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Avatar f tn Have just been diagnosed with Diabetic Retinopathy and need to find the best retina specialist in Utah?
Avatar n tn I am the daughter of a gentleman that has Diabetic Amyotrophy. I can not seem to get a physician to treat him appropriately here in South Carolina is there a higher level facility of physician that you can refer us to ? I would like to look into the IVig therapy for him. Thank You, Sharon Powell, RN South Carolina sa.
Avatar m tn Within 7months it spread throughout my entire body and, had an emg done and was told it was diabetic neuro.meanwhile I am on Social security disability from over a dozen orthopedic surgeries. All my joints just all started hurting one night all at the same time. I then started having night terrors and sweats. Then all my muscles started.and the sweats all day and night. and severe pain. I did all the meds neurotin, Lyrica, Cymbalts etc...
Avatar n tn I have had diabetes for 7 years and recently worked with the diabetes educator at one of my local hospitals as a high school intern. We did a lot of teaching about diabetic socks. Diabetic socks are not a scam. People with diabetes are supposed to wear cotton socks so that the socks breathe. Also diabetic socks are supposed to help with keeping good circulation to the feet. Since people with diabetes need to take extra care of their feet.
Avatar m tn Hi, i have a question, it's about my Mother, she's 50 years old doesn't like seeing doctor, she's diabetic, she has itchy skin all the time, particularly on her upper back and around the back of her neck, also has same thing around her shins and forearms, shes been like that for almost 6 years, her blood sugar is usually 10.2 sometime 12.7 rarely at a good level anyways itchy parts are now discolored and have boils that leak out clear liquid (sugar i'm guessing?
1770925 tn?1365622122 I am not a diabetic, but but doctors treat me as am, to the exclusion of treating my problems. It was my 5th neurologist that solved my problem. That was 14 years ago, now I find no help for recovery.. No real pain, but enough to wake me up every 2 hours night.
Avatar f tn I have an 11yr old boy that was dx type 1 ... [More] diabetic at the age of 2. I need help... I just don't know what to do about him sneaking what he knows he can't have. I know this is a very common issue with children. My problem started this year after Easter when I started to find candy rappers all over his room. I sat with him and talked about why he was doing it and his only answer is "I don't know.
Avatar n tn I am type 1 diabetic as well as having 2 other auto immune dissorders one being addison's disease.I am currently on Lantus,Humalog,Florinef,Prednisone and Lexapro just to name a few I get extremley moody due to my hypoglycemic attacks as well as my hyperglycemic attacks on top of the florinef and prednisone which are supposed to cause mood swings as well.
Avatar n tn It sounds to me like your dad is probably at a teaching hospital and that is why you have so many docs in and out of his room. This can obviously be very disconcerting to people. You do have the right to ask for a single doc to handle his case because you can't handle all fo this confusion. In this case you are actually looking at two docs....one for the heart and one for the kidney issues.
Avatar n tn im a 18 year old type one diabetic and im trying to find a job like as an EMT and i was wondering is there any jobs out there that a type one diabetic can pursue a career that i can go to college for?
Avatar n tn Was d/c from hospital 6 days ago and is now going to a Teaching Hospital in her area. Seeing a GI Dr. who inserts Gastric Pacemakers (Medtron). What is your view on the Pacemaker? My cousin is unsure if she wants one inserted. Her MD will discuss no other treatment option with her. Does she not need to be in better physical shape (well hydrated, etc.) prior to this procedure?
Avatar n tn A recent Newlywed, very bright and motivated to get better, which is hard with the severe generalized pain. Was d/c from hospital 6 days ago and is now going to a Teaching Hospital in her area. Seeing a GI Dr. who inserts Gastric Pacemakers (Medtron). What is your view on the Pacemaker? My cousin is unsure if she wants one inserted. Her MD will discuss no other treatment option with her. Does she not need to be in better physical shape (well hydrated, etc.) prior to this procedure?
Avatar n tn I am a science teacher. While teaching of the circulatory system I allowed three children to ***** their fingers and put their blood on a slide and observe it under a microscope. A parent suggested that I exposed their child to AIDS. None of the 3 children have AIDS to their or my knowledge. I used sterile single use diabetic lancets and the slides were never used nor the slide covers. No child contacted the blood of another. The wounds were washed and bandaged.
686681 tn?1227309038 I have been diagnosed with Fibro, Restless Leg, Sciatic nerve compression, periferal neuropathy, compression neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, spinal stenosis, and, o yeah, I'm diabetic. The pain has increased substantially to the point where I have no quality of life. I take Lyrica, several diabetic medicines, 40 Mg Oxycontin three times a day with 10 Mg/325 Peercoset for blow over pain. I also take Skylantin for muscle pain.
