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1661466 tn?1302665857 My daughter is the new mother of a one month old daughter. Over the last couple of days she has been very fussy. My daughter has been a great little momma however she doesn't know what to do. The baby had some diaper rash and went to the Dr. and got some cream. It isn't working. I have read some things about lactose intolerence in babies especially if they have any Asian in them. She is maby one quarter Asian (father is maybe half Asian and White) and then ( momma) White.
344352 tn?1605238012 my 6 month old son has a wicked case of diaper rash. just started 2 days ago. he has never had a problem. i keep him very clean (bath every night) and change his diaper every hour-2 hours. he has been pooping alot lately. 5 times a day. not diarrhea! it is normal consistency. he has been on cereal since he is 8 weeks, fruit (bananas, applasauce and pears) for 2 months. and veggies (carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and squash) for over a month. i put desitin on it every diaper change...
Avatar f tn Could just be a regular diaper rash, butif it's not going away it could be a yeast diaper rash. If regular diaper cream doesn't clear it up within a few days, talk to his doctor. You may need a special topical cream (possibly Nystatin cream) if it's a yeast diaper rash. You could try a little cornstarch to keep his bum dry and change his diaper often. Also, keep it clean and give it some time to air dry too.
Avatar m tn The white you see more near my crotch is a diaper rash type of ointment and hydro-cortisone cream that seems to help temporarily. I am going to schedule an appointment, but does anyone have any idea what this is? Thank you for any help. http://imgur.
Avatar f tn My baby has a diaper rash. We change her diaper all the time. It seems like I have tried everything. it will go away for the most part. What works for you?
639543 tn?1297027634 i found white lumps/spots in Liam's mouth when he was a baby and took him to the drs, thinking it was thrush. it wasn't. they were milk spots, harmless. i think with thrush they're most likely to get a nasty, spotty rash down below first...but i'm not certain sorry. the best thing to do is get him to the drs and see what it is in this case.
Avatar m tn The past month my anus has been very itchy off and on, or feeling raw. I have been treating it with diaper rash cream, because hemorrhoid cream was not working. I also noticed my stool has changed with some dark brown spots now and then. Sometimes it kinda hurts when I poop. Well today I felt a small bump, when I was putting on cream. I checked with a mirror and saw that they were some really small bumps on my ANUS !!! they were in clusters and I dont know what to do.
Avatar f tn Spent so much money on diaper rash creams n ointments that just never worked!!! Cornstarch all over the diaper area and a fresh diaper keep applying to keep your baby dry and the rash will disappear. . Do not use baby powder as it can go into they're lungs and be fatal..
Avatar f tn What is the best cream i can use for diaper rash ?? My 15 month daughter got 1 and idk what to put on her ..
800427 tn?1324945719 it isnt red or dry, just red under the skin. He doesnt have a diaper rash either....he's never had one in his life so far lol im diaper changing crazy haha.
Avatar f tn Sorry, I didn't finish before posting! I've used it in her diaper area and on any dry spots like on her cheeks in the winter. I'm sure it could be used all over, but I used different lotion for that after her bath.
4250330 tn?1388621179 yeah my daughters is the same way it started out like ringworm like she had 3 little ringworm looking blotches on her back and then now it looks like she has had an allergic reaction to something and she has little bitty tiny redish pinkish spots all over her body and her vag is like super red like blood shot red and it does bleed sometimes ive been putting diaper rash cream butt paste and prescription cream on her diaper rash and it hasn't went away so idk what to do about that I mean every
1242373 tn?1268341867 My 7 month old daughter Rae Mi has red blisters near her private parts.! Like 5 or 6.! She got a diaper rash about a week ago.. It was really red.. so i started putting diaper rash cream on it.! Well when the redness went away some spots got blisters.. and i thought they would go away but they have not.. It doesn't seem to bother her but it does me.! I cant get her into the Dr. till next week.. Should i take her to the emergency room.! ?? It is really scary and they look bad..
Avatar f tn Sometimes diaper rash can get so serious the pediatrician should see it. If the child has open sores on his or her bottom, it might be time to call in at the doctor. I used to have pretty good luck with some of the creams meant for yeast-based infections, but you need to ask your pedi.
642855 tn?1223342380 My 9 month old has had a severe diaper rash for 2 weeks now. We have put everything one it; desitin, vusion ointment nystatin and baby powder. I would usually coat her bottom with the ointment and then sprinkle powder over it. It just seemed to get worse. I have two different baby powder bottles floating around and put the corn starch powder on her last night. Her rash is almost completely healed.
Avatar f tn White spots in underwear can be a sign of diabetes. http://www.uihealthcare.com/topics/medicaldepartments/pediatrics/diabetes/index.
Avatar m tn I do not know when I recieved it but a couple days ago I noticed I had painless tiny white spot near my pubic area but on penis one looked like a whitehead so I bust it and small white puss came out but it never hurts nor iches, I do shave occasionally so I don't know if that would be the problem. Any answers on what it may be?
Avatar f tn I would say this may be an allergic rash, possibly diaper or creams, maybe even bathing gel .could also be chafing is he potty trained yet ?
Avatar f tn It's called butt past in a yellow & white tube, it worked for my babies in a bout 1 day. I warn you not to use desitin because it can make diaper rash worse, doctor told me and I experienced it with both my babies. If what I recommended doesn't work try going to your doctor and ask for "poop goop", also ask the doctor if he thinks it could be a yeast rash. If it's a yeast rash diaper rash creams & ointments will make it worse and it won't clear up.
Avatar f tn I know this sounds crazy but put some diaper rash cream on it to see if it clears up. I get excema rashes down there on occasion (weird but it happens) and the diaper rash cream helps it heal up. Hope his helps!
Avatar f tn my18 month old daughter has a rash that started off near her diaper area on her upper inner thigh. i tried every diaper rash cream i could think of, every lotion, bag balm, nystatin cream and 1% hydrocortison cream. but none of these seemed to clear up the red bumps. she has had no strep throat, no high fever and has not been exposed to any new detergents, animals, or diapers. concerned, i took her to her pediatrician. he said. welll im not 100% sure what this is. i will give you G.E.T.
Avatar f tn I have changed detergent, fabric softener and have rinsed my laundry twice. I have also tried alcohol, peroxide, bacterial soap, diaper rash ointment, anti-bacteria ointment, different skin lotions and nothing has helped!!!! I have had this rash for over a year.