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Avatar n tn Loosing your weight (Wow, good for you!), then going on that roller coaster, and not fitting into your clothes must be very frustrating! 1200 calories is going into starvation mode. As a result, your body will slow down your metabolism making it even more difficult to loose weight. How long has it been since you had your medication change? With your roller coaster ride, you may need more time to get stable. I suggest you try Mary Shomon's book "The Thyroid Diet".
Avatar n tn I was hoping to hear that others were having success with weight watchers because I like the program. OH WELL! Guess I will check out the other books suggested. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I have been going to Weight Watchers for a year, the first 4 months I lost 18 pounds. I was satisfied with this because I felt it was a sensible plan. But... the last 8 months, no matter how hard I try, and stick exactly to the plan, I'm gaining! I have now gained back 9 of the 18 pounds. This is just not worth it. I have no energy and am getting very depressed. About 10 years ago I took Fastin diet pills for a while, lost all the weight I needed and kept it off for 10 years.
Avatar n tn I have been on Simlin (prescribed by doctor), and other medications to help lose weight, but to no avail. I have tried every diet known to man, including Weight Watchers (which was the most helpful), but I can't seem to stick with it and I gain it back. I now weigh 345 pounds, and I'm 5'6" and 44 years old. I am using a large amount of insulin each day, and am becoming insulin resistant. What can I do to lose this weight? I want to do it, but I can't see to make it happen.
Avatar n tn Doc says I'am borderline diabetic and need to lose weight. The drug was prescribed to help with the weight loss. However she stressed that you still need to watch your diet and exercise. I have been doing this for a long time but kept going up and down with my weight. I am 5 4" and currently weigh 235.5. I weigh in every Tuesday and after 4 days I lost 3 pounds. I am now starting to take the meds 2 xs a day so it will be interesting to see what happens next week.
Avatar n tn I started to notice weight gain in my waistline so i joined weight watchers.I was a member of weight watchers before and was able to loose weight in the first weeks I would loose up to 10 pounds.This time I lost about 3 then the next week i would gain 5.I got frustrated and quit. Now I have gained 11 lbs. and i don't even have the energy to walk on my treadmill for 10 minutes and have no desire to do anything .Why is there no special diet to follow or help for women going through this?
Avatar n tn Id like to suggest the HCG weight loss program. I have been on this program twice and have kept the weight off. Besides losing weight, the program also teaches you to change eating habits and your lifestyle. A lot of people get the product off the internet , and that isnt safe. I would like to suggest Body Solutions RX, a reputable clinic located in Colorado Springs , CO. They serve clients in the US 50 states regardless of distance. Body Solutions RX offers more than just weight loss solutions.
620923 tn?1452919248 I'm in! I just joined Weight Watchers as well but find the support online isn't right for me as I have such a difficult time exercising. I was only diagnosed about three months ago so I'm still going through testing and my dr's trying to blame anything but Chiari. I think I have IBS but am still in the testing phase. Great tip about the magnesium. I'll have to try it. The only exercise I can do is the stationary bike. I need to lose about 30-40 pounds.
215905 tn?1214505001 I am recovering from TT due to thyroid cancer and fighting the weight gain which seems to be part of the program from what I am reading.
Avatar n tn I have digenerative disc disease and my neirologist just prescribed topamax, he said it would help with the pain and tingling but could result in weight loss. I am wondering if prescribing topamax for ddd is common among neurologists? I can't seem to find any other information related to topamax as a pain med, only information I have is that it's a powerful drug with lots of side effects, most not so good. The weight loss aspect is the only plus...
Avatar n tn It helps inhance the effects of the fiber. And if weight loss is somthing you want it can assist in that also. Weight watchers uses fiber and calories to calculate out points for you to eat. I hope this helps sorry about the spelling. I am awful at spelling.Ps.Try the sugar free metamucile. I find it helps cut some calories...
Avatar f tn BUT I think I'd rather be over weight than addicted to heroin. I wonder if joining weight watchers or a gym etc. would help? I tried walking but didn't really loose any weight. I wish somebody had some kind of success loosing weight while on methadone....I love to hear about it.
