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Avatar f tn Then I tried the Huggies which was ok at 1st but after a week she broke out in a rash so bad I had to switch to cloth diapers.
94902 tn?1330479667 A. DIAPERS - Pampers - everything else has leaked like crazy and had blowouts. Using Swaddlers for now, but have bought Cruisers for the next stage. Wish I could cloth diaper but my hubby says NO! B. WIPES - Pampers and Huggies so far. Cash hasn't had any problems with these, so I just use whatever I have a coupon for. C.
Avatar n tn I just had a new born on 10/13/15...when I change her diaper she has this RED rash on her buns wit a little bit of blood...
Avatar f tn I only use pampers. Huggies my son leaked out of and all the other brands caused him to break out in a rash. So I've stuck with pampers for my daughter and I'll be using them with my next baby as well.
Avatar f tn I started of with huggies untill they gave my son a really bad rash to where he would bleed.I then switch to pampers &within the next day his rash started clearing up.
Avatar f tn From my experience Huggies are better for boys and Pampers for girls. It has been the same for everyone I have talked to. The only time I have seen a diaper give a rash is from being left on while soiled or wet for too long. If changed promptly I have never had a problem with any brand in terms of giving babies rashes.
11803947 tn?1430842645 We switched to Huggies for pull ups, but had to stop because they were giving her a rash. Now for pull ups we use target brand. I plan on using pampers again this time too.
Avatar n tn My daughter had a horrible rash n reaction to huggies, i prefer luvs and costco brand, the diapers hold well n no diaper reaction. Wipes i used pampers sensitive brand with nonscented to prevent rashes.
Avatar n tn So when my son was born i used luvs up until he wore size 3 then i switched to huggies but idk if he is getting some allergy to them i noticed some mosquito bite look alike bump on his privates and i thought maybe hes getting diaper rash since his stools have been loose so i put some diaper rash ointment now i noticed every time i wipe him i feel hes in pain and the little bump sort of opened up like a bad scratch what could it be can it be the diapers o a nappy rash?
6822962 tn?1396329659 Diaper rash are really inevitable especially when you always use diaper as your baby's nappies. Also, I think diaper rash usually comes when its really hot weather and then you let your baby wore a diaper. One thing I observed with my baby is when I was not able to change her diaper for how many hours, it caused her diaper rashes. Most diapers, regardless of brands will most likely cause rashes.
Avatar f tn So ladies, out of huggies snugglers and pampers swadlers, which did you prefer to use on your newborn? I am having a girl so if you could state the gender of your baby that would be great! I know some people prefer different brands at different stages of the baby's life so I'm looking particularly at the newborn stage only. And about how many weeks was your baby in newborn diapers?
202436 tn?1326474333 I took a look at the diaper and noticed why, they old diapers had an inner liner that went nearly to the top of the diaper in the back, the new ones only cover about 60% of the diaper from front to back so when the child is laying down on her back the diaper allows leaking like crazy!!! I wrote to pampers about this and they promised me 2 free packs but I have yet to receive them and that was about a month ago.
Avatar f tn they always leaked for my two or would hold everything in one spot and baby would wake up with little diaper rash. Was strictly pampers after trial and error with my first. Tried Luvs with my second and its all he used and were cheaper but just as perfect as pampers. Oh and for wipes...hate the pampers wipes they feel slimy or like they leave a film, which are very similar to target brand. Love huggies wipes but dont like the price.
8464451 tn?1409883976 My son never had any reactions to any diaper. I loved pampers but since we didn't slowly stock up on diapers before he was born I bought target up and up brand I loved those until he was like 1 1/2 then he leaked out of them. With this one I had a diaper raffle at my shower. I have pampers, Huggies, luvs and target brand.
Avatar f tn I prefer pampers.. they are both soft and strong. And hold plenty. Huggies were to stiff and the other site brand diapers were like sand paper... at least to me. Luvs were the only alternative I ever used. They were to bad but I think that pampers were definitely a better all night diaper.
Avatar f tn Everyone I've asked so far has sworn by pampers.
1486020 tn?1354028475 Pampers Baby Fresh, Diaper Rash Creme: Desiten or Balmex always worked great for me, Bath wash: Johnson's Head to Toe is great and smells wonderful:) Baby lotion: Johnson's original and lavender works good for bedtime.
Avatar f tn We used Pampers at first because that's what they gave us at the hospital so we were really saving ours lol. We bought Huggies though until she was about 9 months and then We tried some off brands and they broke her out bad with one diaper. Like she had a rash that made her bleed and everything. I felt horrible so we went back to Huggies. Then we went to Luvs because they are cheaper than Huggies and I didn't have a problems with them but my husband said they leaked more than Huggies.
Avatar f tn so I guess we decided to go with pampers diapers & pampers sensitive wipes , what diaper brands did you mommies use ??
Avatar f tn I'm making a diaper cake for my SIL's baby shower. I bought Pampers Swaddlers diapers and then heard that they have a chemical in them that is prone to harming baby's skin. I don't know if that is true or not (it was just told by me by another diaper-cake maker who only uses Huggies for the above mentioned reason). So anyway, those of you who have/had newborns, which diapers worked best for you?
6880636 tn?1393491685 Yeah pampers are known for causing chemical burns. The few times I could afford them I haven't had any issues with them though. And yes there is something about their wipes as well. Forgot what though. But I can't use the wipes on my daughters bum. She broke out from them. And I know it was the wipes because all diaper brands I've used never did anything. But paired with pampers wipes it was horrible.
Avatar f tn Huggies wipes are a lot stronger and thicker, we used huggies diapers on my sis but they gave her a bad rash so pampers it was..
Avatar f tn I loved Pampers Swaddlers but the other Pampers gave my son horrible diaper rash. My favs are Luvs but I'll also use Huggies when they are one sale.
408496 tn?1269603350 I used pampers swaddlers until DD turned 7 months and then decided to try luvs. I like luvs just as much as pampers and they cost less. DD has never had a leak in either pampers or luvs. I did try huggies but they gave her a rash. I would try the luvs first to see if you like them, if not go to pampers and skip the huggies. Also, I just wanted to mention that when I purchased luvs for the first time I bought the wrong size and opened them.
Avatar f tn Pampers leak less than huggies, but if you have access to Organix where you are, that is the best way to go.