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Avatar f tn My 2year old had a bad diaper rash due to diarrhea and I tried everything. Milk of magnesia worked great. I would pour some in a container soak the cotton balls in the milk of magnesia and rubbed on the rash I also used the burping cloths with warm water to wipe him instead of the baby wipes since it irritates the rash.
1661466 tn?1302665857 My daughter is the new mother of a one month old daughter. Over the last couple of days she has been very fussy. My daughter has been a great little momma however she doesn't know what to do. The baby had some diaper rash and went to the Dr. and got some cream. It isn't working. I have read some things about lactose intolerence in babies especially if they have any Asian in them. She is maby one quarter Asian (father is maybe half Asian and White) and then ( momma) White.
Avatar n tn I just had a new born on 10/13/15...when I change her diaper she has this RED rash on her buns wit a little bit of blood...
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever tried using breast milk on there babies diaper rashes? I heard its supposed to help a lot! If you've done this did it work? How long does it take to start healing?
Avatar f tn My son us 3wks old. I was wondering about diaper rashes. He has a bit of a rash under his scrotum. I'm wondering if this is normal. Its the only area that has gotten red. I do let him dry out a bit after diaper changes and started putting Desitin diaper cream on it. Any suggestions on making it go away? Tia!
146191 tn?1236877812 okay, edward never really had as bad of a diaper rash as he does right now and i feel sooooo bad for my little munchkin. he is 13 months old. we switched him from formula to whole milk about a month ago. he started having frequent bm's on saturday/sunday and the rash developed sunday night. his bm's are looser than normal, but not quite diarrhea. he is having up to 4 or more bm's a day/night when he usually only has 1. before this, his poop was always on the firmer side.
290867 tn?1333569278 Since the last time I posted he has been put on Zantac for his GERD and acid reflux and when he began screaming in pain while eating they also put him on Carafate to help coat his horribly damaged esophagus! The next day after taking both meds he had the worst diaper rash and he is now on a perscription diaper rash ointment as well. He seems to be doing better but still in some pain! The doctor said that he will have to be on the Zantac until he is about a year old unless he dosnt outgrow it!
284738 tn?1283106819 i switched Aubree over to the lactaid whole milk and ever since she has been pooping like 5 times a day.. its never diarrahea its just soft and varies in color.. sometimes like a golden yellow and sometimes a brown color.. is it normal for her to be pooping this much or is it a reaction to the lactaid? her diaper rash is not getting better because she is pooping so much.. i have put a& d on her and when that didn't work i tried desatin and nothing is working.. ugh!
Avatar f tn t let her sit in it too to long. Pat dry her bottom and put the diaper rash cream on every diaper change. Make sure you keep her bottom dry when you change her. I baby sat this baby girl that had the same problem but hers was really really bad she cried non stop never smiled it broke my heart but its because her parents wouldn't change her diaper when she was dirty. Anyways if I'm not mistaken she had to be on antibiotics.
7677085 tn?1395374075 I posted some advice for someone yesterday about breastmilk clearing up baby acne. Then I realized a lot of pregnant mamas might not know some of the awesome benefits of breastmilk (other than a free food source!) Here are just a few I know of (if anyone else knows more and would like to share feel free!
1936550 tn?1348360208 Thanks, I just did not want to accept it as normal. I hope it stops soon! She is getting a diaper rash if I dont use diaper rash cream, even though I don't use baby wipes. Just tissue and water.
Avatar f tn Well, diaper rash is definitely less likely and I am glad your baby’s rash cleared up, but if it happens again you might find it interesting that there are many other uses for mother’s milk than feeding. Some women have found that by squirting breastmilk on their baby’s bottom, it helps clear up the rash since breastmilk contains anti-parasites, antibodies, and anti-viruses…. It’s no wonder!
4528412 tn?1357069833 You can put her in the tub with warm water and baking soda a couple times a day, change her diapers very often, use your diaper rash ointment every time and try to keep her as dry as possible. Also, try to leave the diaper a little loose so some air can get in. Simply try to keep her dry and give it a couple days. When it comes to the diarrhea, if she is on milk based formula and is vomiting as well she may need a soy based formula, my daughter did.
