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3062962 tn?1406743961 we used cloth nappies for my nieces and they escaped diaper rash, thats a big prob with the stickon synthetic diapers.. but cloth diapers are messy.. so when u take them outdoors put on a diaper but as long as u r home d cloth nappies will do fine.. my nephews wore only the synthetic stickon diapers and they both had terrible rashes.. cloth diapers good for baby, cumbersome for mommy.. stickon diapers cld cos rashes for baby, but mommys job made easy..
6838565 tn?1402381858 Flying to the States on a visit the airline gave me disposable diapers. Goodbye diaper rash. I never used cloth diapers again, even when they were available for our next baby.
6822962 tn?1396329659 Diaper rash are really inevitable especially when you always use diaper as your baby's nappies. Also, I think diaper rash usually comes when its really hot weather and then you let your baby wore a diaper. One thing I observed with my baby is when I was not able to change her diaper for how many hours, it caused her diaper rashes. Most diapers, regardless of brands will most likely cause rashes.
8975030 tn?1402144712 Hi, Consider giving her some diaper free time Letting her bottom air out can help. You can make your own baby powder using arrow root It's located in the baking section of health food stores. Either use it plain or mixed with chamomile flowers (dried) and calendula flowers (dried). Put it in a shaker bottle. For diaper rash cream mix the arrow root with coconut oil. Again you can add herbs. This time add to the oil and infuse it. (Mason jar placed in a pot of water.
689528 tn?1364135841 But I always had to put a diaper cream on his legs, between his boy parts, and by his butt or he would get a rash! Some babies are just rash prone, my niece got a rash from cloth diapers and regular diapers! I've had good luck with Luv's and they're cheaper! So it was a bonus! Good luck either way!
Avatar f tn Thats what was so appealing to me. Less diaper rash and booty problems lol. And saving money. I got a whole bunch of cloth wipes too, some are bumgenius. I was going to use a old flannel sheet we dont use and just cut into squares. Im thinking about getting a diaper sprayer for the toilet, not sure if I'll really need it yet.
Avatar f tn Hi!! Im a mom to be and really interested in cloth diapers. But I would like to know you're experience.
Avatar f tn m planning on using cloth diapers. I worked in an all natural home daycare and all the babies uses cloth diapers. I got really good with the folds and learned what brands I like best. It saves so much money and is good for the environment :) plus I found the babies didn't get diaper rash as much.
Avatar f tn She has a washer thing for the diapers that goes on the toilet. Maybe just Google about ways to clean cloth diapers and washers for them. I'm sure u will find something. I think the washer on the toilet just helps clean them good before putting them in the real washer and dryer. GOOD LUCK!
7656269 tn?1393082064 I really want to get cloth diapers for my son,( this is my first child, I'm having him in 2 months, )but i want to use a diaper Service... I don't think i could deal with the reusable cloth diapers you have to wash yourself. That just seems so messy to me. And the diaper Service I've found seems very reasonably priced. But is it worth it at all? Should i just get the disposable ones? i want opinions! What do you ladies think of the cloth vs disposable diapers.
Avatar f tn I want to use cloth diapers but I dont know much about them. About how many do i need and what kind is the best? Can it give your baby diaper rashes a lot more than regular diapers? Any suggestions from moms that use them?
94902 tn?1330479667 A. DIAPERS - Pampers - everything else has leaked like crazy and had blowouts. Using Swaddlers for now, but have bought Cruisers for the next stage. Wish I could cloth diaper but my hubby says NO! B. WIPES - Pampers and Huggies so far. Cash hasn't had any problems with these, so I just use whatever I have a coupon for. C.
1255151 tn?1413891826 I absolutely love it!!! She has the cutest cloth diaper butt ever. These are not old school cloth diapers like most people think of. They are actually really easy and Lyla stays very very dry. I just couldnt bear keeping her in a plastic/paper material down there. Just wondering if anyone else is doing this too???
Avatar f tn I think it all comes down to if you have the time and patience to be washing cloth diapers. cloth diaper requires contant washing, its not like regular laundry that you can wash once a week or even every 2wks. Cloths diapers are a money saver for sure but time consuming.
319281 tn?1238542923 I know this has been asked once before and i checked out that thread but i was wondering if any of you that have used cloth diapers could recommend a good site to order from. Some people say motherease but i think for their packages they just seem too expensive for me. They are nice because they snap and dont use fasteners but for what your getting i just think the price is higher. I've been looking into diapers Etc. and i think thats what im going to go with.
Avatar f tn Then I tried the Huggies which was ok at 1st but after a week she broke out in a rash so bad I had to switch to cloth diapers.
Avatar f tn At about 7 weeks I move onto Huggies Pure and Natural. And when the baby begins to crawl, I move onto Huggies little movers. I also like cloth diapers at home but not in public, it's to much work in my opinion! But during the night, I like cloth as well as during free time (play time), Simply because it doesn't cause diaper rash.
Avatar f tn I know you dont think it is the diapers but i would honestly try switching to cloth diapers. Also coconut oil which can be purchased at a local grocery store is a great natural soother try using that on his rash.
Avatar f tn Any ftm thinking of using cloth diapers and and second time moms have any experience with cloth diapers?
178590 tn?1294176767 etc...environmental costs..etc...diaper rash cream (since there tends to be more diaper rash with cloth than disposable...etc.. After reading it, both have pros and cons equally. Have you sent off to Luvs, Pampers, and Huggies for free diapers? They will send coupons for a free pack when you send them proof of having twins. In addition, they will send you GOOD coupons also..as in $5, $2 off. Our Kroger has packs of Pampers diapers this week for $8.99 if you buy three packs...
Avatar f tn Besides that the savings just make sense to use cloth. And babies in cloth diapers tend to have less diaper rash and potty train sooner most of the time so you're using diapers for a shorter amount of time. Here's an article that really helped me with my decision! http://www.whattoexpect.com/diapering-essentials/cloth-vs-disposables.aspx good luck!!
Avatar f tn I used g diapers & alvas part time with my oldest son. He had some major gi problems that causes severe diaper rash. Cloth diapers would help his butt heal & prevent the rashes from getting bloody. Unfortunately, the grandma's didn't like using the cloth diapers while we were working so we still did disposables too. I'm planning on doing primarily cloth this time since I am now home during the day with the kids.
Avatar f tn I want opinions on cloth diapers. I didn't cloth diaper with my first but i'm thinking about doing it with this one. I know nothing about it.
Avatar f tn i am a ftm i really want to cloth diaper so bad but idk what is the best ones out there to use anyone else used any ???? Please help out n what are the benifits on using them ?
1943295 tn?1388239324 Any of your moms or mommies to be going to use cloth diapers? I am debating using them but I just dont know where to begin. Tried to search the internet for answers but just same thing over and over! Any information on them would be greatly appreciated! -good experience -bad experience -number of diapers and inserts -best brand or type of diaper -anything else you think would be helpful! Thank you again!