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Avatar f tn I am currently on the hcg injections from the Native Healing Ways clinic. Does anyone have any recipes for this 500 calorie diet? The information that the clinic has provided does list a few recipes but I would like to expand a bit as I am becoming board with current food choices. Also, I am mostly a vegetarian but eat some fish. Thanks!
93532 tn?1349374050 Okay, so I am looking for tested recipes you have made and like that are diabetic-friendly. My dh's boss is diabetic and I adore him. He is an insulin-dependent diabetic and his wife will have my hide if I send him into a diabetic coma. I can search the standard sites, but I would like some that you guys have made and enjoyed. I plan on making a few recipes this weekend to send to work with John next week.
1666434 tn?1325265950 WaveRider that's an excellent recipe, the frustrating thing with the site that you pointed out, is I sometimes have to try several variations of a recipe until I find the one that is "good." And with diabetic recipes especially it helps when you have some others backing up a recipe as their favorite tried and true recipe that they like.
604197 tn?1292308636 i was in a car accident 4 weeks ago and hit my head pretty good almost two weeks after that my taste and smell started to change and slowly wen away its not gone toally just everything tastes and smells the same its a terrible allmost like gasoline taste and smell is thisthe same thing every body talks aout that most likely wont change
748902 tn?1286038358 However, many of them are highly processed, don't taste all that good, and you might want to limit them if you can. My husband was a type 2 diabetic, and after losing 60 pounds, no longer has it, so hopefully the same thing can happen for you! I don't think its a completely realistic goal to avoid all sugar. There is naturally occuring sugar in almost all foods, and its necessary to some extent for the proper functioning of our bodies.
172023 tn?1334675884 The Applesauce cookies don't have sugar in them. I got this recipe from a diabetic cookbook, too. You use a sugar replacement. They're pretty good. More cake like than cookie but quite good.
Avatar n tn (It really is a shame that the official national Diabetes Associations throughout the world don't offer dynamic guidance beyond mere blanket recommendations suited to the general population, which supposedly address the concerns of both the diabetic-in-denial and the diabetic that takes things seriously) Thankyou.
Avatar n tn Turned out it was being used extensively in Europe and Japan, including by Coca Cola and Pepsi because it was 'natural' and sweeter than sugar but had no carbs, no calories, and no known toxic side-effects. So why couldn't I find it in the USA?
Avatar n tn Maintaining ideal weight, getting exerrcise and eating a liver friendly diet or adding supplements that have inflammation inhibiting properties are all good things but none are guarantees your liver damage will remain static. How do your platelets look?
1809109 tn?1331807377 Ducky, it's not so much the recipe in my opinion, it seems to be the type of flour you use - or at least that's what I've run into. I've tried a variety of recipes and varied the flour because of the taste that results. I've begun to rely on a flour from a company called Authentic Foods. It seems I can use it for almost anything I bake - cookies, cakes, etc (but haven't tried bread) - with great success. I've specifically stuck with their Pancake and baking mix.
Avatar f tn I have this recipe for cookies that taste amazing but basically only has almond flour, honey, raisins and maybe one or two other things in it. its part of the SCD diet, but I'm still eating them even though I can't do the diet. I'll eat them like snacks cause the almond flour is sooooo high in neutrients.
269786 tn?1243797307 Like JoyRenee, I keep my protein bars on hand that have a chocolatey flavor without the downfalls of an actual chocolate bar. I get that taste that I am looking for, yet the protein that will keep me moving along. As of late, I have purchased a bread machine and have been making all of my own bread for the household. I absolutely love it! I know exactly what is going into my bread and I am able to adjust things and try new ideas for sweeteners, oils, etc.
Avatar f tn I'm looking up lots of diabetic recipes. In other forums I have read that taste gradually came back for many post tx patients. My dad is longing to be able to enjoy food once more. Thank you again so much for your inputs. Hector, I LOVE you! Hang in there. I pray you'll get a liver soon. I'm a teacher and every year I invite guest speakers to teach about the importance of donating organs to my students (who are all driving age) - I will continue to read up on this forum.