Avatar m tn The 29-year-old diabetic/celiac young woman with severe autonomic symptoms, whom I told you about earlier, has suddenly developed disturbing new symptoms: an involuntary forward "thrust" in her head and upper body, almost like a pidgeon; she can't get words out when she tries to speak; and she's having severe headaches. The local hospital ER suggested she should be seen at a teaching hospital where they will be better equipped to evaluate her. My questions: 1.
172023 tn?1334675884 After trying to get my husband to go to the doctor for over a year, he just finished all his bloodwork and has been diagnosed a diabetic. They are prescribing him Glucophage. I asked about testing his blood sugars, and the nurse? told me "oh, no honey. He doesn't have to do that, these are JUST pills". He is just to come back in 3 months. That's the sum total of our diabetic teaching.
Avatar n tn My daughter has had type 1 diabetes for over 20 years and has diabetic retinopathy. After a series of bleeds and resulting laser surgery, she suffered a detached retina in one eye and underwent a total vitrectomy. Three days later, she could see nothing - the result, probably of an infection. She was treated with antibiotics and steroids, but her sight never fully recovered and now a fluorogram confirms that she has lost blood supply to approximately 25% of the retina.
Avatar n tn I am 17 - 18 weeks pregnant and last week's gluocse tolerance test came out. The number was 203. I've made an appt for Diabetes teaching at the hospital and two weeks later for consultation at Maternal Fetal Medicine. I wanted to know if and why this sugar did not show up in the other routine sugar tests that were done before. And also, how can i avoid all those complications for my babies.
Avatar m tn i am a 43 yr old male, i also am a diabetic. i have been told that i have a crushed l5 and conjoined nerve roots caught by the l5. nobody seems to know what i have for options, been going on for 2 yrs. and is getting worse. i also have had a nerve block in my groin.
Avatar n tn I am a 26 year old type 2 diabetic. I have let my diabetes go uncontrolled for about 6 years. I am starting to have some weird things happen to me. I am having problems digesting fat and it is causing me to have diahherea; my resting heart rate is over 100 beats per minute; iam having dizzy spells; etc... every tests that i go for is showing nothing physically wrong with me. The problem i am asking about now is i have these episodes where i get extremely cold spells.
Avatar f tn Diabetes can also cause diabetic neuropathy and lead to alot of leg pain. I hope this helps alittle, you need to question you're doctor and demand some answers.
2009318 tn?1328029037 I have been diabetic since age 8 and now i am 29 years old and finnally got my diabetes under control enough to get prenant. I am now 21 weeks along and the doc says me and the baby are healthy but I still have high blood sugars for time to time. I worry that I could be damaging the baby. When I have these high blood sugars of 300 or more i can feel the baby kick and move is that a good or bad thing?
Avatar n tn Hi, Thanks for this wonderful forum. My situation is that, my father is a diabetic patient from around 12 yrs. He is controlling is sugar level from his diet and other herbal methods(Ghrelu methods). Although he is visiting doctor and checking his sugar level twice every month, based on results he alter his daily routine, i.e. diet control, morning walk etc.
Avatar n tn The 'attacks' have been going on for nine years, and I have had every test under the sun (Gastroscopy, Gastric ultrasound, pelvic ultrasound, Stomach Xrays, Gastric Emptying Study, Barium Meal, Celiac testing, liver function etc) and ruled out pancreatitis, gallstones and ulcers. I am a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic and know that my digestion is slightly slowed due to minor peripheral nerve damage, but the masses of doctors I've seen don't think that this is the cause of the problem.
Avatar m tn She really dislikes the 4 shots a day and that would also mean teaching the nurse at school a whole new way of taking care of her while she is in her care. We are open to any suggestions and/or help. Thank you in advance!
Avatar f tn I have fatigue that literally causes me to fall asleep while teaching a class. I can't control it. On Christmas I slept through the entire day. I am not diabetic, or any problems with my blood. they take it and test it all the time. I am thinking that whatever is wrong with me might be rare and may have a simple solution. I used to love to dance and now I can't. I don't have RA, Lupis, MS, thyroid, or ciliac disease. I have been tested for all the above, but I am not the best speller sorry.
Avatar f tn There is a small risk that diabetic patients at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Buffalo, NY might have been exposed to HIF, hepatitis B or hepatitis C. BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Veterans Administration has told western New York members of Congress that more than 700 patients at the Buffalo VA Medical Center may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C because of accidental reuse of insulin pens. Oh no, not again! http://news.msn.
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Avatar n tn I have been diabetic since I was 4. I was a youth counselor at a camp for diabetics when I was younger and it was a great teaching tool for understanding my response to humulin and exercise. I personally used Humalog for a period of 2 years and must say it nearly killed me.