaper rash', but I have searched high & low throughout Google looking for answers to this problem, a label or a name to which it has.. anything, I've even just been typing in my search, & looking through 'images' just to see something that might look similar. The only thing, I think I can safely rely on as the source of (egging it on) so to speak, was a yeast infection.
Avatar m tn I'm a 24 year old male and I've had this troubling problem for about 3 or 4 months now. I've been tested for STD's and was negative, however I did have non-specific urethritis that I was treated for. The problem I have now is unrelated. But I am healthy, have a healthy diet and exercise 3-5x per week every week for the last 3 years. I am also STD negative. A few months ago I began to notice a small area on the head of my penis that was rough and a tad scale-y.
Avatar f tn Try googling "cradle cap" and see if you can find a photo of it. Here is a description: "The red, flaky pieces of scalp that looks like dandruff on your baby is called 'cradle cap.' Initially, you'll notice the redness of your baby's scalp, and it sometimes can extend on the creases of the neck, behind the ears, armpits, face, and even in the diaper area. "Cradle cap is not a serious problem, but still it is bothersome, especially to the parents.
Avatar n tn My child has been upto date on vaccines. She had a blister in her lower buttocks. When the blister healed ( it looked like diaper rash) it left a white spot. It is about twice the size of a quarter with a spot in the middle - the spot being her original color of her skin. I spot seems to be of the same size - did not fade - doesnot seem to grow noticable. A week ago we went to Miami Fl where the child was in the beach sun for couple of hours in and out of the water.
172826 tn?1423426556 teething doesn't cause white spots in the mouth, fevers that high, or an itchy rash. I would get him checked so you know what he has/had. Or at least call this am and describe the symptoms.
Avatar n tn For 3 days now I have been getting seemingly random 'hot spots' on my legs, they start as a small heat ***** feeling and 'bloom' out into a larger area of warmth. This is not painfull and there are no visible effects on my skin. I do spend a lot of time on the floor with the children , could this be some sort of allergy to the carpet? The carpet is not new and there is no external irritation to the skin. Or should I see a doctor about it?
Avatar f tn acidophilus (twice a day) flax seed oil capsules (once a day) dandelion root tincture (three times a day) nettles tea (drank this 2-3 times a day) used diaper rash cream (with 40% zinc) for temporary relief until rash subsided. I got all of the above items at Whole Foods. Best of Luck!!
Avatar n tn I have had bumps on the base of my tongue on the lateral edge for some time. these bumps have white dots near them that expand into thing white rings. these bumps are most prominent at the base /back of my tongue. last year i went to my doc and told him i thought it was thrush, he didn't agree and told me it was nothing. at this time, i was tested for diabetes and hiv - both tests came back negative.
Avatar f tn i used some cream that was prescribed to my 14month old daughter for diaper rash....and so far (2 days now) the itch has almost completely stop and the rash is starting to dry and clear....ill find out exactly what is called and let you all know.....
Avatar n tn For a few years now, I've been getting a red blotchy chest/neck rash in circumstances where I - am drinking alcohol, anxious, nervous, excited, upset - really feeling just about any emotion. It's gotten to the point where I do not expose my chest/neck ever - and cover up whenever I can. I had read once that taking Niacinimide could help - and I've been taking about 1000mg of it for a few months, but am not seeing much improvement.
Avatar n tn The rash itches and some red spots almost look like zits with a white head. Around my vaginal opening the skin is dry and is cracking. At the time of sex i was on my last day of my period. I was wondering what this could be, should i see a doctor, and how can i treat this???????
Avatar f tn I have also been feeling itchy in strange areas like by my nose, and my nose has white patches. My eyebrows itch, and I have also noticed a rash on my body that looks like pink dots surrounded by white spots (almost look like hives). I have been to a dermatologist 4 times now and they have instructed me to use Lotrimin Ultra which has not helped and some ultra moisturizing cream on my feet, which has helped a little. I am at the point now where I am really getting frustrated.
Avatar n tn I've tried fungal infection medications, hydrocortizone, vaseline, bathing in water with baking soda, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, diaper rash cream, hypoallergenic lotion, vitamin e oil, changing detergents, no sexual contact for a month, washing thoroughly, sleeping without underwear.. I recently realized that it would get worse whenever the area is wet. So I stopped with the creams since they were only doing me bad, and just dried the area thoroughly when it gets wet.
