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Avatar f tn Bath tub, shower products, Diaper rash, powder . Towel :) I had literally forgot about thr towel (x but I recieved one at my babybshower of my first baby.
Avatar f tn I chose to do the $35 bundle and I have used it to stock up on diaper rash cream, laundry detergent, etc... Amazing products and you can choose which products you want each shipment and how often you want it shipped. I did not do the diaper bundle because I have already started stocking up on diapers.
Avatar f tn Just wondering what other moms did for diaper rash? About day 5 my daughter got it and three days later we are still trying to heal it. We have powders and creams for diaper rash, which do seem to help. I guess I'm wondering if there's more I can do or should be doing other than changing frequently and using the products?
Avatar f tn As for diaper rash, various things. Make sure that bottom us dry before putting diaper on and that will help. We use butt cream most of the time but have used coconut oil, baths with baking soda and just air. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I got all the baby stuff...body and hair wash..diaper rash cream..lotion..and sun block...also they have baby oil..but i didnt purchase it..but i absolutely love it...its made with all natural things..seriously look it up..they also have things for men and women...i love it and i am hooked!!
1661466 tn?1302665857 My daughter is the new mother of a one month old daughter. Over the last couple of days she has been very fussy. My daughter has been a great little momma however she doesn't know what to do. The baby had some diaper rash and went to the Dr. and got some cream. It isn't working. I have read some things about lactose intolerence in babies especially if they have any Asian in them. She is maby one quarter Asian (father is maybe half Asian and White) and then ( momma) White.
Avatar f tn To prevent diaper rash u wana change ur baby frequently so it dnt stay in a wet or pooped pamper for too long but vaseline I would think would be a good.
Avatar f tn My poor baby has a pretty bad diaper rash. I've been using desitin and a&d but it doesn't seem to be working?? Any suggestions?
177465 tn?1288238463 Now, today, his face is more red than ever before and his bottom is BRIGHT red and bleeding from an apparent diaper rash. He has had no BM or diarrhea at all, just the redness and bleeding. I called the allergist's office and they were pretty confident that his symptoms were unrelated to the testing or from with-holding of wheat products, but I'm unsure of that. He's never, ever had a diaper rash. Period. And for this to be so extreme, I feel that something is not right!
Avatar f tn It's called butt past in a yellow & white tube, it worked for my babies in a bout 1 day. I warn you not to use desitin because it can make diaper rash worse, doctor told me and I experienced it with both my babies. If what I recommended doesn't work try going to your doctor and ask for "poop goop", also ask the doctor if he thinks it could be a yeast rash. If it's a yeast rash diaper rash creams & ointments will make it worse and it won't clear up.
Avatar f tn Ava Anderson has diaper cream, baby powder, soap, lotion, and cleaning products (they even have make up lol). Avaandersonnontoxic.
Avatar f tn Johnson actually admitted that their products had cancer causing agents in them... I exchanged all the shampoo and body wash and lotion and diaper rash cream for something else organic..
1429890 tn?1312386007 What do you mean by baby products? Things that you use over and over, like diapers and rash cream, or things that you buy once, like high chairs or strollers?
Avatar n tn Grandpa watched him last weekend, and he was very ill by Tuesday, my son around the same Monday/Tuesday time too.
Avatar f tn Spent so much money on diaper rash creams n ointments that just never worked!!! Cornstarch all over the diaper area and a fresh diaper keep applying to keep your baby dry and the rash will disappear. . Do not use baby powder as it can go into they're lungs and be fatal..
Avatar f tn So I'm on the internet and I was wondering are there any baby products besides huggies, pampers, luvs, enfamil, and similac out there that would give out free samples. My fiancée are broke right now he just switched jobs and my job isn't paying much.
Avatar f tn I love homemade baby wipes - never had diaper rash since we've switched. look online for instructions, but most are made with paper towels, water, baby oil and bab wash. So much cheaper, and if you use.natural baby wash there are much less chemicals then in commercial wipes.
Avatar f tn t seem to go away with erythromycin cream and diaper rash cream over top to stop the sweating . I have not had erythromycin for a good two weeks . I use 100% unscented products and I am 209 pounds . I've been back to the doctor three times she won't treat me with another script of erythromycin which I feel at this point well completely kill it . Can any of you make any suggestions that might help me out . Thank you so much .
Avatar f tn I use both… lotions if baby hasnt had a bath first thing or if baby has a bath then i use powder
Avatar n tn my son is almost 2 and never had diaper rash...ever. (he is in pull ups now also walmart brand) when he was Lil he got a little bit red and I kept the diaper off him all day it cleared up immediately. I use a&d anytime he has been mildly irritated. My suggestion is change baby often, I feel that is why I've never had issues I change him alot. Even when we traveled we'd pull over to check.
Avatar f tn Also, if you already have sensitive skin in the family, stay away from cloth diapering. It may seem like a nice, eco-friendly idea, bit the diaper rash (especially durong teething periods) is so much worse. Hope this helps.
290867 tn?1333569278 I am so upset my little baby boy is only 11 days old and has the worst diaper rash. I called his peditrition ( whom of which he hasnt seen yet) and he told me to wash him down there with Leaver 2000 and use a mixture of Neosporen and vasalene and he perscribed him a cream called Nystatin 30GM. Is anyone farmiliar with that cream? I am just really skepcital about using a perscription on a newborn espically when the peditrition has not even seen him yet. Maybe I am paranoid... Any thoughts?