Diabetic recipes for one on a budget

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649848 tn?1534637300 Saturday is another strength day, and I usually burn about 300 - 400 calories on that day for 60 minutes of work. Sunday I take off or got for a 20 minute walk, weather permitting.
1160836 tn?1332333769 thanks I hope so too for all of us, as my doc said that I never did thanks to PCOS but I am hopefull this month. I so can wait for us to get our BFP!!! I this part of the game the (BD) is always fun. I just hate the TWW but I will love to see the at end BFP... I am happy that you girls are right behind me with CLomid. I hope you girls a good 5 days with no bad effects and that you girls O this month too.
Avatar f tn org they have great budget friendly recipes. And switch out sugar for splenda or sweet n low wherever you can.
Avatar f tn I will definitely add some recipes for you, A family of 7!! Wow, that is a big one. My husband was one of 7 kids and then his parent, so 9 people. His mom sure made the budget spread out!! I think one thing with kids that is important is food they'll actually eat. Do you ever do anything like substitute ground chicken for ground beef? That has really helped me stay more to the lean meats while pleasing my kids with things like spaghetti for dinner (which you can spread a long way).
Avatar n tn There is an excellent book I bought years ago titled "Good Recipes for Hard Times - a cookbook for people on a limited budget" by Louise Newton. Perhaps your library still has a copy. I searched on www.half.com and the used prices are pretty outrageous. Her first requirement, when money is short (quote follows): "first you must fill your people up, and then you must give them the best nutrition possible with the money you have.....
Avatar f tn Also try looking up diabetic friendly recipe ideas and recipes from the sneaky chief. They may give you ideas for your picky eaters. As far as fresh fruits and veggies go, it's possible to freeze the left overs. (Which depending on season may be better veggies and cheaper unit price.) If you get veggies fresh you can blanch them, by boiling them in water for a few minutes, draining them, then freezing them. You should be able to find the times and procedure online for that.
274158 tn?1276350787 Check out this website - www.drkarenbecker.com - click on dog and cat nutrition on the left. I feel like such a bad dog owner for feeding that to my dog for the past 7 years. I wish I would have known. I feel all these dogs have all these health issues because of the dog food companies. If a dog isn't getting the proper diet he was meant to have then his immune system becomes weakened.
251922 tn?1193786078 I want to order some from drugdelivery so I can be prepared for a 2nd round (I am sure I will be doing one!) I orig ordered from NHW so I really dont know what I need...ddca says it comes in 1500, 2000, 5000, or 10000 ius. How much do I need? Also does it come with the bac water or do I need to order that too? Help! I am hoping to drop another 5lbs before Monday, that will put me at 166..I am going to Vegas for 3 days for my bday!!!!
Avatar n tn where has anyone found the actual book for purchase? I have read alot of success stories on line here and am thankful for a blog for support.
Avatar n tn I started The B12 shots and phentramine on 3/3/09 I go for my official weigh in and next shot on 3/9/09. I have already lost 8 lbs. I think that is a lot for one week. I am having trouble with food. I normally Love food. But now No matter what I eat I have to force it down Its getting really hard. I want to lose weight the Healthy way not by starving my body. Is anyone else having this trouble? I also have very bad Dry mouth.
Avatar f tn I forgot to mention that I've been on a brutal yeast and sugar free diet for the last 4 months. It does seem to help keep the symptoms away. Depsite loosing 10 pounds, this diet has been awful but helpful.
Avatar n tn I've had this only a couple of times, a few years ago, and again one year ago for a couple of times. It would only occur once a day for a minute or so, and not return before a few months or so later. This whole year I did not have one singel instance of it. The smell is not as many described here like smoke.
Avatar n tn He also said that sometimes the detergents we use to wash our underwears can cause these irritations. I am not specialist...and i cannot put my head on a block for it but its worth a try... Ask yor doctor................Hope this helps.....
Avatar n tn the weight gain with effexor and then even more so with lexapro. I was on effexor for approx a year+, then on lexapro for only 3months...I started to gain weight and it's taken me 7 months after not taking any of the meds to lose 7 pounds. I've always been obsessive with excercise and dieting, yet none of this has helped....soooo frustrating. I just got back on prozac and the weight is starting to drop...