173930 tn?1196341998 Tator, that sounds good. I'll print it out and try it for sure. Thanks Shastri, that was nice of you to wish us all a Happy 4th. Hope everyone had a nice day.
547836 tn?1302836432 any suggestions for routine foods or simple recipes that could save me from this hunger would be graciously appreciated.
Avatar n tn For Watching your weight--portion control is the key--do not use big plates, also watcht he Carbs-I know you said you are in Italy but try to limit yourself--Breakfast eat eggs with either sausage or bacon or even a vegie omelet--very good for you--cheese is good for you as a snack, also peanuts are very good as a snack. I was diabetic for my 1st pg so had to cut carbs out big time--that makes you gain a lot of weight also if you over indulge.
329495 tn?1212427782 I am taking lyrica for Diadetic neuropathy..i was just told last Wednesday that i am a diabetic..this is all new to me.. i am 55..and was in good health ..i have horses i ride and dogs i breed.. the Dr only has me on 75 mg and i dont think it is doing anything for the pain...i see you are on 450 mg..but its only been 5 days ..the Dr told me it takes like 2 weeks to get in your system..but i also have pain other places..
Avatar f tn Also try looking up diabetic friendly recipe ideas and recipes from the sneaky chief. They may give you ideas for your picky eaters. As far as fresh fruits and veggies go, it's possible to freeze the left overs. (Which depending on season may be better veggies and cheaper unit price.) If you get veggies fresh you can blanch them, by boiling them in water for a few minutes, draining them, then freezing them. You should be able to find the times and procedure online for that.
649848 tn?1534637300 I've mentioned in other posts, that my doctor recommended the Miami Mediterranean Diet, and I bought the book. It's really a good diet; however, the recipes don't fit my taste or lifestyle. In addition, to that, the recipes were all for multiple portions (most served 4-8), and since my husband would not eat that type of food, I'd either have to do the math to cut the recipes down or eat the same meals for days on end.
649848 tn?1534637300 I know some of you have been doing really well, based on the feedback we've been getting on last week's weigh-in. Personally, I've not done so well. There are a few reasons for that, admittedly, none of them really good... :-( First, we went to Sam's Club - you're all familiar with Sam's Club and the wonderful bakery items they put out...yeah, I knew you familiar with that!!
Avatar m tn In a zip lock baggy, boil for a few mintues, turns out great, My Brother in law made that for us this weekend, they were good! I was like oh, ok, bit they were good. He is a diabetic so gets some very creative ideas for cooking!
544292 tn?1268886268 I stick with it because I was tired of going to my doctor, hat in hand, and asking him to increase my daily dose of the drug. I stick with it because I no longer desire to be under the control of a substance that wanted more than I had to give, while returning less and less to me. ETC. ETC. ETC." Gah! Threw all my forks away too Fred. Tramadol is a terrible drug. Thank you so much for your kind message for me! It helps :D And yes, pain in places I never have had paiin before.
335728 tn?1331418012 On my 40th birthday, I was told that I was a full blown diabetic, that could not control my glucose through diet. So I started on medication. By the time I got into my late 40's and my weight was up to 300+ pounds, I was an insulin diabetic. I remember that the insulin syringe went from only 5 up to 42 units of insulin. I finally started to get a grip and as you know, I lost 125 pounds (naturally) I was able to give up the pill and the insulin. Thank the good Lord.
544292 tn?1268886268 So I dug up some more info that I wanna share ... in case you are dying of curiousity. Or need more info like I do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http***mb.rxlist.com/rxboard/ultram.pl?noframes;read=3179 not just for breakfast anymore Posted By: mkny Date: Friday, 21 October 2005, at 3:53 a.m.
529981 tn?1212853666 (not to mention, that when I did, the dermatologist I saw was less then caring) Thank you so much
Avatar m tn I told my doctor yesterday that I was leery about taking this, but he seems to think this is a good medication to take.
Avatar f tn I have no idea what to do with leafy greens like kale to make them taste good. Are you a good cook?? Something I admire.
251922 tn?1193786078 I don't feel hungry and feel good..The wt feels like it coming off the gut..so that is a good thing..strted at 250..hope to be in the 30's tomrrow..