676912 tn?1332812551 When my kids would get really nasty diaper rashes, I used any diaper rash ointment I could get my hands on, and then put Vaseline over it. If it is a yeast infection, some Vagisil would do the trick. Good luck!
Avatar f tn It's called butt past in a yellow & white tube, it worked for my babies in a bout 1 day. I warn you not to use desitin because it can make diaper rash worse, doctor told me and I experienced it with both my babies. If what I recommended doesn't work try going to your doctor and ask for "poop goop", also ask the doctor if he thinks it could be a yeast rash. If it's a yeast rash diaper rash creams & ointments will make it worse and it won't clear up.
317245 tn?1258737545 My little boy is now 13 months old. He was breast fed for 11 and a half months and his stool was always very loose....but that didn't concern me or the pediatrician because it is normal for a breast fed baby to have loose stool. When I started the weaning process I started to introduce whole milk to him. As soon as I started the whole milk he almost immediately developed a horrible bleeding diaper rash (he had never had diaper rash at all before this).
167 tn?1374173817 So, in short, he is fussy, has frequent loose stools and has a bad diaper rash because of it (which might be some of the reason for his fussiness). Also, four teeth are coming through on top at once! Think it could just be teething? PS-he had his one year immunizations on July 21st, so about a week and a half ago and did have a lower grade fever Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of this week.
Avatar f tn I know it sounds strange but if u still have breast milk that will work better than any diaper cream 2 clear up rash cause all t antibodies. My midwife told me 2 try it when my daughter was a baby. Worked great, fast and compleatly safe.
Avatar f tn In addition, see if you can get her to eat a little yogurt (to put back the intestinal bacteria destroyed by the antibiotic). That helps our DD along with the Lotrimin ointment. If she won't eat it directly, we would mix it in with some milk. Our first DD only drank choc milk, so I got the choc whips yogurt to add to it. Restalyn also was a good diaper rash helper.
796579 tn?1266432024 my 2 wk old son has such bad diaper rash, he has had it abotu a week and half, i have been using everything, desitin, butt paste, etc. it is so bad that now it looks like he has bumps or blisters up around the base of his penis, and like the skin is peeling on his bum and around his scrotum!!is this normal sounding for diaper rash in boys? any advise? dr. says try antifungal creams or powder. i've been told to stay away from OJ and tomato sauces bcuz of acid, any other suggestions?
Avatar f tn I recently stopped breastfeeding my 12 month old, and tried to switch her to whole milk. Now, I know all pediatricians recommend weaning from the bottle by 12 months, but my situation was that my baby wouldn't allow a bottle anywhere near her mouth until she realized she wasn't going to be nursing anymore, and now she sleeps snuggling her bottle because she loves it so much. So.... that's going to be the next thing we deal with, but for right now, I think she needs it.
Avatar f tn My son has never had a rash that lasted linger than a couple diaper changes. I use it every time he starts getting red. Idk if they sell it in the baby section my dads friend bought it for me and told me about it. But she said you can get it at Walmart. Its a medicated powder.
Avatar f tn So, I have a little girl who is almost 8 months and she STAYS with a diaper rash. She has had the same one for well over a month now and we have done EVERYTHING. She's been to the pediatrician twice, we change her diaper every single time it's dirty, we've used Boudreauxs regular and maximum strength butt paste and we've used desitin. We've also used Johnson's baby powder AND Caldesene powder in the pink and blue bottles.
Avatar f tn It is a pain to clean out of the folds of the area, and I find, causes more of a rash. I dont use anything but diaper cream on diaper rashes, I avoid powder altogether. It is a mess and a pain. (Not to mention if your toddler gets into it and dumps it all over your house!
Avatar f tn Currently getting babys bag ready for the big day ! Feel weird because I cant think at all What do you pack in your baby's diaper bag ?
266539 tn?1281402152 So today I found out my best friend is having a baby boy and so I was thinking about shower gifts and I was wondering what you thought about the idea, if you would like that as a shower gift or not. I was thinking of getting a diaper bag and fill it with everything you need in a diaper bag. Like; diapers, whipes, baby powder, rash cream, sun screen, lotion, a few toys, bottles, pacifires, an outfit, and a mini first aid kit. Anything I missed for a diaper bag?