Avatar n tn Recently I joined weight watchers, i know it might sound a bit silly, i think i rolled my eyes a few times at myself when i first joined, BUT I ended up losing a lot of weight (about 3-8 lbs/month). And it actually helped my ha1c. I also added weight lifting to my gym routine, which seems to help enourmously. I think it is a little more difficult to loose weight while keeping up a good ha1c, and I'm sure their are varied reasons for this.
Avatar n tn When I decided in March of last year to stop the effexor, even with tapering off of it like my Doctor told me, I still had bad withdrawal. I ended up stopping effexor and then joining weight watchers, that seemed to help my depression more than any medications. Good luck to you. You also have to remember that everyone reacts different to medications. What made me gain weight may make you lose. Good luck!
698538 tn?1228126579 After that, you're on the right track...Weight Watchers is a wonderful, effective, easy-to-use program. I know countless people who have lost weight and kept it off with WW. The only other thing I want to point out is that - and I hope the vegans won't get upset - our bodies *weren't actually designed to have a plant-based diet. We have a huge need for protein, which most of us don't get enough of. And, yes, you can get protein from some types of beans and other non-animal products...
Avatar n tn It has taken me almost 10 years to finally find the motivation to be healthier and lose weight. I finally went to EBAY and bought the WEIGHT WATCHERS BEGINNERS PACK and started out on my own. I don't go to the meetings because I don't like group settings like that. I just started by finding how many points I could have and then one by one I started trading the junk for something healthy. The first thing I did was switch from regular soda to diet.
Avatar m tn in order to get to my goal weight. Other then Weight Watchers, can anyone recommend a diet or some kind of weight loss plan which has helped you. What I don't like about the current W.W. plan is keeping track of the points. It doesn't have enough structure for me the way the old W.W. plan did from the late 70's up until about 1997. The old "Exchange" plan told you what kinds and how many proteins, low fat dairy products, grains, starchy vegetables (i.e.
619345 tn?1310345021 Anything else - all the fad diets and as soon as you eat anything outside the boundries the weight comes flying back on. I like the Weight Watchers diet....that way you can eat what you want if you have a craving, even McDonalds and stuff like that but you loose weight too. It's really the only thing that ever worked for me - I have no willpower and when I want something it drives me insane.......
Avatar n tn Please let me remind you again, and again, and again, that hCG is a PRESCRIPTION drug that MUST be dispensed by a licensed Physician. hCG injections are PART of a comprehensive weight reduction program. hCG administration is just ONE aspect of the complete hCG +diet program. Unfortunately many Healthcare Professionals modified the original method based on their own assumptions on how the method operates.
Avatar m tn I am currently back to taking sylimn, which does not work as well as the victoza. Victoza is a great medication for helping a type 2 diabetic to control their appetite and to lose weight. I want to thank you all for being so open and honest with your responses. I am willing to give it a try based on all the wonderful experiences you all have shared with me. Lets continue to stay in touch to compare to notes on victoza and weight loss results.
1498386 tn?1403031253 Only thing that's EVER worked for me and i've done weight watchers, other diets which literally made me lose nothing.
Avatar n tn By the way, when a person has 200lbs to lose as I do, these cute little diets such as weight watchers and just cutting down and exercising does not work, you need to see results immediately in order to have the staminia to maintain the weight loss efforts. True we have to complete the prescribed program and following the instrucitons after we have lost the weight. It is a life long change.
Avatar n tn I also am on weight watchers and had lost 50 pounds a few years ago. I was looking back on my weight loss chart and saw that within 3 weeks of starting lexapro each time, I had a significant weight gain. I went from 175 to 185 the first time and then continued to gain despite following the program and exercising. When I went off the med, the weight began to drop and I made it down below 200.
Avatar n tn and further more the very next morning i swear....i have gained more weight! i am literally gaining weight EVERY DAY.
Avatar n tn She has recently done Weight Watchers for one month and followed it religiously. She lost practically no weight. She also exercise at least five times a week for an hour and a half. She is very frustrated and I don't have any answers. Unfortunately, her doctors over the years don't seem to be able to help. Should we be looking at type of insulin? She presently talkes Lantus and Humalog. Does high protein help? Her weight is in her back across her shoulders, in her middle and thighs.
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Avatar n tn I went today for my first week weight check and my second shot.....my weight loss for my first week is 9.5 pounds!!!! Anyone else using Phentermine and B12? I would love to hear how other people have done on these meds. Good Luck to everyone trying...I want to hear your story!