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Avatar n tn after a week, i went to the doctor and did an FBS. i got 7.3 mmol (133 mmol) and she said i am mildly diabetic and recommended diet and exercise which i've been doing for 3 weeks since sign showedup again. she gave omepron because she also suspected ulcer because i also complained mild abdominal pain. maybe i really had an ulcer because i'm not eating much and sometimes im so afraid to eat. my doctor said my HBA1C was very normal. now i'm afraid to my regular meals.
Avatar f tn FYI - bowel movements did not relieve any of these symptoms. I am very fit, exercise daily, avoid preservatives and eat a mostly vegetarian gluten-, dairy- and soy-free diet, and am normal weight and non-diabetic. Doctor sent me home with scripts for dicyclomine, reglan and nexium and said I could have gastritis, an ulcer or a low-functioning gallbladder. Since I've come home, my indigestion symptoms have worsened. I didn't find any of the drugs to be particularly helpful.
Avatar n tn I have some questions Can a Red or Purple Line under my toe where it meets my foot could be the beginings of a Diabetic Ulcer? How Long does Diabetic Foot take to devolope? Can a Person get Diabetes a Year after getting the All Clear by his Doctor? Can a Young Person like me get Diabetic Foot or does it involve older people? I am sadly overweight and dont any exercise because I am suffering Agoraphobia and Anxiety! I FEEL I AM GOING MAD SOMETIMES! Please Give me some advice?
Avatar f tn I'm a 25 year old female who has a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of exercise. I moved to a farm in France in late January. In February the diarrhea began, accompanied with quite serious anal itching (especially at night) and some bleeding. This lasted for nearly two months. I thought it may have been a parasite but because the symptoms eventually ceased I tried not to worry about it.
1662361 tn?1302765972 I am 23, I know I am over weight, I diet and exercise but never loss weight. I have been test for diabetes since I was 12, and my levels have always been low. I have noticed lately tho when I test because my mom and grandma are diabetic that my sugar levels are from 50 to maybe 75 no matter what I eat. I snack on granola and some times hard candy and sometimes cookies. I just feel sick all the time, and dizzy and i get really shaky and, Nothing I have been doing is working.
341655 tn?1240372439 I am 28 years old and have extreme high bloodAmylase - blood Bleeding Blood cells Blood clot formation Blood clots Blood culture Blood differential Blood gases Blood gases test Blood glucose monitoring Blood in semen pressurePressure ulcer, especially at night. 140/100. I dont eat red meat or drink any type soda. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and try to stay organic. I am 5'9" and weigh 160. I am 75% hispanic and 25% chinese.
883151 tn?1245518109 Not only just to have my beautiful new baby but also so I can start working out. I'll have to go to a gym or get some exercise videos for home cuz it will be fall and getting cold when baby comes but I can do it. I used to do tae bo all the time. It was fun and I really got a work out with it. I could do it in the privacy of my own home too. My weight before my first son was 115. To be that small again. I would even be happy to be at my weight before having my second.
Avatar n tn I have exactly the same problem. I had an ulcer before. Took the antibiotic and cured it. But the pain came back after about a month. After that I did gastroscopy and biopsy, which came back h/pylori negative. Did CT scan, ultrasound, PH test etc. etc. all came back negative but I still wake up every night with pain. Biopsy did find inactive chronic gastritis, but when will this stop and how can I cure it???
Avatar m tn It seems like hypoglycemia, but I'm not diabetic, and I ate the day before, even having had cheese and crackers right before I went to bed. I wasn't actually starving. I could have been a little dehydrated, but the yogurt wouldn't have instantly fixed that - nor would I have felt intensely hungry. I've never had this happen, even after fasting for 24 hours or more for surgeries, blood tests, or community service.
Avatar f tn I have lung damage, herniated discs fibromyaglia,arthritis amd diabetic to list a few of my ailments.also currently i had to stop due to i have a diabetic foot ulcer not allowed to walk at all on my foot.i watch what I eat I hope you have support because support is very very important.I wish you the best.and pray that you achieve your goals We are all in this together.
Avatar f tn 1 n half yr ago wen i was ok n was not affected by HP my BP was 120/80 totally normal as soon as i was infected it starts to become low n now normally (when i am feeling normal) it is 100/50 i have been checked my thyroxin level its ok i am saying ulcer because HP stayed in body for abt 1 year so it made ulcer doc said all ths is because of HP i have taken triple therapy 2 times and i thnk after 2nd 1 it was removed 4 months are passed when i have taken 2nd therapy but my sysmtoms didnt recoved
1806721 tn?1554337007 In the past 6 months, besides rapid weight loss, I also experienced fatigue, weakness, cold feet, dizziness, sudden drop of blood pressure, increased thirst and trips to restroom, low grade fever on and off with left side abdominal pain. My doc thought I had UTI and ulcer b/c my urine/blood test show staph and h pylori infections. Two months ago, my fasting glucose was 92 (normsl). However, I also heard that you may still have high blood sugar even though the fasting level is normal.