Avatar f tn The only relief I get is in a warm bath or if I separate my cheeks. I've tried a diaper rash cream that is compared to Desitin, thinking it might soothe it and it burned worse. Plus it was really hard to get off, which hurt worse. I thought maybe to try Preparation H (it was a kind that said "Cooling" on it), thinking that would soothe it and that felt like I'd taken a match to my sore skin. I had to take it off immediately. Definitely did not "cool" as promised.
Avatar n tn i dontknow what to do about it...ive tryed all the over the couner creams diaper rash creams cold sore creams even facial scrub to try to open pores ....i feel ya! this *****!
Avatar n tn I have the same issues as everyone else. Itchy, swollen lips with a rash often accompanied by swollen eyes. I visited the dermatologist twice this week. The first time, he thought it was a peanut allergy, so I was put on anithistimines; however, while on antihistimines I developed swollen eyes and lips! Upon visiting the doctor again, I was prescribed a topical ointment for the lip area. The doc said that this condition is tricky to diagnose.
Avatar n tn I put some cocoa butter stick on my neck but I guess I used a little too much because my neck turned bright red so was like wow I just gave myself a diaper rash on my neck. So light bulb went off diaper rash cream! I bought some balmex it helped right away cleared up in a day or two after that. But my pimples were still there. So yesterday it returned so idk what's going on I been using a head and shoulders shampoo and no conditioner.
1661466 tn?1302669457 My daughter has been a great little momma however she doesn't know what to do. The baby had some diaper rash and went to the Dr. and got some cream. It isn't working. I have read some things about lactose intolerence in babies especially if they have any Asian in them. She is maby one quarter Asian (father is maybe half Asian and White) and then ( momma) White. Anyway, I read that if she is lactose intolerant, she is getting it from the milk the mother is drinking. Is that correct?
Avatar m tn The past month my anus has been very itchy off and on, or feeling raw. I have been treating it with diaper rash cream, because hemorrhoid cream was not working. I also noticed my stool has changed with some dark brown spots now and then. Sometimes it kinda hurts when I poop. Well today I felt a small bump, when I was putting on cream. I checked with a mirror and saw that they were some really small bumps on my ANUS !!! they were in clusters and I dont know what to do.
Avatar n tn I have keep it dry and clean for 2 weeks and it just gets worse. it shows up as little red spots then the pull up and get a white head almost like acne but why would he have it on his privet area , He says it is ichy and hurts he crys every time i change him or even before. he is scared for me to touch it because of the pain the dr is not doing anything for me if you may know anything about it please help. I hate seeing my son in this much pain and i need something.
639543 tn?1297031234 i found white lumps/spots in Liam's mouth when he was a baby and took him to the drs, thinking it was thrush. it wasn't. they were milk spots, harmless. i think with thrush they're most likely to get a nasty, spotty rash down below first...but i'm not certain sorry. the best thing to do is get him to the drs and see what it is in this case.
Avatar f tn Spent so much money on diaper rash creams n ointments that just never worked!!! Cornstarch all over the diaper area and a fresh diaper keep applying to keep your baby dry and the rash will disappear. . Do not use baby powder as it can go into they're lungs and be fatal..
Avatar f tn I noticed that the spots have multiplied and look like ingrown hairs and chapped, cracked skin. Some of the spots have a small white tip like an ingrown hair, but nothing inside (like pus.) I thought it could be genital or inverse psoriasis and I tried some minor ointment for that but it has been 24 hours and I have seen no improvement. I am 27 have had 1 sexual partner, and we use condoms. He has not been tested for Herpes and has never shown symptoms.
293429 tn?1210622909 it sounds like chicken pox is there white in the middle of the spots?
1648969 tn?1304960340 He is rarely in a diaper anymore(doc thought just diaper rash last time). I can not figure this out, PLEASE HELP. I have pictures of most described. Oh he also has scabs on scalp(yellow colored) and last week he woke up with a blister on his ear (clear fluid filled) waiting on culture to come back for that. THANK YOU any ideas would really help.