Avatar m tn After that I didn't take them again until the day after due to thinking they might not let my body learn fight the ob. The bump went away in 3 days and left no trace. Never became an ulcer or anything. The results came back negative for herpes after a week of waiting. I was told that I shouldn't assume it was a false negative and I was fine unless I had another bump and to have another culture done if I did. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
Avatar n tn I am diabetic since 1998, at the time I discovered that I am diabetic the blood level was 450 mg/dl and ketone bodies were +4 out of 5. I managed to lower it within one week with tablets to 130 mg/dl and adopting 0 carb intake, I was obese (160 kg), I lost weight and brought my weight down to 95 kg within 6 months by diet only the famous 0 carb diet and got my hypertension from 160/110 to 110/70 (mm Hg).
Avatar n tn The conditions that come to my mind include gallbladder issues (cholecystitis), and duodenal ulcer. Good luck. Let us know if you find anything out.
Avatar m tn Prior to seeing the blood results I did think of DM 2 (because of feet, eye and urinary involvement My colleague suggested it even though I'm not in the risk group (normal weight), he became diabetic type 2 after a bout of Pneumonia My GP said I'm not Diabetic, though he only did a urine test. I've never had any Glucose or Ketones present on any Multistix tests I've done at home, irrespective of fasting / food /carb intake. I still have to arrange a FBG test.
5669694 tn?1372074010 eat mainly slow carbs in the morning and during the day except before exercise. If you still feel not ok, go to a doctor for a full evaluation. Thats the best place to be especially because your fatty liver!! I hope you recover soon!!
Avatar n tn I am active but I do not exercise regularly so I don't know what happens to all of the food I eat. I took birth control for two years and then stopped taking it and havent had my period for almost a year. I thought that maybe I might have a hormone inbalace and that that might contribute to my weird eating habits and lack of ability to gain weight.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your email. The possibilities we can consider include gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and/or pancreatitis or pancreatic disease. Stress is a major contributing factor in most of these diseases and may aggravate the situation. It would be difficult to commit to a diagnosis at this point without further work-ups and tests. Consult a gastroenterologist for an examination, further tests and proper treatment.
136986 tn?1232403430 I'm also diabetic Type 2 and hungry ALL the time. and I mean ALL the time. I'm very overweight and since started taking Metformin have gaining even more weight. Can't stop myself from eating. Eat breakfast and still hungry, then have a snack. Then lunch and then another snack. Eat dinner and 2 hours after, another snack. Go to bed and in the middle of the night, have another snack. Help!!!! I do drink lots of liquid though.
Avatar f tn I thought I might have been because after the glucose drink I could not quench my thirst - I'm not diabetic yet, but if I don't watch my diet and take exercise, I am highly likely to become diabetic within 10 years (so the doc told me). If you feel it is related to eating and especially when you have not eaten, then this is definitely hypoglycemia - you don't have to be diabetic to suffer from this.
Avatar n tn g., Zantac? If you have the beginnings of an ulcer, that can cause nausea and could also cause stomach pains which, in some instances, are similar to hunger pangs. Are you dehydrated enough? If you are not drinking enough water that can cause stomach pains. Things like soda, coffee, tea, chocolate all contain caffeine which can cause dehydration. If you consume large quantites of these beverages I would consider cutting them out of your diet.
Avatar m tn Doctor insinuated that the 2 days of Naproxen could be source of my stomach problems, and could have caused an ulcer, which Prilosec is to treat. I was undetectable at week 12, and my Jan.27 labwork indicated the following exceptions: WBC 2.6 Normal 4.0-10.5 RDW 15.3 Normal 11.7-15 Mono 14.0 Normal 4-13 Neutrophils(ABS) 1.4 Normal 1.8-7.
Avatar n tn lots of fruit and vegetables), getting enough good quality sleep, drinking enough water every day, getting moderate daily exercise! *** Exercise is proven to help the body's ability to balance hormones and reduce stress levels too!!! Just what you need!!!! When we are busy and stressed these things are often the first things that get overlooked... don't feel bad... we all do it (me too!) and it's not too late to make changes *IF* you want. B vitamins are great for someone under stress.
Avatar n tn It has also been linked to an ulcer infection or as a causation or symptom of an ulcer. Food, drink, and stress can all help trigger hiccups. Does she consume a lot a yeast such as in breads? What about peppers? Sometimes children get relief from a little corn syrup. I wonder if about a third to one-half teaspoon of sugar on the back of her tongue would help your daughter in a pinch if she starts having a hiccup spell (if she is not diabetic, anyway). It does often work for adults.
Avatar n tn I am a 37 year old female, non smoker, not over weight not a diabetic and no other health problems except for the one I am inquiring about. I also have no family history of heart problems in young adults except for 2 distant cousins ..both males in their 30's who had heart attacks. My problem started a year and a half ago with upper l sided chest pain.
1132657 tn?1260557669 According to him, he said I had some swellingAbdomen - swollen Ankle sprain swelling Breast - premenstrual tenderness and swelling Foot swelling Foot, leg, and ankle swelling Gums - swollen Joint swelling Mastoiditis - redness and swelling behind ear Scrotal swelling Swelling in the stomach, and acid reflexBabinski's reflex Infantile reflexes Moro reflex Urge incontinence, small ulcer, and some how, he mentioned GERD So I was taking NexiumNexium Nexium i.v.. Pain never went away.
Avatar n tn I have searched the internet for answers to many of my questions and came across this site. I am a 37 year old female, non smoker, not over weight not a diabetic and no other health problems except for the one I am inquiring about. I also have no family history of heart problems in young adults except for 2 distant cousins ..both males in their 30's who had heart attacks. My problem started a year and a half ago with upper l sided chest pain.